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Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)



Kyle Rittenhouse net worth

Let us go back to the August of 2020. With the pandemic raging around the world, there was news of civil unrest from Kenosha, Wisconsin. A boy, aged 17, known as Kyle Howard Rittenhouse, fatally shot two men and wounded one. In November 2021, he was acquitted at trial. In November 2023, his counsel declared Kyle Rittenhouse net worth to be zero! There has been no update in 2024 regarding the same. Rittenhouse supposedly lives from paycheck to paycheck! But the question here is – why is a random USA ex-convict’s net worth in the news? Also, why did he become the poster child of the hard Right-Wing supporters? We bring the answers to you! 

This post will give you an idea about – this person’s brush with the law, how he garnered his net value and lost it all, and the activities he participates in currently. Let us explore the specifics – 

What is Kyle Rittenhouse net worth? 

Kyle Rittenhouse net worth (2)

Given his controversy-packed life and how his lawyer has been claiming that he has gone broke – it is only natural that people would want to know of his actual professional worth. While some websites have claimed it to be $50,000, some others have estimated it to be $12 million! A 2022 lawsuit with The View also claimed to have settled with the Rittenhouses at $22 million, which was to be added to enhance his net worth. However, some call this lawsuit ‘a piece of fiction’ with no truth whatsoever. 

Keeping the speculations aside, we look at what his current net worth is. The Asia edition of The Independent reported in November 2023, that Kyle Rittenhouse was broke! His lawyer went ahead to elaborate that Kyle did get the required amount of funds but has used it up. At TheRichNetWorth, we, too, hold it true and proceed to explain his inverted story from ‘riches’ to ‘rags.’ 

What were the sources of his income? 


Kyle Rittenhouse childhood pic


Before his trials, Rittenhouse was on the path of getting to a good future. Let us look at his sources of income prior to his homicide charges – 

He was part of the Explorer’s Program

While he was still studying in high school, as a freshman, he was associated with the Grayslake Police Department’s ventures like – the Explorers Program and Cadet enrolment. 

His role in Facebook fundraising 

In 2018, Rittenhouse was part of the fundraising campaign called – Humanizing The Badge (a non-profit) through Facebook. This campaign was associated with improving the connections between law enforcement entities with the communities they serve. His compensation from this event is not available in public records.

Lifeguard at YMCA

In January 2020, Kyle got a job as a lifeguard at the YMCA (Lindenhurst). However, due to the pandemic, he, amongst others, was furloughed. However, the compensation from the same has not been shared publicly. 

These were some of the previous professional engagements that helped amplify the then Kyle Rittenhouse net worth. However, he did lose it all post his homicide court case. 

What was the Kenosha Unrest Shooting case? 

Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosha shooting video

Before we go into details of this, you must have heard of the Minneapolis – George Floyd case. A 46-year-old Black American was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer. That was the catalyst incident in the resurgence of Black Lives Matter. On similar lines, Kyle, a teenager from Antioch, Illinois, traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to assist in protecting local businesses after Jacob Black’s shooting by an officer. 

Rittenhouse was armed with an AR-15-styled rifle and shot three men (2 of them were Black Lives Matter protestors – Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber). Kyle was charged with – both first-degree intentional and reckless homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide. He had to undergo a criminal trial but argued that he had acted in self-defense. Rittenhouse also had to face, two civil and one federal lawsuit. 

Since his acquittal in 2021, he has become the poster boy of the Extremist right-wing politicians, even attending a meeting with former president Donald Trump.  

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Early Life And Education 

FULL NAME  Kyle Howard Rittenhouse 
BIRTHDATE  January 3, 2003 
BIRTHPLACE Antioch, Illinois, USA
PARENTS  Michael Rittenhouse and Wendy Rittenhouse. 

His parents separated in 2014.

SIBLINGS  2 sisters
EDUCATION  He was initially enrolled in a school in his hometown Antioch. 

After that, he attended the Lakes Community High School (Lake Villa, Illinois). 

He then transferred to an online school. 

After his court case, in 2021, he was enrolled in online classes at Arizona State University, in the form of a non-degree-seeking student. 

Last known, Rittenhouse stated that he would attend Texas A&M University. He has also spoken of applying to the feeder college, Blinn College. 

How is he currently earning? 

Kyle Rittenhouse media appearance

As mentioned before, Kyle Rittenhouse net worth went from a ‘substantial amount’ (as mentioned before, though details withheld) to negative, all thanks to his untoward brush with the law. Having said that, his publicist and lawyer have stated that he is looking to make a living through multiple sources of income currently. Let us take a look at his current sources of income – 

His appearances in the media 

Through 2022, he has appeared multiple times in the media. From the Tucker Carlson projects to his interactions with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, he has been in the limelight. He has also participated in multiple events held by Turning Point USA through the years following his acquittal. Though sources state that he has monetarily benefitted from these shows, there are no specified public records of the ‘actual’ amount received. 

Through his podcast 

He has appeared in multiple podcasts like – You Are Here (Blaze Media), and the Jenna Ellis Show. However, his remuneration from these appearances has not been declared publicly. 

Proceeds from a video game 

For the unversed, Kyle Rittenhouse net worth back in 2022, did escalate thanks to the monetary gains from his video game associations. Nordic Empire Games launched Acquitted, a video game that features Rittenhouse. Apart from that, Mint House also announced a video game called Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot in collaboration with him. The proceeds of it directly funded his media lawsuits. 

His earnings from political engagements 

Kyle Rittenhouse political activities

Since his acquittal, Kyle has been associated with politics to a great extent. From engaging with the political media to directly being the flag-bearer of certain parties, he has garnered prominence in the political domain. 

He was offered political internships by multiple parties, thanks to his image ‘of a hero’ who acted lawfully in the face of lawlessness. He has also met members from the Republican House of Representatives (part of the Second Amendment Caucus) to speak of his experiences. He has also become an advocate for gun rights. 

Sources state that he has gained monetarily from his political engagements, but again, no specifics have been stated. 

Commercial usage of his image 

Another source of monetary gain that did raise the metrics of then Kyle Rittenhouse net worth was the commercialization of his image. Social media memes used his images frequently. Added to that, his face was ‘used’ as a ‘marketing technique’ for gun sales and clothing merchandise.

He launched a YouTube channel 

Amongst his endeavors to get back to living a normal life was his YouTube channel. He kickstarted it with his ‘video’ of the killing, having Brandon Herrera as a guest. Though it started with fanfare, no uploads have been made on this channel since then.  

Rittenhouse has authored a book

Available on multiple websites, this 2023 published book, authored by Rittenhouse, chronicles his story. It narrates his childhood story of being a homeless boy and growing up in govt-subsidized homes to the man behind the bars. He defends himself and showcases what, according to him, was the ‘story that happened to him.’ 

Though details have not been made public, the royalties from this book have enhanced Kyle Rittenhouse net worth to a certain extent. 

Personal Life 

Kyle Rittenhouse girlfriend

Though not much is known about his personal life, back in 2022, there were reports of him having a girlfriend. The lady in question is Skyler Bergoon, a TikTok influencer with 12.3k followers. She was also a competitor in the Miss Raleigh Youngster USA 2022. At that point in time, many Insta comments labeled her as a ‘golddigger’ and with multiple other misogynist tags. However, Rittenhouse came out in support and called her – his pillar of strength, “What gold?! The civil lawsuit I’m facing?”

Last known, post the acquittal, Rittenhouse has moved to Texas. There have been no further updates on his personal life. 

What are his future projects? 

After a long time, Rittenhouse is looking to go back to leading a normal life. He has supposedly applied to Blinn College (a junior college) to carry on with his studies. At the same time, he is also attending public functions, to detail his side of the story, a recent of which was his speech at the University of Memphis. 

Philanthropic Activities 

Kyle Rittenhouse charitable activity

Though no specific details have emerged, sources state that there are talks of investing a portion of Kyle Rittenhouse net worth, whenever it reaches a substantial amount, into the – Kyle Rittenhouse Foundation. From the details revealed, it will be a non-profit institution to secure the “human and civil rights secured by law, including an individual’s inalienable right to bear arms.’ 


Rittenhouse is no stranger to controversies. To start with, the public valuation of Kyle Rittenhouse net worth is in itself controversial. Though there have been claims that he has been earning quite much from his multiple financial endeavors, his counsel states that he is broke. Added to that, his constant accusations of the Left-Wing political parties and his siding with the Extreme Right-Wing followers have come under the scanner. Recently, the court video of him breaking down also became viral, garnering mixed reviews from the netizens. 

The highlight of his controversial life currently was his being booed at the University of Memphis by the protestors associated with Black Lives Matter. Turning Point USA, a far-right conservative youth organization sponsored his appearance at the University. However, he was questioned about Charles Kirk, the head of Turning Point USA, and his racist notions and speeches. This forced him to end the talk abruptly, while he was booed off the stage by demonstrators.  

Last Thoughts 

Though standing today, the metrics of Kyle Rittenhouse net worth is nil, but he is a man who embodies utmost courage. Despite the multiple trials and tribulations that he has undergone, his courage to succeed has not diminished in any way. Despite living, paycheck to paycheck, he is currently working towards his betterment and is looking forward to becoming more established in his life. Keeping his controversies aside, we wish him luck in his future endeavors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Kyle Rittenhouse net worth? 

As per multiple reports, his net worth has significantly declined, now to zero! However, when he started out, he did have some money in his bank account and also garnered some from funding pages (supposedly $250,000 for a legal defence fund). 

2. What is he currently involved in? 

According to his lawyers, he is currently living his life as a law-abiding citizen, pursuing his academic degrees, and campaigning for gun rights. 

3. Who are the victims he shot? 

The names of the victims are – Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber (both killed), and Gaige Grosskreutz (wounded). 


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