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Dana White net worth and five intriguing fascinating facts about him!



Dana White net worth

Dana White net worth is in the millions. He is a US-based businessman and a sports promoter. Further, White Jr. is the President of the UFC. Moreover, in 2016, Dana also kept around 8% of the same company. At the same time, he also sold the majority to the Fertitta brothers. His 9% cut from the sale gave him around $350 million after trading the organization. 

Dana White net worth

Dana White net worth, as assumed of the year 2021, is about $500 million. And it is hard not to figure that a significant portion of his fortune comes from his holdings in the UFC. 

Since the 2000s, Dana Fredrick Jr. has been holding posts in the UFC. He started his work as a manager. And built his million dollars realm. One can call these managing of his grew Dana Jr.’s influence in the corporate world. 

Early Life

Born on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, his full name is Dana Frederick White Jr. June, and Dana White were his parents. His mother and grandparents raised Dana and his sister Kelly mainly. During his teenage years, he had spent much of his time engaging in sports, especially sports such as boxing. Moreover, he’s a big fan of the baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. 

Budding career:

White later was admitted to the University of Massachusetts but didn’t finish. Moreover, he started a boxing program for the at-risk children of the inner city while he was there. To make a good living during this time, he also became an aerobics instructor and then relocated to Las Vegas.

In 1992, he founded Dana White Enterprises, and then he started managing fighters like Tito Ortiz, Chuck Lidell, etc. 

Dana White net worth and UFC

However, while managing his fighters, White became entangled in conflicts with the UFC. He found that they were going broke after he checked into the economics of Semaphore Entertainment Group. After this news, he accosted his boyhood friend, Lorenzo Fertitta, asking him to do a monetary offer.

Lorenzo Fertitta and later his brother saw the future profits and made a contract to acquire the UFC. The Fertitta brothers paid more than $2 million for 80% of holdings in the firm. Moreover, they elected White as the UFC’s President. Since the change in ownership of the UFC, White and his team took the organization to new heights. White turned a brutal and illegal company into what it is now an international sensation.

White has continued to work as the President, despite the sale of the business. Since his administration, he has increased the sport’s popularity and turned it into a multi-billion dollar industry. 

In 2017, UFC announced that White would entertain a Dana White’s Contender Series show. It’ll emphasize up-and-coming fighters and allows them to showcase their talents so they can make it to the UFC. In 2019, White also revealed that he had signed a new seven-year deal with ESPN to remain working as the UFC’s President.

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 Personal Life

White married Anne in 1996. They both, while they first acquainted with one another, were in the VIII standard. Also, they have two boys, Dana III and Aidan, and a daughter named Savannah. However, White mostly wants to keep his family life hidden.

In 2012, White declared that he was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a neurological disorder, which happened due to a fight of his young age. 


White used some disparaging and explicit language in 2009 towards a reporter Loretta Hunt. When she wrote a report about him, and he got upset. Dana used anti-gay exposé when relating to the roots of her statements. GLAAD summoned the UFC along with Dana Jr. to apologize for the anti-gay smear, which he eventually did.

Awards and achievements:

Dana White net worth

Source: Las Vegas Sun

White won Nevada’s Sportsman of the Year award in 2009. He also succeeded as Promoter of the Year for nine years consecutively at the WON Awards. Moreover, he was also named every year from 2008–2019 as Leading Man of the Year at the World MMA Awards. Also, in 2019, the AFF awarded White with the prestigious Patriot Award. 

Five intriguing and fascinating facts about millionaire Dana White 

When it comes to controversies and media coverage, Dana Fredrick Jr has never been a shy guy. He has made his name as an enigmatic and hard-line president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

Initiating vocation as a manager in the UFC and now the President of the firm, Dana has come a long way. 

Since becoming the President of the UFC, Dana Fredrick Jr. has brought glory and popularity to the association. But despite getting the praise to his firm, he has a lot of other things most people don’t know of. There are a loads of details that you might not be aware of the millionaire. But here we bring you the top five facts east known of the UFC president. 

An award for his humanitarian nature

Yes, it is hard to even read the word along with him. But turns out he has earned an award for his philanthropy. Dana Jr. is never known for his soft words and comforting decisions. He has always been famous for his unpopular and sour comments and judgments. Thus it sometimes is easy to forget that he has been awarded a humanitarian award. 

But Dana was responsible for raising around $4 million for Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund. For the cause, he was honoured with Patriot Award by the Armed Forces Foundation. He had raised the only via organizing UFC Night Fight: Fight for the troops. 

From an attack to Ménière’s disease 

Dana White net worth

Source: Pinterest

The life of Dana White has been quite interesting while he was in Boston. And while describing one such event on the Joe Rogan Experience, he shared the reason for his disease.

Mr White Jr. was once assaulted by a group of men who wailed in his ears for around 20 minutes. After police officers rescued him, he was left with a ringing ear. He said the ringing was horrible and lasted for almost a month. And when he got it checked by the doctors, he discovered that the event had caused him a permanent damage.


So yes, you are reading it right. Dana cannot hear properly; he has a permanent in his ears.

Dana White has never once in 11 years have missed any UFC event.

We all are aware of the fact that Dana White is mad about UFC since the beginning. Despite the judgment she has met over the years, his efforts for the UFC is undeniable. Now UFC president Dana Jr. is like the face of the firm. If there’s one definite fact that everyone kens on UFC is his face and name.

Moreover, he is dedicated so much to the firm that he has a record of 11 years. He has attended every event UFC has ever hosted without a miss.

However, due to his Ménière’s disease, he had to miss one of the events. While tweeting about this event, Dana said he was feeling devastating. He tweeted that he will miss the UFC event for the first time in the history of 11 years. Later, he stated the reason by saying he had to go through surgery for his ear’s disease.

Dana White net worth started building up in his 20s

As we all know, Dana Jr. lived in Boston while in his 20s, and he calls the capital city his home. So, in Boston is a hotel named Boston Harbor Hotel. Our current UFC president used to work there, and his post was of a bell boy.

Though hearing his post now feels like this thing never happened, but Dana himself has told about it. He, while remembering his early days, has mentioned that he had a humble beginning.

Well, if not practically, but technically, Dana White net worth’s been building since his 20s while he was a bellboy.

Conclusion on Dana White net worth

Dana White net worth

Source: EA

Dana White net worth comprises of 500 million US dollars. And it is his consistent dedication and faithfulness towards UFC that makes most of it. If everyone knows one fact about UFC for sure, that is Dana Fredrick Jr. as its President.

The never so shy for media and controversial person, Dana has carved his success from the firm. Not to mention UFC has grown and become huge because of his strenuous work efforts.

Of course, his actions and comments at times make us doubt if he is humanitarian, but now we know that is. Coming from a humble background, the UFC president has come a long way. From a bellboy, then manager of UFC to now the firm’s President, Dana White has shown us a lot. The steps of success require persistence and patience. And his success says this to us, right away.

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