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Let’s explore the life journey of this actor turned writer, Juman Malouf!



It is not money but ambition that inspires a person to do something extraordinary. Very few people choose money over passion. Today, we will discuss one such personality, Juman Malouf. Despite establishing herself as a successful actor, she decided to call it quits. Why? In this article, let us check out some interesting facts about this great celebrity Juman Malouf.

Juman Malouf: The Voice actor who made peace with her acting career to explore her writing skills!

Juman Malouf is one of the well-known faces in the industry. Her identity has much more to it than being described as the partner of a famous director, Wes Anderson. Furthermore, the actress’s Lebanese roots explain her good looks and incredible personality. Many find it shocking that the designer switched careers and chose writing as her permanent career. It requires a lot of courage to leave a successful acting career and do what your heart desires.

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Before becoming a popular voice actor and designer, Juman Malouf was into event management and theater set designing when Malouf started her career in New York. However, the voice actor has the habit of exploring her limits. Malouf had a keen interest in fashion and wanted to start her fashion line. Finally, Juman’s dreams came true when she started Charlotte Corday. The designer worked day and night for the success of the brand. However, Juman switched her career and chose writing. According to Malouf, she was not happy with her career choices. Also, Malouf mentioned that she eventually found peace when Juman started writing. 

Furthermore, Acting has been a part of Juman’s life since childhood. It is basically in her blood as Juman’s father was a Novelist. Juman’s debut book, The trilogy of Two, was a sensation in 2015. Also, Malouf says that the female members of her family inspired her to write her first book. 

Moreover, Malouf also took part in Wes Anderson’s movies from time to time as the writer. Also, Malouf is always proactive in helping Wes with his projects. For instance, Juman did the character building for one of Wes’s movies which was Oscar-nominated in 2012. The couple appeared as curators in 2018 in a museum in Vienna. 

Juman Malouf’s childhood was obsessed with British royal courts and fashion!

Malouf was born in Lebanon but never got the chance to live in her native country. During her birth in 1975, a Lebanese civil war was going on. Unfortunately, Juman’s family had to leave the country because the circumstances worsened. Furthermore, the family bought the last plane ticket for London with all the money they had left. However, they did not stay in London for long. The family had to move to Saudi Arabia due to Juman’s father’s posting during the war. 

Furthermore, Juman comes from a family of powerful women. Also, she got her writing passion from her mother, Hanan al-Shaykh, who was an established novelist. On the other hand, Fouad Malouf, Juman’s father, was a civil engineer. 

Juman Malouf

mage Credits: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Malouf often visited Lebanon after the circumstances got better. According to Malouf, she did not remember anything about her native country as she was only three months old when the family moved. However, Malouf’s parents and her older brother Tarek often talked about their lives in Lebanon. Faoud Malouf always wanted to give their children the best he could. Therefore, Faoud and his family moved to London in the early 80s.

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Furthermore, Juman often visited her maternal grandmother in France during her childhood. According to Juman, her visits to her grandmother played an important role in shaping her personality as she questioned her existence for a long time. It was her grandmother who helped her recover and gave her lifelong confidence. 

Juman Malouf’s obsession with the Victorian Era can explain her taste in fashion!

During her frequent visits to France, Juman fell in love with French culture and history. She read a lot about French culture and traditions, which helped her recover. Also, when the family relocated to London, she got lost in the British history books again. This time, Malouf spent lots of time reading about the Victorian Era. Probably, not only her genes but her history books inspired her to become a writer. 

Juman wanted to become an American. Therefore, she decided to be admitted to an American school in London. After completing her schooling in London, Juman moved to America to pursue her dreams. Malouf went to Brown University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fine arts and Arts History. Later, She earned a master’s degree in fine arts from Tisch School, where the admission standards are selective and highly competitive. However, our writer was smart enough to get admission and earn a prestigious degree. 

The writing was never the source of bread and butter for Juman. It was her passion where she found peace. Instead, Juman wanted to explore her intelligence and talent. Furthermore, she wanted to see where life would take her. She had no plans for where to start when she graduated. 

According to Juman, fate took Malouf on the film sets as the set designer in NY. After working for a few years, Juman found her life going melancholy. Juman was not the one who would not settle for less and wanted the whole world for herself. With a strong desire to start something of her own, Juman quit her job and launched her own. However, the fashion industry did not prove lucky for Juman, and she decided to leave.

Juman Malouf’s relationship with Wes Anderson is unbelievably amazing and loving!

It is astonishing to see the couple helping and loving each other unconditionally. The chemistry between Juman and Wes is admirable and adorable simultaneously. Moreover, Wes Anderson has been an established filmmaker for several years now. Anderson gives credit to her partner, Juman Malouf, who helped him tirelessly to achieve the heights of success. They are the power couple in Hollywood who admire each other’s efforts and have been together for 18 years. 

Image Credit: FilmiFeed

Juman quit the fashion industry and started working with her boyfriend in 2009. 

Moreover, she was the voice of Agnes in “The Fantastic Mr. Fox .”The couple loved working together as they had a balance in their profession and personal life. Therefore, they decided to work together in another Wes movie  “Moonrise Kingdom” in 2012. This time, Juman did what she was good at. Juman designed the book covers shown in the movie.

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Furthermore, the movie is popular because of the extraordinary effort the couple put into it. Also, the couple was in the news when Wes dedicated the movie to Juman Malouf to show his love and respect for his girl. It was indeed a very romantic and adoring thing to do, which audiences loved. After the success of Moonrise Kingdom, the couple started working on another project, The Grand Budapest Hotel, in 2014. Juman did the movie’s character building which the audience appreciated. Luckily, The movie earned nine oscar nominations in 2015 and was one of the biggest hits the following year. This powerful chemistry between couples is rare to be seen but can do wonders. They are the perfect example of a loving couple with mutual respect. The couple has completed 18 years together. Also, they have a beautiful daughter together, born in 2016.

Juman was not so sure about starting a career in writing!

After changing several professions, Juman was doing well with her partner Wes Andrson. However, she never felt fully satisfied with what she did. The moment of realization came while working with her partner. But, she had come so far that looking behind was not an option for her. Juman ignored the thought and kept working day and night with her boyfriend. The couple established a successful career soon because of dedication and hard work. But, Juman did not feel content. It was writing that gave her comfort during busy days and stressful nights. However, when she told Wes about her keen desire to become a writer, he supported Juman. This is when Juman took control of her life and started writing.

Furthermore, Juman made her debut as an author in the 2015 children’s book “The trilogy of Two.”However, Malouf was not so full of hope as she found it difficult to write. Like other writers, Juman believed that people would not like her books as she was young. However, whatever happened was quite the opposite of her expectations. Despite her insecurities, The book received positive reviews from critics. Also, TIME magazine included the book in the list of top 10 children’s books of 2015.


1. What is Juman Malouf known for? 

A Lebanese artist, author, and costume designer famed for her work in Wes Anderson films like “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

2. Has Juman Malouf written any books? 

Yes, her debut novel, “The Trilogy of Two,” explores themes of identity and family across generations.

3. What inspires Juman Malouf’s art? 

Her Lebanese heritage, vintage aesthetics, and whimsical storybook quality often infuse her illustrations and designs.

4. Where can I see more of Juman Malouf’s work? 

Visit her website or see her film credits – her distinctive touch adds charm to many beloved movies.

5. Is Juman Malouf still active? 

Absolutely! She continues to design, illustrate, and write, pushing the boundaries of her creative expression.

Conclusion: Juman Malouf proves age is just a number!

Juman Malouf did change several careers. But, Juman gave her heart and soul to whatever she did. She is a great writer and a wonderful partner too. I hope you get inspiration from this power duo! Thank you and take care!

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