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You Can Earn Money As An Influencer – Here Are The Many Ways How




Online media consumption has been catching up on traditional channels in recent years, but the pandemic has pushed its momentum much further than expected. As people were forced to stay at home due to health protocols, online media has steadily expanded its reach to dominate most consumers’ viewing habits. 

At the same time, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok have grown significantly. With this growth, content creators are presented with additional opportunities to be creative while increasing their income potential. As an influencer, they can also expand their own reach and following through entertaining and informative posts while engaging with their followers.Visit here

If you are interested in learning how to get paid on YouTube, then read on.

eMarketer research shows that big celebrity channels with around 500,000 subscribers can earn more than $3,000 per post. But the income opportunity is not just limited to celebrities because even small channels with around 500 subscribers can earn as much as $300 per post.  

Aside from this, dedicated influencers also have access to other income streams, which is why many people now consider this as a business and not just a passion project. Here are the different ways that you can explore in order to earn money as an influencer:

  1. Brand Partnerships

By definition, influencers are called as such because of their ability to sway consumer decisions regarding products, brands, and even purchase habits. As such, partnering with influencers is a good way for brands to connect with their target consumers and increase brand recall.

Most of the time, brands would choose to partner with influencers who are related to their product category. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, you would be approached by clothing brands, while a beauty influencer will be tapped by a skincare brand. Partnerships with brands can be short term and project-based, such as payment for sponsored posts discussing a specific product or brand campaign. 

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Brand partnerships can also be more long-term as some influencers get on board as an ambassador for the brand. Payment for these kinds of partnerships usually depend on the size of the channel as well as the reach and influence you have on a specific market. 

  1. Online Sales

As influencers strengthen their relationships with their audience, their ability to persuade consumers to purchase specific products also increases. If you have sales skills as well, you can take advantage of this not only through endorsements but also by selling products directly.

One example is through affiliate marketing where you can earn commission from every sale made directly through your channel. You only need to share the links of your partner online stores in your own channel. If a customer buys from the store through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission from the sale.

You can also choose the entrepreneurial route and set up your own online store where you can directly sell products from your partner brands. If your channel has reached a certain level of influence and has attracted a significant number of loyal followers, you can also consider curating and selling curated merchandise under your own brand. 

  1. Sharing Of Expertise

Many influencers have made a name for themselves by talking about topics that many people are searching for. As such, they have developed a reputation as an expert on these topics, and people would be willing to pay to continue learning from them.

This opens up more income opportunities such as event appearances, professional talks and seminars, training programs, or even personal coaching sessions. You could also write a book about your area of expertise and have it published either as a physical book or an electronic book.

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Should you choose this option, make sure to verify the sources that you use and ensure accuracy in the information that you are sharing. Aside from this, you also need to be updated on the industry trends so you can keep your audience engaged.

  1. Tips And Membership Fees

A more direct way that you can generate income as an influencer is when your followers or viewers would directly give it to you. This can be given either as payment for a membership or subscription fee to your account in a specific channel, or as tips and donations sent to your account or channel.

For example, websites like Patreon allow influencers to set up different packages with varying levels of access to their content, based on their subscription value. Subscribers can then choose a package based on their budget or their preferred benefits.

Aside from this, viewers can also randomly send tips during a live broadcast on your channel.  Tips have no fixed value, and the amount depends mainly on your audience appeal and the content quality.

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