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Kanye West net Worth the Journey of Creating a fortune Worth Billions!



Kanye West net worth

Kanye West net worth is magnificently impressive as of the year 2020. He started his career as a producer. However, he now is a versatile entrepreneur. West is a rapper and a fashion designer as well. He is amid the influencers of advancing prevailing hip hop of 21st-century.

Kayne was born in Atlanta on the 8th of June, in 1977. However, he grew up in Chicago. In starting of West’s career, he was a producer for Rock-A-Fella Records. Until in 2004, he released his debut album as a solo rapper. The album had the title- ‘The College Dropout.’ It was via this album that he gained widespread fame. Today he is among the most thriving and awarded musicians on the globe. He has been in nominations for the Grammys 69 times. Out of those he has received the award precisely 21 times.

For now, Kanye is has a successful career in the business realm. Kanye has a partnership brand with Adidas. His Yeezy is a footwear and apparel brand. It is an estimate that this brand adds more to Kanye West net worth more than his music career. Yeezy made an estimated sales of $1.3 billion, the last year.

Kanye West net worth

Kanye West net worth is an incredible $3.2 billion as of 2020. While when combined with his wife- Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West net worth reaches a $4.1 billion.

Over the last year, he has made at least a hundred million dollars from his vocations other than in music. At the same time, the majority of his earnings are from royalties on his brand Yeezy. His partnership with Adidas also adds to his fortune.

Early life

Kanye West was three when he had to witness his parents’ divorce. Afterwards, West and his mother moved to Illinois in Chicago. His father’s name was Ray West, and his mothers’ was Dr Donda C West while his father was a former Black Panther in many professions that prevail his mother was a professor.

Kanye had a background of a middle-class family. He did his schooling from Polaris High School. Then at ten years of age, Kanye had to move to China.

One could see West leaning towards arts from an early age. He started scribbling poetry at the age of five. His mother says it was in his third grade when she observed his intensity for drawing and music. In the very same class, he started rapping as well. In contrast, it was not until his seventh grade that he began creating musical compositions. At thirteen years of his age, he wrote a rap song titled ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. His mother supported him throughout his passion. Later, West met a producer and also a D.J. No I.D. and made him his mentor. It was No I.D. who taught West to sample and program beats. 

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After high school, West went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He had earned a scholarship for the same. However, after a short period, he was transferred to Chicago State University. With a busy schedule of university life, West soon came to realize that he wasn’t giving the required time to his passion. Therefore, to chase his musical aspirations, he dropped out of college at the age of 20. Kanye’s mother was displeased with this decision. She says that she always thought that the path to a good life was college. But, some career didn’t demand college. 

Current personal life

Kanye West net worth

Source: Sky News

Kanye West is said to have an on-and-off relationship with a designer named Alexis Phifer from 2002 to 2008. Moving on he has dated model Amber Rose for two years, and it was after that Kayne started dating reality star, Kim Kardashian. Kim and Kayne tied knots in the year 2014 and currently have four children together.

Early music career

Right after dropping out of college, Kanye started composing beats for local artists. Additionally, he worked on sharpening his style. The first-ever official credits of production West got was for his contribution in the album ‘Down to Earth’, in 1996. The album was the debut of Grave- a rapper belonging to Chicago. West at the time was just 19 years old. He produced eight tracks of the particular album.

Additionally, for a time, Kanye acted as a ghost producer for Deric “D-Dot” Angeletti. Along with him, West produced for other artists as well. Foxey Brown, Harlem World were a few among them. 

Raise to popularity and career in music

Kanye West net worth

Source: The Echo

Kanye got a significant opportunity when he started working with Roc-A-Fella Records in the year 2000. He started producing for artists there. West attained fame as a producer after contributing in Jay-Z‘s album in 2001. It was the album ‘The Blueprint’ which arose genuine interest in Kanye’s talents in producing music. After Jay-Z, West worked as a producer for famous artists like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Kanye himself etc. Despite a successful career as a producer, West had a dream of being a rapper.

It was 2002 when Kanye met a car accident and broke his jaw. This accident inspired him, and he recorded the song ‘Through the Wire.’ This song became the foundation of his upcoming debut album “The College Dropout.” However, the album was leaked months ere its release which was in August 2003. West, then remixed and edited the album. After postponing the release three times, the album finally came in February 2004. The album gained popularity instantly. The album earned ten nominations for the Grammy awards.

Along with it, it got certified as triple platinum in the United States. Afterwards, he released several albums. His 2013 album, Yeezus came #1 in the 200 charts on Billboard. A few of his appreciated albums are Graduation (2007), The Life Of Pablo(2016), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(2010), etc. In 2017, West earned six nominations of Grammys, for his work.  

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In 2004, West became the originator of a record label, G.O.O.D. Music with Sony B.M.G. One can decipher the acronym of G.O.O.D. as ‘getting out our dreams’. Artists like John Legend, Big Sean, Q-Tip have signed to the label. 

Kanye West net worth is a summation of his various investments.

Kanye West net worth is not just the summation of his music career. His investments in many other entrepreneurial ideas make him a billionaire. 


Kanye West net worth

Source: Mille World

Kanye West has often expressed his fondness for fashion. He is the first non-athlete to sign a deal with Nike. In 2009, he signed with Air Yeezy sneakers with Nike. Additionally, he has also designed footwear with recognized brands such as Louis Vuitton. 

Adidas in 2013, officially announced its collaboration with West’s Yeezy. The release of Yeezy sneakers was a success. Hence, Adidas signed a long term contract with West in June 2016. Kanye earns 10 per cent of royalty from his partnership with Adidas. However, he makes more from his website ( 

Additionally, Yeezy has released a separate line of apparel as well. His wife, Kim Kardashian, mostly promote this apparel line. 

Firms that Kanye West owns

Kanye West owns a food company K.W. Food L.L.C. This firm holds rights to the chain of Fatburger fast-food in Chicago. In 2012, West established a creative content company, under the name Donda, which was in remembrance of his late mother, Donda West. 

Kanye West net worth and his real estate 

Most portion of Kanye West net worth is from his entrepreneurial investments in shoes and apparel and not his music. The value of his brand Yeezy alone was $500 million in 2019.

Kanye West’s estate is approximate of $120 million. While, the primary residence of Kanye and his wife, Kim bought was of $23 million, which is 4.5 acres of land with a newly engineered mansion. 

Moreover, the couple has spent millions of dollars on expanding and renovating their home. For increasing their estate, in 2019 they bought additional land and created a conjoined 7.5 acre. 

Kanye owns 320 acres of an estate in Calabasas worth $16 million and a few other places. In total, he owns real estate in California, which is worth $90 million and in Wyoming his real estate is has a value of $30 million. 


Amongst the list of most influential artists in decades, Kanye West has his name at the top of the list. 

The journey of Kanye West net worth in billions has not been easy to carve. It took West’s plenty of time and dedication towards his passion. After several years of working for local artists, then working as a ghost producer Kanye has come a long way. As of now, he is among the most awarded and renowned artists. 

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