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5 product ideas for Etsy business



ideas for Etsy business

Etsy is a wonderful platform where to sell things you have created. But what if you are not particularly crafty with your hands but still want to try the Etsy game? One of the things you can do is to make your own designs and put them on clothing, for example, a t-shirt or hoodie. Then you can use a print-on-demand supplier and they will print and ship the items for you. To help you out, we have gathered 5 products ideas for Etsy business that will look perfect with your custom design.

1. T-shirts are still on trend- ideas for Etsy business

T-shirts are a classic that is not going out of style anytime soon. They are still part of the modern wardrobe and they are now worn not just as a sporty item but in classical combinations with a jacket as well. That’s why it is a perfect clothing piece for what to create a custom design.

You can create a whole Etsy shop around just t-shirts. You can also take a specific niche. For example, oversized t-shirts with trendy sayings or minimalistic regular fitting t-shirts with just one word print. If you are a designer, your niche can be your specific designs as well – maybe you do fine line designs or bold graphics. The important thing is, when people will visit your Etsy shop, they will straight away know what to expect.

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2. Hoodies are the new second skin- ideas for Etsy business

As well as t-shirts, hoodies are now more in style than ever. Athleisure is something we all enjoy and hoodies are a big part of this fashion trend. They don’t just belong at home or at the gym anymore, hoodies now are everywhere. You can go out in them, go to school or in some cases, even go to work.

Plain hoodies are fine, but they are more fun with an interesting design. And that’s where you come in. As with t-shirts you have lots of options on what kind of design to add to the hoodie. It can be minimalistic, bold, colorful, or just in black or white. You can print the front and back of the hoodie, or print something intriguing on the sleeve or the hood. With a hoodie, you have a lot of space where to play around and where to put your designs and ideas on.

3. Tote bags for the win!

A tote bag is a perfect canvas. It is a square piece of fabric that just begs to have a delightful print designed on it. Tote bags are nowadays widely used not just by people who support the environment, but also by young adults who like to use them as everyday bags.

An Etsy shop that sells tote bags with fun or inspiring sayings or cute designs sounds amazing! You can add sassy Environmentalist texts, for example, “My tote bag is silently judging your plastic bag” or “Earth rules!”. Or maybe create beautiful designs that have no specific message besides looking good. Or print just one word on the whole bag, for example, “LOVE” or “PEACE”, etc. There are many options on how to make a tote bag look extra cute.

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4. Canvas room decor

Hanging art on walls gives the room a homely feel and makes it more personal and lived in. And now you can be that person who helps people decorate their living spaces! Canvases are perfect for custom designs. You can create anything you like, from minimalistic to over-the-top designs. From custom orders to your custom designs. 

Canvas can also vary – you can have them created of polyester or cotton, they can be thick or not so thick, or you can have them rolled up and not stretched on a wooden frame at all. You can also get a framed canvas. Anything that suits best your idea and design.

5. Wallpaper custom designs will be on demand

There is one thing we bet you didn’t know can be custom made and printed on demand. But, yes, it is possible! You can create an Etsy shop for custom design wallpaper. This is perfect if you are already a graphic designer or interior designer. In both cases, you will be able to create fun prints that customers will love.

You can also offer to create custom-made prints for a specific customer. That is a very personal touch, and there definitely are people who would like to have that option. But you can also play with popular trends and interior themes to create something of your own liking and style.

In conclusion

Etsy is a place where creatives come together. If you are one of them, you are welcome to join! You don’t have to be particularly crafty with your hands to sell something on Etsy. As proved in this article, you just need design ideas and designer skills (or even not the latter if you hire a designer) to succeed on Etsy. Good luck and we hope you excel!

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