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7 Facts You Never Knew About Streaming Services



About Streaming Services


Streaming services are the most commonly followed medium for watching movies and shows. It has become a popular culture globally.

There are millions of people who are using streaming sites to watch their movies and shows. 

Well, one could download movies from RARBG, a torrent site that works to provide you with a seamless experience.

Moving on, people are quite aware of the Streaming sites. But do they know it all? Do you know all about streaming Services? There are some unknown facts about streaming services. We will discuss them right here. 

History Of Streaming Sites

First, let’s get back to the history of the journey of Streaming services. Risk-takers were illegally downloading music from the family desktop via peer-to-peer sharing sites.

Netflix during that time was busy mailing DVDs to its subscribers. During that time Streaming Media was in its latent stages. 

The idea of watching video without downloading was akin to commuting to a horse-drawn carriage…that marks royalty. Robotic Vacuum, Medical Devices, and Smart Devices were having the facilities of time streaming capabilities. 

Well, streaming was applied in the 1990s as an enhanced version of the video on demand. This was first done by Starlight Networks. Such videos were known to store and forward video. 

Streaming attained soaring heights during the pandemic year 2020. People who have their cable back home were spoon connecting them to watch streaming live. 

According to conjectures, by 2028 the business of streaming services will ski rocked e to a monetary value of around $223.95. It is said that the younger generation goes on to use streaming services more than Adults, yet 3/4th of the Americans use at least one streaming platform. 

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Benefits Of Streaming Services

There are different benefits of streaming services that you could know for increasing your knowledge base:

  1. You do not need to watch Advertisements.
  2. You could save money on tickets.
  3. You will be able to watch sports or movies at home.
  4. You could always see the latest movie and series.
  5. You could watch the most important sports events.
  6. You could prevent children from watching content that is not proper.
  7. You could pay for TV for the purpose of education. 

Unknown Facts –

There are certain facts about Streaming services that you never knew. Here I am unraveling the latent facts before you.

1. Nearly ¾ Of The  American Household Subscribe To At Least One Video Streaming Service 

Netflix is the biggest Streaming service with around 200 million subscribers Globally. The number  2 in the list is Amazon Prime.

Apart from these two, there are many companies that are providing streaming services for sports, movies, as well as Japanese Anime.

2. Streaming First Became Popular In The Year 2005 

Streaming services, though initiated in the 1990s, went on to become household names in the year 2005. 

By 2017, it was viewed that more people were watching older episodes of NCIS on Netflix than the newest seasons on the home network, CBS.  

3. Multifaceted Use –

This is one unknown fact that streaming is not limited to being used for personal reasons. 

Even businesses all over the world used the platforms to conduct live meetings, Seminare, Sales pitches, and even Job interviews.

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That Streaming service is an important aspect of the business is vindicated by 80% of the people.

4. Greenhouse Effect Of Streaming    

According to the estimation of Jon Blistgen, greenhouse emissions from streaming were the reason for damaging 200 to 350 million Kilograms per year.

The damage to the earth will persist if advanced streaming is not followed.

5. Streaming Still Went On To Become Highly Expensive In The Recent Years  

According to a report Netflix raised the price of the basic service by around 12.5 percent to around $8.99 a month. It was conjectured that the service orders will be lower but just the opposite happened.

6. Live TV Is On-Demand With An Increased Price

Streaming services like Hulu charges around $5.99 with live TV options. As a result, the service charges skyrocketed to a massive $54.99. 

7. Some Streaming Services Are Free Services

There are certain streaming services such as Tubi TV, Crackle, and  Xumo that offer free service. What you need to do is earn a membership card from the public library.


Streaming Services have been extremely successful in contemporary times. 

These facts were either lesser known or not known at all. Some painstaking research went on to procure these facts. 

I hope this has worked to increase your knowledge base on streaming services. 

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