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7 Reasons to Consider Opening a Savings Account



a Savings Account

Life is such that sooner or later, people will realize that money plays an integral role in planning or executing any kind of grownup decision. And one of the most well-known methods of measuring any person’s growth and maturity in life comes from gauging their ability to manage their finances with a Savings Account. And this includes one’s earnings, savings, and everything else in between.

The habit of saving for a rainy day is a pervasive idea throughout the world and is taught by parents and teachers alike. And those who preach this know exactly how and why one’s money management skills can be crucial to their life in the present and future. And yes, although some might argue, money management is also a skill one can work on and improve – just like any other skill.

In this article, we will take a closer look at why people should consider saving their money in a bank account. But before we jump in, students reading this should also be aware that having a savings account could also benefit their academics. For example, those overburdened with work or stuck on some complicated tasks can use and pay for professional services.

Today’s student-based services are abundant and more efficient than ever before. And a top platform like Studyfy can be affordably and easily used as a college homework helper or for a coursework writing service and essay writing service. Using such expert services can also help students save energy and time that could instead be used in earning some extra money.

In no particular order, here are 8 reasons to consider opening a savings account.

1) It Helps You Save (More)!

A savings account in a bank is one of the best and most widely used methods of saving money. In fact, it’s so abundantly used that most people also create a joint account for their savings and salaries.

Thus, a savings account enables individuals to easily save their money by making deposits. Also, one usually requires a safe spot or a push to get started with saving and a savings account provides both.

2) Fosters Better Future Planning

College is a time when students are encouraged to start focusing on their future. It is a time when they receive various types of knowledge and advice from others. But one of the best pieces of advice to students that can benefit them greatly is to start saving their money for the future! And, the sooner one begins, the more they will be able to learn and apply their knowledge and skills.

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With thorough knowledge about one’s finances, one can create more concrete goals along with the means of achieving them. Gradually, this also then enables them to take more responsibility for their welfare and make bigger decisions in life. For example, a student with a growing savings account can also finance parts of their college education.

3) Overcome Avoidable Financial Problems

One of the greatest impediments to unscrupulous or uncalled-for expenditures are unforeseen circumstances. These can comprise medical emergencies, sudden need for payments, and other personal or professional reasons.

With a savings account, individuals not only have extra money but would also be able to make various forms of easy and quick payments. In the case of this point, one can have a savings account dedicated to financially cushion them from the impacts of unforeseen circumstances. 

4) Grow & Maintain Your Capital for Future Investments

Today’s banks don’t just save an individual’s money but also tend to give them advice about sound investments. There are types of savings account that enables people to save their money and make investments according to their goals. Money in a savings account is also easier to maintain if one has the right goals and plans for their finances.

Some banks also offer their customers varying levels of interest and dividends on their savings accounts. This helps in growing one’s overall capital reserves.

5) Your Money is Always Safe(r) in Your Bank Account

Gone are the old days when people had to scramble around to find spots to stash their cash deposits. Today’s banks provide all the necessary safety and security one needs. In fact, the main purpose of a bank is to keep an individual’s money safe from any kind of trouble.

Students are always advised to create their bank accounts as early as possible so they can safely begin their financial journeys. One can also opt to receive their salaries and payments straight into their savings account for added safety.

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6) Easier to File Tax Returns & Fulfil Other Formalities

Bank accounts can only be opened by providing one’s main documents and information like identification cards, social security numbers, and more. And as we already mentioned, a bank doesn’t only store one’s money but also provides extensive information about it. And most of the processed information is structured and up-to-date.

Such services enable people to learn all the necessary information about their finances which makes it easier to file their taxes. One can also receive their transaction histories, yearly balance sheets, and a lot more. Also, government and private institutions respect banks and take any data or documents provided by them seriously.

7) Get Access to Easier Modes of Payments – Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, etc.

Banks don’t just store large amounts of money but also provide various services that make handling money a lot easier. Some of the main services offered by banks are internet banking, debit or credit cards, ATM facilities, cheque payments, instant wire transfers, and a lot more.

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Today’s banks provide most of the mentioned services to all those who open even the most basic accounts. Because it is not always convenient or possible to carry around cash, one can easily use the payment modes offered by banks. For example, students can deposit any extra cash on their savings accounts and still have access to all their money through an ATM card whenever required.

Here are a few more reasons to consider opening a savings account – 

  • Gain more financial flexibility & freedom
  • You can keep better track of your money
  • Most banks offer zero-fee and zero minimum balance accounts
  • Money saved in a bank account offers more insulation from inflation than lose cash

The Bottom Line

Better financial management has often been linked as one of the key metrics to success. Thus, people are always advised to create their future goals in accordance with their finances as this helps them be more focused and realistic. And finally, in the words of one of the best and most well-known managers of financial wealth – Warren Buffet, “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

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