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7 Relaxing and Couch-locking Cheap Weed in Canada



A lot of individuals use cannabis as a way to unwind and ease their minds, particularly on days when they feel stressed. There are numerous strains of cannabis available in the market, which can be quite overwhelming for users. These strains vary from high-priced to inexpensive ones in Canada.

For beginners, going through each strain can be tiring. To simplify the process, a list like this can make things easier. This article will provide a rundown of the top seven strains of cannabis that are known to promote relaxation, making them an ideal choice after a long day at work.

Relaxing Affordable Strains

Cannabis has become increasingly popular as a natural alternative to traditional remedies for anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders due to its calming effects. However, not all strains can produce these effects. 

To keep it simple, here is a list of soothing weed options to try:

Kush Cake

Kush Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from the crossing of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Kush Cake has a unique taste that is both sweet and tangy, with a blend of lemon and vanilla flavours. It also has an earthy and minty aroma. 

Expect a significant mental boost and feelings of deep relaxation from this strain. In addition to its psychological benefits, Kush Cake has a potent muscle-relaxing effect that athletes love. It can ease tightness and soreness after a workout. This strain promotes happiness, creativity, and a blissful state of relaxation that is hard to come by during a busy workweek.


GG4, a type of cannabis, is commonly referred to as Original Glue and is highly favoured among cannabis enthusiasts. Original Glue is appropriate because this strain can cause intense physical and mental sedation. As a result, users often feel they are firmly stuck to the couch, unable to move.

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The dominant effect of GG4 is primarily felt in the mind, producing a sense of mental clarity, happiness, and euphoria. This strain can induce laughter and physical relaxation for 3-4 hours. As the effect of the substance diminishes, it induces a soothing and tranquil sensation.


Couchlock is a cannabis strain created by breeding Northern Lights #5 and Afghani strains, with Indica dominance. If you want a strain that lives up to its name, Couchlock is an excellent choice. It induces a relaxing and physically intense high lasting for several hours.

As you begin to feel a pleasurable physical buzz, a tingling sensation will uplift your mood and induce a feeling of joy. You’ll feel completely at ease and occasionally thrilled until a strong sensation confines you to the couch.

Cream Soda

Cream Soda is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain resulting from combining Huckleberry Soda and Cookies ‘N Cream. Cream Soda has a sweet, creamy flavour reminiscent of its Cookies ‘N Cream parent, with a fruity twist from Huckleberry Soda. 

Upon exhaling, the Cream Soda strain will swiftly take effect, instilling a sense of increasing happiness and euphoria in your mind. You’ll experience pure joy, leaving little room for other thoughts.

The second stage involves a deep physical relaxation that gradually spreads throughout your body, resulting in a heavy sensation. At times, this can make you feel immobile and couch-locked. As a result of this intense relaxation, you may also feel drowsy and eventually drift off to sleep.


Afghani strain is a pure Indica strain, and recreational users can expect deep physical relaxation and a pervasive feeling of calmness. Due to the strain’s strong sedative effects, consuming it at night and in the company of close companions is advisable. 

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The Afghani strain of cannabis induces a sense of calm and tranquillity, effectively treating PTSD and anxiety. Additionally, it has gained popularity for its ability to alleviate insomnia and promote restful sleep. 

The therapeutic benefits are due to the interaction between the compounds found in cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS has several receptors activated when cannabinoids bind, resulting in the benefits above.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a popular strain known to help relax the muscles and calm the mind. Additionally, it can increase appetite, induce sleepiness, and enhance mood. One genetic feature that sets Bubba Kush apart from other strains is its high THC concentration (27%).

Bubba Kush has a gentle and uplifting sensation that removes negative thoughts from your mind. Instead, you experience a profound sense of contentment and happiness. This positive mental state comes with a soothing physical high that promotes relaxation and alleviates discomfort.

Greasy Pink

Greasy Pink is the result of breeding Pink Kush and Greasy Monkey. Pink Kush produces potent body-focused effects and is comparable in potency to its relative, OG Kush. The second strain, Grease Monkey, is an exotic variety renowned for its sweet, earthy scent, complemented by strong skunky overtones.

The Greasy Pink Bubba strain has potent sedative effects, which can leave you feeling couch-locked and deeply relaxed. You can expect to experience an initial wave of physical pleasure, followed by a tingling sensation that spreads throughout your body, inducing profound relaxation.


Try these strains, known for inducing relaxation and couch-lock to unwind and ease accumulated stress. Opt for a strain that promotes calmness and composure, especially if you’re homebound. These strains are available online from dispensaries in Canada that offer affordable deals and deliver straight to your doorstep.

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