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How to success on Instagram



How to success on Instagram

There is no magic formula, an equation that, applied, can guarantee you success on Instagram. Let’s see how to success on Instagram.

There are many services (between us I would call them in another way) that promise you incredible results by selling you followers, comments, interactions (and promising you that they come only from real users in target with those you want to reach), but in reality all these “services” only serve to make you spend a little money in vain.

Having said that there are some actions (I call them steps) that you can take on an ongoing basis and that can help you achieve your hoped-for success on Instagram .

Attention, I intentionally wrote “they can help you ” because they do not guarantee the result and they need your constant commitment (and other things such as quality, interesting content, a clear vision, a project …….)


The first thing to do is to realize what success on Instagram with many free Instagram followers means and to be able to answer you you must have set yourself goals (otherwise how can you declare that you have managed to be successful?).

The objectives can be different and more or less concrete. The important thing is that they are SMART (English acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Archievable, Realistic, Time Bound that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Scheduled).

Goals depend, of course, on why you are on Instagram and, unless you are there just for fun or to “have a lot of followers”, surely you have a goal.

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Who do you turn to? No. ALL is not an answer. You have to be able to determine your target user because this is the only way you will know how to talk to them. so the question is: who are you trying to reach with your Instagram profile? Try to go very deep. Not only demographic characteristics (gender, age, origin, interests) but also habits, hashtags used, profiles followed, interests.

This step is very demanding and takes time.

You have to do a lot of research, know how to observe, ask questions to your acquired contacts who you know are part of your audience (for example, already acquired customers).

However, it is an indispensable step because it will allow you to create a targeted Instagram presence and will save you from future mistakes.


Without strategy, you can’t go anywhere.

In particular, the strategy must be specific: “YOUR contents must be focused on YOUR way of seeing things” (Carlo Ricci).

The strategy responds to the need to publish content that can enhance your profile and achieve your goals and therefore success on Instagram (however you see it). The contents, however, must be yours, true. It is not enough to go and look at your successful competitors and try to copy their content. Yes, you can take a cue, but in the end it is being true that makes the difference on Instagram.

Strategy means understanding what type of content you want to upload (Instagram is not only made up of photos but also of Videos, Live, Stories, Reeds), understanding the right times to publish, understanding the periodic commitment to be dedicated. Do not forget the quality of the content as well as the truthfulness and spontaneity.

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