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Key Premier League Stats to Keep an Eye On



Key Premier League

Bettors just love English Premier League. Known as an exciting competition, the English Key Premier League stats provides bettors great opportunities and a lot of fun. What fans love the most includes the rivalry within teams as well as the unpredictability of the results. Watching an action while waiting for some income of your bets can be more than satisfying. 

Despite all the unpredictability regarding results in the league, there are some reliable trends you should know before making your EPL betting decisions. Statistics offer something you can rely on. 

1. The Most Common Premier League Score

The most common result in the English Key Premier League stats in the 2018/2019 season was 2-0. More than 17% of games ended having this result. The frequency of this result was followed by 2-1 and 1-0. Even though there have been seasons in which the result 1-0 was the most common one, it seems that the trend goes towards more goals. There are no more a lot of draws finishing without goals. 

2. The most common half time score 

Statistics say that more goals are scored in the second half than in the first half. Many teams start the game cautiously without much aggression. However, as time flows, teams start being more and more worried about the final result. Therefore, attackers go aggressively towards the opponent’s goal, and defenders become exhausted and tired. Almost 59% of all goals scored in season 2018/2019 happened to be scored in the second half. Many games have the 0-0 result before the break, and then, after the break, the game flares up.

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3. The home advantage

You may have heard that the home field does not play an important role when it comes to who wins and who loses in the match of the English Key Premier League. However, the statistics say something completely different. In the season 2018/2019, more 180 wins were home wins, while 129 of them were away wins. Remember that home stadium and local fans can inevitably have a significant influence on the outcome. In conclusion, when betting, you should consider the home advantage as one of the essential factors. 

4. Number of cards per game

It’s not uncommon that bettors, extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced ones, bet on cards per game. The most frequent offenders in the season 2018/2019 were Watford and Burnley, while players of Manchester United and Liverpool got fewer cards. However, not every referee practices giving equal numbers of red and yellow cards.

5.  Goals Per Game Averages

It is always good to consider the average number of goals scored in EPL matches before placing over or under bets. The average number of goals scored per game in the mentioned season was 3.02. Not every team plays equally aggressive, so it is expected that some of them score more goals. Newcastle, for example, doesn’t favor the action, while when watching Man United Arsenal, you can expect more of an adventure.

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