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Kristine Saryan: Everything you need to know about the Young Wife of Scott Patterson



Kristine Saryan — the name you may have heard multiple times on the red carpet when this beautiful young lady walked down with Scott Patterson. It can be rather surprising to think why you haven’t seen such a beautiful face in Hollywood Before.

That’s right! Before Kristine Saryan’s acknowledgment as Wife of American Actor Scott Patterson, Kristine indeed had been building her career in Hollywood independently. According to the previous works of Kristine Saryan on TV, she was “Chrissy” in Gilmore Girls. The show is now available on Netflix. 

Kristine Saryan

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Released in 2000, the Gilmore Girls show gave Kristine Saryan leverage as the face of the amusing character Chrissy. Moving on, Further, she appeared in multiple movies and tv shows, including — Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, Girl In The Box, 3096 Days, and more. 

Yet, of course, if you are a fan of Kristine Saryan, you would know she has hardly appeared in any movies or television shows as a protagonist. She appeared in almost all shows as a supporting actress.  

Today, she is on the camera reel of every paparazzi. Her amazingly appealing personality and outlook attract hundreds of pictures a day. In the event that you have been a fan of Kristine Saryan till today, you definitely crave to know more about her, don’t you? Well! You have commenced to the right platform. 

Checkout — Everything you need to know about Kristine Saryan, the young wife of Scott Patterson. 

Who is Kristine Saryan? 

As mentioned before, Kristine Saryan was born on 30th November 1981; Kristine Saryan is 41 years old Hollywood Actress. 

She is married to Scott Patterson, another Hollywood Actor and musician whom you may also recognize from Gilmore Girls (role: Luke Danes). Kristine Saryan’s husband also appeared in several high-end franchise films, such as Saw. 

Although every Hollywood fan knows about Scott Patterson sufficiently enough, today we are talking about Kristine Saryan, his wife since 2001.

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To begin with, Kristine Saryan originally comes from California, USA. She is American by nationality as well as Ethnicity (White). 

According to the inside details, Kristine Saryan completed her high school at her local Haddonfield Memorial High School in California. It is assumed that Mrs. Kristine Patterson is quite educated and has completed her high studies in California itself. 

From the very beginning of her prime age and talent, Kristine wanted to enter the Hollywood Industry. She obtained her goal at the age of 17 when she was signed for Gilmore Girls, a popular old-school series. 

In 2001, when Kristine was only 18 years old (nearly), she married her Gilmore Girls co-star Scott Patterson. Inside details disclose that both had been dating for a year or two before that. 

Apart from Kristine’s married life and her Hollywood career stature, she has successfully kept her personal family details to herself and is undisclosed to the media. We don’t know whether Kristine has siblings, parents, guardians, and more. But, we know one thing — she is always smiling on Camera!


Real name /Nickname Kristine Saryan
Famous as Wife of Scott Patterson
Date Of Birth 30th November, 1981
Social media name Kristine Patterson
Kristine saryan Age (as of 2022) 41 years old
Gender Female
Birthplace California, USA
Profession Actress
Height(approx) 5 feet 4 inches
Nationality American
Mother name Mrs. Sarayan
Fathers name Mr. Sarayan
Relationship status Married
Husband Name Scott Patterson
Son’s Name Nicholas Patterson
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How old is Kristine Saryan in 2022? 

Born on 30th November 1981, Kristine Saryan 2022 will turn 41 years old. On the contrary, her beautiful smile, rose-white complexion, and astonishing eyes are ageless. Stunning beauty Kristine has been spotted many times on the red carpet. Check out her pictures below: 

How tall is Kristine Saryan?

Popularly known as the Wife of Scott Patterson, Kristine Saryan stands 5’4″ (Five feet and four inches) tall. Her height in centimeters is 163. She has a lean body and black hair. In Gilmore Girls, her hair was curly. Nowadays, she keeps a straight and open hairstyle. 

What are Kristine Saryan’s figure measurements? 

Fans find Kristine Saryan quite sizzling. Her body measurements are 34 – 26 – 36 inches. Looking at her, you cannot tell she is the mother of a seven-year-old son named Nicholas Patterson. 

Image credit: I am Biography

What is Kristine Saryan’s ethnicity? 

For the most part, born in California in the United States, Kristine Saryan is American by nationality. But, do you know? Her ethnicity is European and Native American. Even though Kristine has not disclosed much about her parents. However, we assume that, sometime back, her parents moved from Europe to America to accomplish their American dream. Without a doubt, Kristine is living it. 

Various rumors on the internet speak loudly that Kristine Saryan is part-Armenian. Scott Patterson’s wife has not confronted or confirmed this as of yet. 

Who is Kristine Saryan’s husband? 

Scott Patterson, born on 11th September 1958, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, is the husband of Kristine Saryan. The couple tied knots in a sacred wedding ceremony in 2001. They have been married for 21 years now. Viewing their several appearances together on the red carpet, it appears they are still inseparable and deeply in love. 

According to Scott Patterson’s dating history, before Kristine Saryan in 2001, he was dating Vera Davich. Not only did he date Vera Davich, but he also married her. In 1985, the couple separated and consequently divorced. After the divorce, Vera Davich disappeared from Hollywood’s limelight. 

After 10 years of divorce, Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson met on the set of Gilmore Girls for the first time. Since then, they have not been separated. 

Saryan Kristine

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On the contrary, in 2007, Scott Patterson’s rumors of an extramarital affair with Julie McLeod was the affair everyone was talking about. According to our understanding of the timeline of the short and crisp affair, they met on the set of SAW IV. Various sources conclude that the couple hooked up one time in April 2007. 

Since then, they have not been together. Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson continued their sacred marriage. 

Kristine Saryan’s Dating History

Mrs. Patterson’s fans will be surprised to know that Kristine Saryan has not dated anyone since 2001. Or, even before that. She has not disclosed any details concerning her ex-boyfriends or hookups. Neither has the paparazzi captured her with anyone but Scott Patterson himself. It seems like Kristine is 1000% a keeper!

With her better half, Scott Patterson, Kristine Saryan enjoys and embraces an age gap of approximately 20 years. The couple looks extremely happy with their beautiful boy Nicholas Patterson. Without a doubt, age is just a number in Hollywood when it comes to love. 

What is Kristine Saryan Net Worth in 2022? 

According to the latest celebrity net worth estimation record, on the 23rd of May, 2022, Kristine Saryan Net Worth stands at $15 Million. According to the research, Kristine Saryan is no longer active in Hollywood. She appeared on television in 2016 during the revamp of Gilmore Girls — A Year in a Life. One of the major reasons for Kristine’s departure from Hollywood is her beautiful 7 years old son — Nicholas Patterson. It seems like Kristine desires to be by her son’s side at all times. 

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Kristine Saryan’s $15 Million Net Worth is built from her old-school work in Gilmore Girls and several other movies and tv shows. In many of those films and shows, Kristine appeared in a supporting role. She has obtained a large part of her income from constant roles in films and shows. Further ahead, a part of her net worth also comes from her husband Scott Patterson’s net worth. 

In 2022, Scott Patterson’s Net Worth is also $15 Million. We already know that since 2016, Kristine Saryan has shifted her routine into a housewife and mother. Her net worth total now is known by her husband, Scott Net worth. 

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know? Back in 2001, Gilmore Girls’ mainstream cast started on a salary range of 10K per episode only. Ahead as the show grew in the audience, salary per episode increased upto 750K USD for specific and high-paid actors and actresses, including Scott Patterson. 

Is Kristine Saryan on social media? 

Kristine Saryan, unlike other public figures, keeps her personal life private and away from social media. Moreover, Kristen has no online presence and has done so for quite some time, and she keeps everything to herself because she does not use social media.

On the other hand, her husband, Scott, is active on social media platforms. He has over 250k Instagram followers and 126.7k Twitter followers. He enjoys posting photos of himself and his son, but he never posts pictures of his wife, Kristen. 



Why do we always end our reading with controversies? Well! Because this is how you love it, right? Now when it comes to Kristine Saryan in particular, no controversies are on the web. However, the internet is surrounded by many about her husband, Scott Patterson. One of the major controversies began back in 2001 — 

On the screen of Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson looked just fine. However, behind the scenes, the scene was indeed the opposite. Rumors are on the set. Lauren and Scott never got along because of personal differences. 

Image credit: Finance Yahoo

Inside details reveal that Scott Patterson used to like Lauren Graham. However, nothing came out of his attraction to her. Fans also assume that Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham dated for a while during the show. But, both parties never confronted the rumor. 


Do you acknowledge when sometimes fans’ fiery comments and criticism occur after years and years? Well! Something like this happened to Kristine Saryan back in 2021. Yes, after 20 years of shooting Gilmore Girls and marrying her love — Scott Patterson. Fans fired Kristine Saryan with controversial comments on their age gap. 

Not only this but fans also targeted Scott Patterson, Kristine’s husband, for dating a teenager during his 30s. In the eyes of fans, Kristine was only 17 years old. And Scott Patterson was somewhere around 38 years old. However, later, Scott cleared the air by stating that Kristine Saryan was indeed 21 years old when he started dating her. On the contrary, he himself was 41 years old. 

Both were in their prime age of dating and 100% legitimate. To Scott’s surprise, fans let them go free. 


Q. Who Is Kristine Saryan?
A. Kristine Saryan is the Scott Patterson’s wife.

Q. How old is Kristine Saryan?
A. He is 39 years old.

Q. When was Kristine Saryan born?
A. Kristine Saryan was born in 1984.

Q: How tall is Kristine Saryan?
A: He is about 5 feet 4 inches.

Q. How much is Kristine Saryan’s Net Worth?
A. Kristine Saryan has a net worth of 3 million dollars.


In conclusion, Mrs. Kristine Saryan Patterson and her husband, Scott Patterson, are living a happy life. Kristine is as beautiful as you can remember from Gilmore Girls. 

With that being said, let’s finish off our reading with a goodbye and hope for you to come here again. You can bookmark us to know more about the lifestyle, controversies, personal details, and more about your favorite social media personalities, Hollywood personalities, NBA stars, etc. Thank you for having this journey with us. 

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