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Learn to Calculate Casino Bonus Rates to Your Advantage



The online gambling sphere is massive right now, and it will only get bigger shortly. One of the main factors driving this sector’s success in accumulating the previously unimaginable numbers it is now pulling is casino bonuses. It should go without saying that gaming promotions are one of the chief things that catch players’ attention and are the primary incentives that make them join a specific hub or test out new games.

For many, bonuses are the backbone of this industry, and they lead to swelling user figures because they bring risk mitigation, allow gamblers to experiment, and foster a sense of competition between brands, as today, sites are continuously trying to one-up each other regarding who will offer the better deal. However, the reality of the interactive gaming landscape is that most newcomers to this gambling arena cannot tell which is best between no deposit vs. first deposit bonus offers if this is not outlined clearly to them, as the majority of novices do not even know the difference between these two promo types.

In the modern online gambling realm, promotions are essential for building trust amidst a vast ocean of gamblers and gaming brands. To make things easy for newbies, we seek to provide a short guide on how anyone can figure out on their own whether a deal is worth their time or not.

What Stipulations Determine Bonus Quality?

That would be wagering requirements, allowed games, contribution rates, and deadlines.

The wagering requirement, also called the rollover, specifies how many times someone must wager their bonus amount before they can become eligible to complete a withdrawal. Not all hosted gambling products on a bonus-issuing site will be permitted for promo fund utilization. Furthermore, not all genres will list the same contribution rates. As a rule of thumb, traditionally, only slots have a 100% contribution rate. That means that for every $100 bet, all $100 goes towards wagering requirement fulfillment. If the rate has been set at 10%, then $10 out of the $100 will contribute.

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Also, the deadline condition refers to the fact that gaming brands will allot a specific period in which a rollover must be achieved. And if it is not completed within this timeframe, all winnings accumulated through it get void.

How to Calculate Bonus Worthiness

So, if we have a 100% match promo featuring a minimum deposit of $10 with no casino bonus codes and a 40x rollover, then you will get asked to bet $400, playing slots (rate of 100%) before you will get permitted to take out any prize promo funds.

Now, we dive into how expected value (EV) calculations work. For this example, you get a $10 bonus to play a slot, which typically pays back 95% of its bets over time. The operator has obligated you to play the game twenty times, with each spin costing $1. If you do not do this, your withdrawal will not get processed.

To calculate the EV, you must figure out how much you win on average in one reel rotation. Since you lose $1, you also have a 5% chance of winning a certain amount, which we shall call the X sum.

Now, find the average payout for one spin. That is like adding up what you lose most of the time and what you sometimes win. The average payout gets calculated via – average payout = (95% chance of losing $1) + (5% chance of winning $X).

With that, you can calculate the EV for a single spin, which tells you what you can expect to win/lose on average in each reel rotation. That gets calculated = (95% * (-$1)) + (5% * $X).

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Lastly, find the total expected value for twenty spins per the promo terms. To know what you can expect from this number of reel rotations, multiply the EV of one spin by twenty: Total EV = 20 * [(95% * (-$1)) + (5% * $X)].

If the Total EV is positive, that tells you that, on average, you can expect to make money. If you do, you will probably lose cash over the twenty spins. Please know this is a simplified example and that real casino bonuses can be far more complex.

What Can Gamblers Do to Ensure Bonus Term Completion

They can play low-variance slots with high RTPs, like many games from provider Realtime Gaming. Two prime examples are Derby Dollars and Diamond Dozen, reel spinners that boost low volatility and RTPs of 97.5%.


What Are Casino Bonuses?

They are promotional offers that can vary wildly and aim to attract online gamblers to join, stay, and play at distinct gaming sites.

What Aspects of Bonuses Gamblers Must Pay Attention To?

They should be diligent about ensuring that the bonus they are considering claiming features a fulfillable wagering requirement that must be met by an acceptable deadline and boasts decent max bet and max win amounts.

What Are Bonus Codes?

Customarily, they are alphanumeric combinations allowing access to specific bonus deals that cannot be claimed without their use.

Final Thought

Bonuses can be tricky, so before anyone looks to snag an alluring casino promotion, they should first do the required math to discover if what seems like an enticing deal is the gem it gets advertised to be. Equipped with the knowledge presented above, readers can do just that now.

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