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Save Money by Using a Self-Pack Shipping Container in Melbourne



Moving houses requires you to rent a truck, load your heavy things in, drive the truck to the new house, and return the truck. Then, you have to collect the remaining stuff at the old house.

Very time-consuming. But, it’s actually not anymore.

Now, you can transport all your things at once. You can do this by hiring shipping containers to pack yourself. You get the shipping container delivered to your house, you fill it, and you move the container with you.

How does that work exactly?

In this article, we’ll tell you all about self pack shipping containers, the shipping container sizes, and the costs you will likely pay.

Everything You Need to Know with Self Pack Shipping Container

Self pack shipping containers are containers for storage purposes. They have the same characteristics as shipping containers for overseas shipping, but they are mostly used inland.

These containers are made of durable, impenetrable steel that can protect your things from the fickle Melbourne weather, water, dust, and vermin.

Aside from all that, their best feature will be the end-to-end service. If you call a company and rent a shipping container, they will deliver the container to your house, with no hassle at all.

Then, you can pack your things inside the container to its full capacity. You can take your time on this because there is no requirement to finish loading in a period of time.

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After you are ready to move the container, you give the company another call, and they will collect and move the container to your new destination.

Simple, right?

Shipping Containers Sizes and Costs

You now know how easy your moving experience will be if you use self pack shipping containers. But how do they help you save money? Aren’t they supposed to be expensive?

Believe it or not, despite the premium service, the containers are affordable. Cheaper, even, than the regular self-storage facility. 

Plus, you won’t have to hire a truck and pay per hour for it.  You can pay for the container weekly and you can rent it as long as you like.

The prices of these containers are related to their sizes. So, the smaller the container, the lower the price. Let’s take a look at how the pricing works. Dimensions are written in Length x Width x Height and use the unit length metres (m).

Sizes Capacity Dimensions Price
6ft containers 10 cubic metres 2.4 x 1.8 x 2.6 $3.27 per day
8ft containers 11.5 cubic metres 2.3 x 2.1 x 2.4 $4.70 per day
10ft containers 16-19 cubic metres 3 x 2.4 x 2.9 $6.13 per day
20ft containers 32-38 cubic metres 6 x 2.4 x 2.9 $8.56 per day


From that breakdown, you will get a gist of how big the containers are. But, what can they actually fit? Every container caters to different target audiences and they usually fit;

  • 6ft containers = 2 bedrooms worth of goods

Suitable for people who live in a 2-bedroom apartment, young couples, or people living alone.

  • 8ft containers = 2.5 bedrooms worth of goods
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Suitable for people who have small families, 2-bedroom apartments, and little furniture in common areas.

  • 10ft containers = 3 bedrooms worth of goods

Suitable for people who have medium-sized houses and small children. 

  • 20ft containers = 3-4 bedroom houses worth of goods

Suitable for people who have a 4-person family and 4 bedrooms in the house. If you want to move your whole house at once, this is the best choice.

That breakdown above is just an estimate. You are likely to have some spare space to fit more things than what is included above. The best thing will be to confirm with your company what size you should choose.

Key Takeaways

Self pack shipping container is the cheapest, most convenient option for moving houses. You won’t have to transport the container to and from your old house because the company will do that for you.

Moreover, the containers are durable and can withstand the weather, water, dust, and vermin. So, you can sleep well knowing your things are safe and protected.

Interested in some containers now?


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