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Tom MacDonald Net worth: Know how much this Canadian American rapper has in his pocket!!



Tom MacDonald

Everybody has a way of communicating with people. Some use music, while some user stories. On the other hand, some use rapping to connect with the audience. Today, in this writing, we will discuss one such personality. So, without any further delay, let’s explore Tom Macdonald net worth, career, life, and more.

Before knowing about Tom Macdonald, let us first be familiar with Rap music. Henceforth, to the reader’s knowledge, Rapping is one of the remarkable features of Hip-Hop. It is a musical form that assimilates street vernacular, rhythmic speech, and rhyme. Rappers can perform rap music in various ways. However, generally backed by beatboxing or musical backing.

Further ahead, if we talk about the components involved in rap music–it includes lyrics that usually connect to the rapper’s life or some incidents that have impacted their lives on a greater level. Apart from that, it also includes flow or rhythm in lyrics and finally the delivery of it along with music backing. Further ahead, how a rapper delivers the content greatly impacts the audience. This delivery involves tone, cadence, etc.

Furthermore, considering the audience engagement, You would be surprised to know that around two-thirds of the audience who love to listen to rap music are aged between 18 to 34. Moreover, these are usually women. Now, let’s find out how Tom Macdonald ended up being a Canadian American rapper.

Introducing Tom Macdonald!!

Image Credit: YouTube

To begin with, Tom MacDonald was born as Thomas MacDonald on 21 September 1988 in Canada. MacDonald is a Canadian American songwriter, rapper, and former professional wrestler. Thomas gained fame for the first time when he released his song titled “Dear Rappers.” Apart from it, his other songs like Snowflakes, Fake Woke and Brainwashed secured the seat in “Billboard Hot 100 in 2021″. Being a rapper from Canada, he made history by securing his name on the list of” Rare rappers from Canada.” Apart from that, he is also a social media star whose presence is more on Youtube and Instagram than on stage. Tom has over three million subscribers on youtube and around 70k followers on his “hangovergang” Instagram page.

Moreover, we all know that gaining subscribers and followers is not an easy task. Not only does the quality of the content make a difference. But also, consistency of the content is equally important. His Dear Rappers video gained immense popularity as the video hit over 400,000 views. 

Now, let’s dive deeper to find more secretive information like Tom MacDonald Net Worth and relationship status. 

How difficult did he have in his early years?

In my experience, sometimes one’s success also depends on how hard life throws problems on them. Some can spend millions of dollars even in their childhood, while some at the age of 50 struggle to even buy bread for their survival. Everybody has struggles and problems in their life. But how you respond to them makes all the difference. You must have heard the quote–” Focusing on problems will surround you with more problems, rather find solutions and you will feel that you are seeing the problem is not that big.”   

In Tom’s case, he struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. Born in Vancouver and Growing up in British Columbia and Alberta, MacDonald was sent to a rehabilitation center after his breakdown in 2017. 

Talking about his family and personal information, he kept his life private. However, in his videos, Tom mentioned his mother’s name, LeeAnn MacDonald. Other than this, no other information is out as of now. He did not even disclose whether he is living with both of his parents or they are separated. Moreover, he never mentioned his siblings. 

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Undoubtedly, he got interested in Rapping during his childhood. But, in his teenage years, Tom worked as a professional wrestler for six years in Canada. He joined various communities like Prairie Wrestling Alliance, Real Canadian Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, etc. For Tom, Rapping was more than merely an interest. This is the reason he switched his career to Rapping from wrestling. Henceforth, please move to the next section to learn about his journey in Rap Music.

How did Tom MacDonald start his career in Rap Music?

Tom Macdonald

Image Credit:

To begin with, Tom started his rapping journey at 18 years. To the reader’s knowledge, Tom released his first solo album in 2014, titled as LeeAnn’s son. Later, he released Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, See You Tomorrow, and Deathreats. His zeal and consistency in improving and producing rap music made him reach a point when his single “Dear Rappers” gained immense popularity in 2018. This is the first time he has appeared in headlines on social media platforms.

Further ahead, his other song, “Straight White Male,” was criticized by the audience on a massive level due to its subject matter. The song depicts Tom’s belief that straight white men are being demonized. Later, in September 2019, he released another single titled” Cloned Rappers.” The lyrics portrayed that the Illuminati are replicators and destroyers of originals. Lately, in 2019 only, Tom also got the opportunity to be a supporting act for the 4th episode of Falling In reverse Tour. But, Unfortunately, it got canceled. 

Beginning of 2020

Moreover, In 2020, he released around twenty rap music singles, including Sellout, White Trash, Best Rapper Ever, Angeles, Cancer, etc. Further ahead, when the pandemic struck everybody in the world, Tom got the inspiration for his next single from it. He gave the title to that single “coronavirus. The name itself suggests that it was all about the pandemic. 

Moving forward in his rap music journey, you will get to know that during the pandemic, he gave “Fake Woke.” The single managed to list ninety-six numbers on the Billboard Hot 100. Where everybody was fed up with the Coronavirus pandemic after effects, MacDonald gave a sigh of relief to his audience. On the contrary, Eminem, a legendary rapper, along with Nifty Gateway, released a sequence of NFTs as a part of his event Shady Con. 

Tom MacDonald Net worth: Back-to-back hit songs 

Moreover, to continue the contribution to the industry, MacDonald bought Stan Revenge, an Eminem-produced instrument, for 100 thousand dollars. He used the instrument to produce his song “Dear Slim,” released in mid-2021. The song’s supportive video paid honor to Eminem’s music video “Stan.” And in June 2021, finally, he released the song, which again secured 71 places on Billboard Hot 100. MacDonald gave the title “Snowflakes” to this hit song. Its video featured Blaire White, a political commentator, as a background dancer. Tom MacDonald gave back-to-back hits in 2021. Snowflakes were followed by another remarkable song, “Brainwashed,” in August 2021. For the third time consecutively, his song peaked at 89 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Undoubtedly, he gave several hit rap music to the industry. Moreover, He never feared to mention social issues in his rap music. But, do you know even a single popular personality who got no criticism? I believe your answer will be no. Similarly, Tom MacDonald also got criticism from the audience. However, criticism also helps an individual to grow from within. 

Tom MacDonald Net Worth: Wander how much he got in his pocket

Now, the wait is over to know about Tom MacDonald’s net worth. Being the world’s best Canadian rapper, he surely has a lot of money in his pocket. Tom’s popularity due to his remarkable work contributes to Tom MacDonald Net worth. Thus, to the reader’s knowledge, according to recent reports, Tom has a net worth of 1 million dollars. This huge amount of money in his pocket is the reason why he is living a lavish and luxurious life. 

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Tom MacDonald relationship 

Image Credit: YouTube

Being a famous personality, he must have been involved with someone. This is all we thought, right? I guess we all know that celebrities’ lives are full of breakups, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, and girlfriends. Then, how come the life of Tom MacDonald can be a smooth ride in terms of relationships? Thus, to the reader’s knowledge, Tom started dating Nova Rockafeller in 2009. Till now, according to our sources, the two love birds are together. Not only did they have romantic relationships with each other, but also they shared professions. Nova is also a Canadian rapper. 

Moreover, The two love birds started a band together in 2017, which they named GFBF. The genre for the same was a punk rock which has a social media presence. Before starting their band, the rapper couple collaborated several times. Their “Gang Gang” song got immense love as well as popularity. The song depicts how they perceive each other as best friends and lovers. Undoubtedly, they have been dating each other for more than a decade.

Further ahead, Tom also uploads several photos with his girlfriend on social media platforms like Instagram. But, still, they did not mention anything about their marriage. It seems like they are enjoying their life and focusing on their career. 

Tom MacDonald Wiki:-

Tom MacDonald Wiki and Biography  
Real Name Thomas MacDonald
Other Name Tom MacDonald
Profession Canadian Rapper, Songwriter, and a former wrestler
Age 33 as of August 2022
Date of Birth 21 September 1988
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Country Canada
Zodiac Sign  Virgo
Nationality Caucasian
Debut LeeAnn’s Son in 2014.
Famous for Tom MacDonald came into the spotlight when he released his single titled Dear Rappers.


Height, Weight, and Body Measurements  
Height in Centimeters 185 cm
Height in meters 1.85m
Height in Inches 6 feet 1 inch
Weight in Kilograms 69 Kg 
Weight in Pounds 152 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color  Light Brown
Skin Color White
Sexual Orientation Straight


Family and Relatives  
Father Information Not Available
Mother LeeAnn MacDonald
Brother Information Not Available
Sister Information Not Available



Affairs, Boyfriends, and Marital Status

Marital Status In a relationship 
Girlfriend Nova Rockafeller
Wife No wife
Son No son
Daughter No


Education and School, College  
Educational Qualification Information not yet disclosed
College Information not yet disclosed
School Information not yet disclosed


Money Factor  
Net Worth As of recent reports, 1 million dollars
Salary $10,000 +
Market value Not available
Career Earning Not available
Sponsors Not available
Endorsement Earning Not Available
Cars Only one car, Lamborghini
Other Properties Information not available 


Contact Address  
House Location Information not available 
Phone Number Not Known
Email Id Not Known


Social Media  
Instagram @hangovergang
Followers on Instagram Around 700k  followers
Facebook NA
Twitter @iamtommacdonald
Followers on twitter Around 190k followers 
Wikipedia Tom MacDonald(rapper)
IMDb Not available 
Youtube Channel Tom MacDonald
Twitch NA


Tom MacDonald Net Worth: The final words

This is all about the popular as well as rare Canadian American Rapper who switched his career from wrestling to Rap Music. Tom MacDonald net worth plays a huge role in buying almost everybody’s favorite car, “Lamborghini.” I hope you like this piece of writing. For updates on this article and new writing, Please bookmark the page and keep reading. Thanks.

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