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What are the Steps to Record Podcasts on Your Mac?




Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? If you want to widen your podcast listening experience and wonder how to listen to podcasts on Mac, you can use apps like Apple Podcasts, Mimir, or Spotify. 

But when do you do if you have a lot of opinions to share and want to record podcasts of your own? Here are the steps to follow to start recording podcasts on your Mac.You’ll be happy to know podcast recording is not a challenging task, and you can get through it like a breeze in order to make money with your podcast.

Since you already have a Mac, you don’t need to invest in another computer or laptop. But you will need to get a good quality external USB microphone that will not pick up breathing noises. 

Additionally, get a comfortable, ergonomic chair where you can spend hours recording your podcasts. Finally, ensure the room you are recording is free from background noise. However, if the room is too noisy, you don’t need to fret too much because you can smooth the kinks by editing the podcasts before uploading them. 

  • Think of the topic and create a script 

Before recording your podcast, you must decide what you want to talk about. This is the most crucial step because if you get the topic wrong or talk about something that doesn’t appeal to your target audience, you will lose followers. 

So remember to do your research. First, find out your listeners’ questions and the problems they are experiencing. Then, talk about relevant topics that will appeal to your niche audience. 

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When you’ve zeroed in on the topic, the next step is to create a script. However, whether you create a detailed script or a light one leaving room for modifications is up to you. 

The trouble with a detailed script is that it kills spontaneity. It might drain your personality and leave no room for creativity. However, some podcasters are deft at reading detailed scripts as naturally as possible. So, the call is yours. 

  • Use the right podcast recording app 

On Macs, you can record podcasts without any additional software. The two apps you can use are QuickTime Player and GarageBand. These software are already available on your Mac. 

If you are using QuickTime Player, open the app > choose New Audio Recording from the File menu > click the red start button when the Audio Recording window opens to start recording > click the Stop button when you have finished recording and save the file. The file will be saved as Audio Recording.m4a. Then, you must open the file in GarageBand or another editor of your choice. 

If you are using GarageBand to record your podcast, open the app > click Project Templates and choose Voice > click on the red icon to start recording your podcast or voice > click the red icon again to stop recording. Then, save the file and edit, rearrange, trim, and modify the voice recording to edit the podcast as desired. Once you are happy with the recording, click File > Save As and give the recording a name. Finally, click Save to confirm the changes. 

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You can also record using Podcast Capture

  • Edit your recording 

Before uploading your podcast, you must edit the recording. GarageBand can crop, trim, edit, and add lots of fun effects to your recording. 

You can crop the recording to ensure that only the relevant sections make the final cut. Next, click the mouse and drag left or right to choose the portion you wish to use. Those portions will be highlighted in a darker color. Then, double-click to accept the new selection. 

At the top of GarageBand’s window, you can choose the sections you don’t want and use the delete key to remove those sections. You can even add markers and chapters to your podcast recording.

Since the possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid to play around with the GarageBand features. 

  • Upload your podcast 

Once you have finished recording your podcast, it is time to upload it for the world to hear. You can post your podcast on several platforms, like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. You can choose one or all of these to ensure your podcast reaches its maximum potential listeners. 

  • Promote your podcast 

You must promote your podcast to ensure it reaches the maximum number of listeners. Also, you can attract new listeners. You can create social media posts, share the podcast link with your friends and family, submit your podcast to directories, set up a blog, etc. It is crucial to spread the message so your podcast becomes successful. 


These are the steps required to record podcasts on your Mac. After that, you can create professional-sounding podcasts that will attract your listeners and help you become famous. 

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