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When to change my baby’s formula brand? 10 Alarming signs



Facing some problems with the recent baby formula brand you are using? If you are wondering if you need to or not to change your baby’s formula, this blog is perfect for you. Our blog will help you in knowing when it is the perfect time to change your baby’s formula.

Your baby needs all the nutrition in his/her body, and there comes the need for baby formula. Baby formula is made of cow’s generally powdered milk. Baby formulas are a must-need for infant kids because your infant won’t be getting all the nutrition from breastfeeding or powdered milk. The baby formula contains all the essential nutrients that your child needs and the ones that give them immunity. Your baby won’t be able to consume cow milk directly as they have a weak digestive system when they are young. And here comes the need for baby formula. But sometimes, it can be a problem if it is not the proper brand that suits your baby’s needs.

Here are 10 alarming signs that you will notice when the present brand isn’t suiting your child.

  1.   Irritation

The first sign that you will notice in your baby is that your baby is irritated and remains hungry even after consuming the bottled formula milk. Even though your baby cannot speak, but they will show irritation through their behaviors which is very important for you to notice. Your baby will start being fussy all of the time, which is very important for you to notice. The slightest change in your infant’s behavior will be proof that their present brand is not suiting them, and you need to change it immediately.

  1.   Rashes

Small babies are pretty much sensitive, and it can be pretty natural for them to get various types of allergic reactions or they may even get various types of rashes. But if you notice that they are getting rashes after consuming the bottled milk powder, that can be a concern. They may get small allergic red spots anywhere in their body and that can be proof that the current brand is not suiting them. If you are uncertain of this fact, you can choose to check it out by yourself by changing the baby formula for one month. If you notice that the rashes are reduced, then you will be sure of the fact that the present brand is the problem.

  1.   Diarrhea
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You need to notice or observe if your child is pooping too much than usual. You will be able to be surer if you observe him/her pooping especially after consuming the present baby formula. The baby’s digestive is constantly changing and is slowly getting adjusted to the needs and wants of the body. If your baby is pooping too much then his/her digestive system is not able to digest the current baby formula and that means you have to change it. You should try using good baby formula, the Organic’s Best baby formula is one such example.

  1.   Vomiting

This is one more sign that you need to notice in your child. Vomiting can be a major cause of indigestion and indigestion can only be caused if the baby formula that you are currently using for your child is not suiting the baby. An infant’s digestive system is weak and it is difficult for it to digest all the food. If you see your infant forcibly spitting all the milk out or trying to vomit, this should be the most alarming sign that the baby formula is not okay for the baby.

  1.   Sleeping issues

This is one of the major signs that you will be able to notice in your baby. Your baby will start being fussy all the time, and he/she will be irritated as well. This will cause them a total lack of sleep, and this should be the time when one should understand that the baby formula that the baby is consuming is not suiting his body and that it needs to be changed immediately. You will also notice that the baby has started becoming very fussy and keeps being irritated during the daytime as well. He/she will start facing trouble sleeping during the day.

  1.   Weight
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In a period of a few days, you will start noticing that your child is losing more weight. Infants must gain weight when they are well, but if you see your infant losing more weight than gaining, you should change the baby formula.

  1.   Constipation

Since your infant’s digestive system is weak, he/she may not be able to digest all the baby formula that you are making them consume. Your baby will start having severe constipation, and that is a very alarming sign itself. Your baby’s bowel movement will be disrupted if he/she is consuming the baby formula that is not suiting them.

  1.   Allergy symptoms

If your baby is wheezing or sneezing once in a while every day, the baby formula that he is currently consuming can be a reason.

  1.   Stools

Your baby may start pooling their diapers with blood, and that can be very scary as well as dangerous to the child. This can be because of indigestion that is being caused in your infant’s body. You can try changing the baby formula that he is been currently on.

  1. Abdominal Pain

Your infant is unable to speak, but if they get abdominal pain, they won’t stop crying which is enough for them to make you understand. This can be because of the current baby formula he/she is consuming.

Final Thoughts

Here lie all the alarming signs that you must notice and observe in your baby. If your baby is having any o the problems that have been stated above, it can be because of the current baby formula they have been using. If you are still unsure, you can check it up with the doctor as well. All you need to do is keep your baby away from any sort of issues or pain.

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