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11 Rare Pokemon Auction Trading Cards You Must Know About (2023)




Pokemon has been a significant part of many childhoods, and even today, there is great love for the franchise. For avid enthusiasts, collecting memorabilia from either video games or television shows has become a unique way for collectors to retain a part of Pokemon history. 

Pokemon trading cards are some of the most valuable memorabilia to exist. They hold a significant sentiment for collectors and make up for a unique collection of gems from the 20 years the franchise has existed. If you want to get your hands on these treasures, you need to know about the rarest trading cards available. Whether you’re a collector aiming to diversify your collection or a player seeking strategic advantages with these distinct cards, the best place to buy Japanese Pokémon cards ensures you’re partaking in a journey that transcends borders and languages to embrace the global phenomenon of Pokémon.

11 Rare Pokemon Cards to Know About in 2023

1.Charizard Base Set (PSA Graded, 1st Edition)

Charizard is a loved Pokemon from the entire franchise and has become a fan favorite since the late 90s. The first edition of the trading cards is one of the rarest treasures from Pokemon history and can fetch a whopping $1000 – $2000 value if auctioned. 

2. Shining Charizard – Neo Destiny (PSA Graded, 1st Edition)

This set was the successor of the base collection and was made in limited quantities during the early stage of the trading card craze. The Charizard card is one that collectors seek to get their hands on, and its estimated price is between £200 and £1000 for different card auctions.

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3. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Rare Holofoil #13 Poliwrath

It is a rare card for one of the most loved water Pokemon with a holographic background amongst all the details. Only 7% of these cards have been graded, making them treasured collectibles from Pokemon history.

4. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Rare Holofoil #7 Hitmonchan

It is a treasured trading card of one of the most versatile Pokemon in the franchise. With only 4% of the cards graded, it is a valued gem for many collectors to seek out. 

5. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Rare Holofoil #9 Magneton

The trading card symbolizes the value of the strongest first-generation electric Pokemon, making it a loved treasure for collectors to own. The card is hard to come across but is worth looking for in card auctions as an avid Pokemon enthusiast. 


6. 2022 Pokemon GO Rare Holofoil #023 Lapras

It is a rare holofoil card for water Pokemon Lapras. It is a recent addition to the Pokemon trading card family, but its design is smooth and vibrant with a seamless print. This trading card is a must for every water Pokemon fanatic.

7. 2022 Pokemon GO Rare Reverse Holofoil #017 Blastoise

The rare holofoil card depicts fire Pokemon Blastoise and has a delicate description of all its abilities. The card has a vibrant holo design, making it a unique option for collectors to add to their trading card collection.

8. Number 1-3 Trainer/World Championship Cards

During the peak days of Pokemon, there were actual competitions held, and fans would have the chance to win these trading cards. They were limited prints of these cards, making them one of the rarest trainer cards in the Pokemon franchise. 

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9. Shaymin EX: Roaring Skies

It is one of the recent cards published, but rare and precious. It is a trading card that serious Pokemon players seek after, valued at £100-£250. 

10 . Pokémon Snap Cards/Pokémon Art Academy Cards

These cards resulted from a competition where players had to submit their best pictures of Pokemons in the wild. Only a few of these were printed, making them a rare card to come across anywhere.

11 . Illustrator

It is amongst the holy grail of Pokemon trading cards, with only 39 awarded in a trading card contest. So far, the most valuable one has sold for $54,000, with other rare ones still in circulation for the lucky to find. 


Pokemon trading cards form a significant part of the franchise’s history. They are highly sought after by serious collectors, with rare treasures at the top of the list. If you’ve been a fan of Pokemon since the early days, you will know about some of the trading cards listed here and understand their actual value. But if you’re new to them, here are some of the rarest gems to look into in your collector journey. 

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