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8 Web Browsers to Try Besides Chrome



Web Browsers to Try

You cannot access any website or find any information on the Internet without a browser. It is a kind of door that gives you the ability to enter the world of data. Nowadays, a large part of the browser market belongs to Google Chrome because many people use it. More Web Browsers to Try-

Still, Chrome is not the only possible way to access various websites. Despite its stability and security, it has some drawbacks. Thus, in this article, you will have the possibility to find out about the alternatives or Web Browsers to Try you can use.

Mozilla Firefox – Easy to Use-Web Browsers to Try

Mozilla Firefox is a popular instrument that guarantees its users safe, quick, and efficient operation on the Internet. Along with its stylish interface, it offers many opportunities. So, if you want to read anything on the Internet or find essay editors online, you are welcome to use this platform.

Firefox has many more customization options in comparison to Google’s browser. You are free to add, remove, and change the position of any items on the toolbar or menu. Moreover, there is no need to worry about privacy and confidentiality when using Firefox. This web viewing software has built-in tracking protection.

Mozilla Firefox Advantages:

  • tab management;
  • a convenient password manager;
  • Firefox synchronizing on all user devices;
  • private viewing that ensures the confidentiality of the user’s activity on the Internet;
  • a large number of available applications;
  • automatic browser updating;
  • maximum support for the latest web technologies.

Safari – for Apple Lovers- Web Browsers to Try

Everyone who uses the iOS system is acquainted with this web viewing software. So, you do not need to travel to the African continent to try what Safari is. This one is fast, user-friendly, and perfectly integrated into macOS. Moreover, it can boast a beautiful interface, just like any Apple application.

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Key Safari Features:

  • pop-up blocker; 
  • searching by bookmarks and navigation history;
  • spell check;
  • built-in password manager;
  • tools for reading news feeds;
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for watching videos in a small separate window.


Microsoft Edge – Economizing Energy

You may be wondering what is meant by “economizing energy.” This browser consumes batteries more economically than others. Apart from choosing the style of the start page, it is possible to install extensions. These can be downloaded not only from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store but also from external sources.

The interface of Microsoft Edge is one of its main strengths. It is rather concise and minimalistic but very functional at the same time. You may choose between dark and light themes. Which one do you prefer?

One of the important advantages is the complete integration of this browser with various other Microsoft services. Moreover, Microsoft Edge supports the Bing search engine.

Vivaldi – the Most Functional Browser

Vivaldi can be classified as the most functional browser. Why? The platform has a full-fledged system of tabs. They can be organized into folders, which allows the user to sort their favorite Internet resources by name, type, or importance.

Apart from that, you have an opportunity to add your sites to the sidebar. The browser also allows you to place the tab bar anywhere: at the top, bottom, or side.

Vivaldi Advantages:

  • flexible interface;
  • adaptive color interface;
  • ability to view detailed browser history;
  • ability to open a PDF document in a browser window.

Opera – One of the Most “Experienced”

Opera is one of the oldest web viewing software on the market. Besides, it is also one of the most functional ones. These are its main features:

  • built-in VPN that guarantees the confidentiality of work on the Internet;
  • a screenshot tool;
  • blocking trackers and ads;
  • light and dark themes;
  • synchronization of content from a browser to a smartphone;
  • a sidebar for a quick opening of mini-windows of various services like instant messengers.
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Opera has not lost its popularity among millions of Internet users over the years. Its developers are constantly expanding the range of its functionality. They make sure the browser not only does not fall behind its competitors but is even ahead of them.

Brave – for Fast Surfing

Brave is a free web viewing software that was created to make surfing fast, confidential, and secure. This browser automatically blocks ads and site trackers. It also supports downloading extensions from the Chrome Web Store. In short, it looks like a typical Chrome analog.

The developers of this system build their work around several aspects of security. For example, the program does not allow sites to track user actions. Another Brave feature connected to private user data is the automatic clearing of browsing history. It also clears downloads, cache, cookies, and autocomplete data when closing the program.

Colibri – the Special One

Colibri is a browser aimed at fast and efficient solutions. It is not cluttered with non-essential features and functions. Its main advantage is the absence of tabs.

The platform is endowed with a compact interface. Almost all the basic elements of management fit in the title bar. Still, there are a few additional options and settings. The user can change the default search engine, enable Adobe Flash support, and clear site data.

Falcon – Maximum Comfort

This browser is compact in design and equipped with AdBlock, as well as a user-friendly interface. Below, you can get acquainted with the main features and benefits of the Falcon browser:

  • reliable protection of personal data;
  • importing bookmarks from other browsers;
  • spell check support;
  • customizing the interface to suit personal users’ needs;
  • light and dark themes;
  • availability of a portable version.

Final Words

People rarely choose their web viewing software with a detailed approach. They are used to relying on those already installed on their gadgets. Still, it is worth paying more attention to it and choosing the platform that suits you the most.

Remember that confidentiality, fastness, and user-friendliness are crucial factors to consider. Sometimes, even the most popular browser may turn out to be inconvenient for you. In such a case, try all the possible options and find your dream platform.

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