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What Are the Common Workplace Injuries?



Common Workplace Injuries

With more people working from homethan ever before, it’s easy to forget the importance of workplace safety. However, it’s important for an employer to prioritize employee safety even in unique working conditions. Continue reading this article to know about what are common workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone—even the most diligent and cautious employees. As an employer, it’s your job to keep them as safe as possible.

But what should you even be looking out for? And how can you prevent accidents?

We’re here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn about common workplace injuries and how to prevent them!

  1. Motor Accidents

Motor accidents can happen at any point, even if it’s not the fault of the employee. It’s important to review an employee’s license and run a background check when hiring them if you plan on letting them drive a vehicle. 

These accidents often happen due to a lack of safety protocols. Your employees should always be wearing their seatbelts when in a moving vehicle. If they’ll be driving for long periods, fit in breaks to prevent fatigue from kicking in.

  1. Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling is one of the most common workplace injuries, as it can happen just about anywhere. Falls typically happen as a result of water, ice, gravel, etc.

However, sometimes even loose debris or an extremely smooth surface can lead to a nasty fall. The most common way to prevent falls is by putting up floor signs if the surface is slippery.

Another way to stop falls is by requiring employees to wear slip-proof shoes. These are particularly useful in restaurants and warehouse workplaces.

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However, it’s wise to keep in mind that falls are possible even in seemingly innocent office spaces. Review your company’s worker’s comp insurance plan if you’re curious about what happens next after an employee reports an injury. 

  1. Struck by Objects

Many accidents happen out of the blue. This is often the case when an employee is struck by an object.

Typically, this happens when an object falls off a shelf or if an employee is struck by a piece of machinery. The best way to prevent this is by securing any loose inventory, tools, etc.

  1. Overexertion

Overexertion is a tricky workplace injury to prevent because it has no one singular cause. Additionally, it can occur due to a buildup of minor injuries, which makes it difficult to trace.

Overexertion results in different bodily reactions. From tearing a ligament to feinting, there are a variety of ways that overexertion can affect an employee. Many employees attempt to take on more than they can handle—especially in roles that require physical labor.

A good way to prevent overexertion is by making the workplace as health-friendly as possible. Giving adequate breaks is a good way to prevent strain and overexertion.

You can also make the actual workplace setup more health-oriented. For example, provide stools or chairs if your employees spend long shifts in front of a cash register. It’s a great way to prevent fatigue without putting a halt to their workflow!

  1. Equipment-Inflicted Injuries

Even the safest employee can get injured at work if a piece of equipment malfunctions. On the other hand, if an employee is recklessly using equipment, the probability of an accident skyrockets.

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One of the best ways to prevent equipment-inflicted injuries is by thoroughly training your employees. Be sure to safeguard any dangerous pieces of equipment as well. 

Preventing Common Workplace Injuries

Even with the utmost caution, there’s always the chance that you’ll witness a workplace injury. However, with the information and tips above, you’ll be able to do your best to prevent the most common workplace injuries.

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