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A Complete Guide To Create Animated Videos



Complete Guide Animated Videos

If you have come this far because you want to be able to make an animated video easily and cheaply, congratulations, you are in the right place. Here we will show you how to make animated videos in a very detailed way. You will find all the tools and strategies to create the perfect animated video for your business.  A Complete Guide To Create Animated Videos.

Why create attention-grabbing animated videos?

Creating animated videos increases the value of your business. You know why? Because they capture the attention of users like no other advertising strategy. Thanks to their animated nature, animated videos make viewers feel the same as when they were children watching cartoons. It is said that any pastime was better. That the memories are more beautiful in our mind.

For this reason, traveling to childhood, even for just a few minutes, makes users more receptive and willing to pay attention to what you are going to say to them. They are a perfect example of neuromarketing. This can translate into a large number of benefits for your business. Benefits that you can easily exploit.

And it is that you no longer need to spend very high budgets to create animated videos for your company. At The Video Valley, we can make yours for little money. And if you want to do it yourself, in this article we show you how to make animated videos without needing more than your computer and a little passion.

Why does a company need to create an animated video?

Very easy. I tell you that you almost certainly need it. Thanks to the versatility of animated videos, they can be used by any business .

In fact, it is common to use animated videos to answer the most frequent questions that your clients have. Before, users stopped to read the FAQ section of your website. Now, they don’t have the patience to do it. With a video, you will ensure that they do not leave your website and answer your questions before it is too late.

The best tool to create animated videos

FlexClip – to create animated videos easily

With FlexClip we will have two options to make animated videos: from a template or from scratch. This makes animating your own video much easier and faster. With the variety of templates you can have a perfect video.

Its extensive library allows you to choose from a wide variety of images, objects, and music. This will make everything much easier since you only drag the objects, images and sounds. The free version allows you to make videos of up to 1 minutes in medium quality. The paid version has more resources and better quality.

PowToon – to make animated videos like Powerpoint

Similar to the previous platform, PowToon allows you to animate your own video in a matter of minutes. Here you can do it both with predesigned templates and on blank canvases. Divided by theme, each template has its own related objects. Thus, animating a video is much easier.

The resource library has options for all animations. The main advantage is that the animation is done on slides, which makes the process of creating animated videos much easier. The free version limits the videos to 5 minutes, the paid version offers unlimited options.

Video – Create your animated presentations in no time

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Following in the vein of click and drag animation platforms, Wideo offers a similar design to PowToon. Here the wanimation is made from slides that facilitate the process of creating animated videos. Also, we can find templates that will save you time when animating the video.

Although the library of multimedia resources is limited, Wideo offers the advantage of allowing you to add buttons to the video. This makes the animated video generate much more interaction. In addition, the platform is ideal for those who do not know how to make animated videos. Compared to other options, interactivity in animated videos is its main competitive advantage. Here is a video on how to make explanatory animated videos with Wideo.

Go Animate – Make Animated Videos for Business

Unlike other platforms for animating videos, Go Animate has a business-oriented approach. This allows you to design videos, especially for companies and businesses. Although that yes, it preserves the benefits of other animation platforms in which you only add the objects.

The different animated resources that we can find in your library offer us excellent benefits. A perfect example is a flexibility in the animation thus choosing the movements. Go Animate has a limited free version with a 14-day trial. The paid version is 39 euros per month. If you want to learn how to make animated videos without spending a lot of money, this is your software.

Make Web Video – Animated Videos and Presentations

This platform to animate videos is made to be simple, the process to create animated videos is very simple. It all starts with finding a template from the many that you have in your animation gallery. Its library stands out for its diversity of designs.

The quality of the videos is determined by the resources and tools it offers. You do not need experience to animate a video since this platform is Clic and Drag . Of course, it is not a free platform and does not offer tests. When rendering you pay the price of the template.

Animaker – The Most Popular Software for Creating Animated Videos

Although this animation platform is still in the process of growth and consolidation, the quality it offers is very good thanks to its diversity of templates and resources . Like other platforms, its main advantage is the visual quality of its graphics. If you don’t know how to make animated videos, Animaker is a great option.

Its large number of multimedia resources, as well as its templates, make animating very simple. With its tools you can customize the animation and placement of resources. In addition, it has a large number of animated effects.  If you need to download more animated videos, you have the starter or PRO plan. These plans have 10 and 20 downloads respectively. You can see all the plans and prices here .

Explee – How to Make Animated Videos with Customizable Templates

Explee has a click and drag design that is complemented by other types of graphic resources. In addition to finding animated templates for videos, we can also find non-animated content in your library.

In addition, other tools such as a voice player are included, which makes the video much more formal and elegant. In addition, Explee has a free trial lasting 14 days and once the trial is over, you can choose your plan from 7 euros per month.

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VideoScribe – Create animated whiteboard-style videos

Operating similar to Explee, this click and drag platform allows you to easily animate a video. If you don’t know how to create animated videos, this platform is ideal for all the tools they offer. For example, we can create an animated video with non-cartoon content, we can also create Whiteboard-style animated videos. They are a perfect tool if you need eLearning videos.

The amount of content you offer in your library is a great reason to consider using VideoScribe. Using it is very simple thanks to the tutorials that we can find on the internet. It has a free online trial option for 7 days and also has an unlimited monthly payment version. The Scribing Videos are a great way to transmit knowledge within your company.

Renderforest – Templates of all kinds

Similar to Makewebvideo. This platform for animating videos is very easy to use thanks to its nature. Here you must select your favorite template to personalize them with the tools it offers. This makes animating a video simple and fast. It is even ideal for those who do not know how to create animated videos.

You will not only be able to add images, animations and objects from the media library. You can also place audio tracks to give your video more originality . In case you want to add an explanation to the audio track, you can do it from your computer.


The main feature of Rawshorts is the quality of its animations and videos. The goal is to create visually appealing animated videos. For this, options are offered both for themed animated templates and blank canvases. So you can create a video from scratch or from a pre-existing design.

The free version does not allow access to different tools and multimedia content. This limits our ability to make quality videos. The paid option has unlimited high-quality content and tools. The price of the payment plan starts at 39 euros per month , although you can pay for each video.

Biteable – To create animated and real videos

This tool is deal for those who do not know how to make an animated video . Biteable allows you to make videos in a short time since you only select what you need. By choosing pre-designed animations you no longer have to complicate creating them yourself. Also, you can choose colors, text, and music.

The main feature of Biteable is that it is a free tool. Here we will not pay for monthly subscriptions or video rendering. When you finish animating, you just follow the indicated process to receive it in your email. Of course, its library and its functions are not very extensive.

Adobe Voice

Adobe is one of the best photo and video editing software. Here we are facing a mobile application exclusively for iPad. This makes creating a video much faster and more portable. All this backed by the quality that characterizes Adobe.

The only thing you will have to do is narrate your video, using an external microphone to that of your iPad. As you narrate the video, you add the images, these can be obtained from the same Adobe platform. In addition, the application is free.

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