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Granular vs. liquid fertilizer: Which one should you choose for your lawn?



Everyone wants their lawn to be beautiful. Unfortunately for us, beauty isn’t only skin deep when it comes to keeping up with a nice lawn.  Whether you are looking for a golf course style, show-worthy lawn or you just want your lawn to be weed-free and tidy, anyone putting effort into their lawn should fertilize it regularly. This will help to maximize your lawn’s potential. If you’re going to do the job, you might as well do the job right. 

Fertilizer is fertilizer though, right? Anything is better than nothing, but there are some subtle differences between granular fertilizers and liquid fertilizers. Knowing the difference between the two will help you to pick the right product when your lawn is in need. Your lawn’s needs might change throughout the year, but one thing is consistent: a little bit of research and planning will save you time and money down the road. 

Granular Fertilizers 

Granular fertilizers should be applied approximately once a month. A broadcast spreader is a good way to disperse the fertilizer across your lawn evenly. Remember to check the disbursement recommendations on the particular package that you use.  Granular fertilizers take longer to break down and release nutrients slowly to your lawn. If granular fertilizer is spilled on your lawn it is best to pick up as much as possible so that the chemicals don’t accidentally burn your lawn. 

Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers should be applied approximately twice a month. Liquid fertilizers are faster than granular fertilizers because they break down in the soil faster. Liquid fertilizer can be applied to the lawn using a pump sprayer.  Again, you should always refer to the fertilizer packaging for concentration recommendations. Spilling liquid fertilizer or concentrated fertilizer on your lawn can burn it severely and is much harder to pick up than granular fertilizer. It’s best to use a small trowel and remove some of the contaminated soil in that spot, and then it can be plugged later. 

Fast Versus Slow Release 

Whether you decide to use a fast or slow-release fertilizer is going to be entirely dependent on your lawn and region, as well as the growing season. This will help you to decide whether you want to use a liquid or a granular fertilizer. If you need an immediate rush of nutrients to your lawn, you might go with a liquid fertilizer. If your lawn requires a slower, steady boost you might go with a granular fertilizer. 

Working With Your Lawn

Maintaining a dense, green lawn is an investment of time and money. You can maximize your return on this investment by taking the time to assess your lawn’s needs throughout the seasons. You may find that during one season, your lawn will require liquid fertilizer and during the opposite season, granular might be the way to go. Your lawn is constantly growing and adapting to its environment, give it some support by fertilizing it regularly. 

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