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How to Choose the Best Rectangle Fiberglass Pool with Tanning Ledge Installer?



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If you are considering a rectangular fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge for your backyard, the next important decision is to choose the right installer. Installing a fiberglass pool is a significant investment, and you want to make sure that the job is done right to ensure your pool’s longevity and functionality. In this article, we will discuss the essential factors to consider when choosing the best installer for your rectangle fiberglass pool with tanning ledge.

Experience and Reputation:

The first thing you should consider when choosing an installer is their experience and reputation in the industry. Look for a company that has been in the business for several years and has a proven track record of successfully installing fiberglass pools. You can also check their website or social media pages for reviews and testimonials from previous customers. If possible, visit their showroom or ask for referrals from friends and family who have recently installed a fiberglass pool.

Licensing and Insurance:

It’s crucial to hire an installer who is licensed and insured. A reputable installer will have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate in your area. They should also have insurance to cover any damages that may occur during the installation process. Ask for proof of their license and insurance before hiring them.

Quality of Materials:

The quality of materials used during the installation process of tanning ledge fiberglass pools is essential. Make sure that the installer uses high-quality fiberglass, which is durable and long-lasting. The tanning ledge should also be made of high-quality materials to ensure that it can withstand regular use and exposure to the elements.

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Warranty and Service:

A reliable installer should offer a comprehensive warranty for the pool and its components. Ask about their warranty and what it covers. Also, inquire about their service and maintenance packages. A good installer should provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your pool remains in good condition for years to come.


The cost of installation is another critical factor to consider for fiberglass tanning ledge. While you don’t want to skimp on quality, you also don’t want to overspend. Ask for quotes from multiple installers and compare their prices. Remember that the lowest price may not always be the best option. Look for an installer who offers a fair price for high-quality materials and services.

Design and Customization:

Your pool should reflect your style and preferences. Look for an installer who offers a range of design options and customization services. They should be able to work with you to create a pool that meets your specific needs and preferences. Ask to see their portfolio to get an idea of the types of pools they have installed in the past.


Communication and Professionalism:

Lastly, you want to work with an installer who communicates clearly and professionally. They should be responsive to your questions and concerns and keep you updated throughout the installation process. Look for an installer who is courteous, punctual, and respectful of your property.


Choosing the best installer for your rectangular fiberglass Swimming pool with a tanning ledge requires careful consideration. Look for an experienced and reputable company that is licensed and insured. Make sure that they use high-quality materials and offer a comprehensive warranty and service package.

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