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How to match earrings to the shape of your face?



match earrings

When you want to portray a vibrant look, choosing the best pair of earrings is necessary. Apart from enhancing your personality, earrings also look great with the outfit. But, it’s not worth purchasing match earrings if they don’t match your face. You will be caught in an embarrassing situation and look weird at the same time.

So, before you buy anything, you must read ahead to know how you can match the earrings according to the shape of your face. If you love shopping online, check out the gold and diamond earrings collection.

What should you do before buying earrings?

Before you make a purchase, you first need to determine the shape of your face. While you pull back your hair, you have to stand close to the mirror. A bit later, you have to trace the outline with the help of a lipstick. On the other hand, you can also use a dark pencil to check out the shape of your face. Eventually, you have to buy earrings of a particular shape with features of your face in mind.

Oval Face

If you boast an oval face, then the forehead is not as wide as you thought. Moreover, you will observe that the forehead doesn’t appear distinct along with the cheekbones. Hence, you can choose any set of earrings for an oval face. You can either try out American diamond earrings or pearl earrings to exude style. Such earrings are known for its versatility and beauty at the same time. Consequently, you can try out different kinds of earrings when you dress up for an event.

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Round Face

When you have a round face, the portion is wider towards the cheekbones. The face will also appear narrow near the jawline and the forehead. On the whole, your face will be circular in shape. So, as you choose a pair, you must go for dangling earrings or sleek earrings. Once you start wearing the earrings, you will be happy to complement the style and the face shape.

Square Face

Compared to other types of faces, the square face is not too narrow along the cheekbones. But, when you measure the width of the forehead and the jawline, it is pretty similar. So, before you buy a pair, you must choose round earrings or hoop earrings. These earrings will make you look attractive and draw the attention of others around you.

Narrow Face

As the type implies, such faces are long along the length. But, when you stand in front of the mirror, the cheeks or the forehead are quite prominent. Way ahead, the face is quite similar to the shape of a square face. But, as a narrow face appears elongated, you must choose short dangles. Such pairs will accentuate the cheekbones and add an elegant touch to the entire face.

Heart-Shaped Face- match earrings

For a heart-shaped face, the forehead is relatively wider than the cheekbones. But, as you observe the face closely, it is narrow towards the chin. Hence, to complement your appearance, you must wear long earrings which are wide at the bottom. To enhance your style quotient, you can also wear teardrop-shaped earrings that boast a bottom curve.

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Diamond Face

When you have distinct cheekbones, it’s a characteristic of a diamond face. Compared to the cheekbones, the chin and the forehead of the face are relatively narrower. But, when you want to balance the features, you should go for round shaped earrings. You can also go through the vast collection showcased in different online stores to select the best pair. 

Finally, if you’re about to buy earrings for yourself, you must first be sure about the colour you like. You also need to figure out the size depending on the clothes you like to wear most of the time. If you’re still unsure, you can speak with your friends and find out what looks good on your face.

You can even choose earrings studded with coloured stones only if you can extend the budget. But, regardless of what you plan to purchase, you must ensure that the earrings are not too big or too small. Towards the end, the earrings must look beautiful even when you wear them all day long. 

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