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How Trinity Trading is revolutionizing the retail trading



Trinity Trading

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There are many things that Trinity Trading has to offer that so many trading education providers lack. Firstly it is taught by an ex institutional trader David de Klerk who spent almost a decade at the Horizons Pure Alpha prop firm in Doha after leaving UBS South Africa in 2006. Secondly he teaches 3 strategies that have been backtested thousands of times and have been proven to hold their own through all market conditions. And Thirdly he makes sure that his students backtest each strategy many hundreds of times so that they are confident that they are trading with a real edge.

David de Klerk believes that backtesting is the only way to truly have the confidence to stick to the rules of your strategy and is the only way to by confident enough to stick to they strategies long enough to pull money out of the markets week after week, month after month , year after year and secure funded accounts and manage propfirm capital effectively.

If you want to get access to David’s 3 profitable strategies starting today, then make your way to

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