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How will diseases be Treatable In 2022?




Humankind has come a long way. We have always been a victim of numerous diseases. Our defenseless bodies have suffered many illnesses that have taken lives in the past. Every disease available has caused fatalities in the past. It was only due to its unknown attributes. It sneaked up on us and took many people with them. But, humans have always been resilient. They have paved the way for discoveries that have challenged the potency of all diseases. The bright mind in science has always produced solutions to medical calamities. It will be the same for the year 2022.

Disease versus humans:

The world has experienced the ability of humans during the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic had jolted the world, destroyed social life, and halted business and community-based activities. There was the reign of terror dominating the thoughts. But, it pushed humans to look for remedies. It led to the creation of vaccines. It saved the world from utter disaster. In the past, the discovery of penicillin changed the dynamics of medical science. It provided a cure to numerous illnesses that were deadly in the past.

Apart from the naturally caused diseases, there are some implications due to human errors. It includes the harmful use of asbestos. A large part of the 20th-century workers used to work under the influence of asbestos which caused mesothelioma. It is a dangerous disease that is damaging to people. Such a level of ignorance by the owners is considered criminal negligence. They need to be penalized. To learn more, visit the website of Mesothelioma hope; mesothelioma lawyers can help the person get justice.  

In 2022, medical science will keep on discovering treatments. Following are the remedies aligned for 2022 that show promising results;

  • Beta-thalassemia

Thalassemia is a blood-related disease that causes lower hemoglobin levels than normal. It is a genetic disease and is considered to be untreatable. Beta-thalassemia is a drug discovered through gene therapy and is a new remedy that will change many people’s lives. There are still concerns about the price of the drug. However, monetary aspects are equally important. But, they can be adjusted for the sake of health. Many thalassemia patients worldwide regularly have to go to the hospital to maintain their hemoglobin levels. Their life depends on these frequent visits. Such a dependency decreases the quality of life, and the person remains confined. It comes in the freedom of life. So, a proper cure for thalassemia will help the patients live happy lives. Many blood-related issues can be caused through transformation. So, the risk of contracting more diseases drops with the cure of thalassemia. Beta-thalassemia is a step in the right direction. It will also lead to further remedies for other diseases.

  • Anti-malaria
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In the past, malaria had caused numerous deaths. People were clueless about the cause and cure for malaria. Now, there is a new drug that can cure malaria. It is in its initial phase in the application. The efficiency of the product is around 30%, but it is a positive way forward. It has been distributed in Africa, and it shows promising results. Travelers have suffered a lot from the disease. They were always unaware of the cause that had destroyed their health. However, now everyone knows about the malaria virus, which can be fatal if not treated properly. There is some preventive medication for malaria as well that will stop it from happening well in time. Medical science has always focused on improving the quality of human lives. So, all eyes are on the scientists for the year 2022. Let us see what they have in store and how they can improve our lives. The trajectory of history is in favor of more discoveries and innovations. There is still much work left to be done concerning the diseases. It is a new age for everyone, and amazing things are in store.

  • Neurodegeneration

Neurodegeneration is a dangerous condition that can impact many lives. But, a biotech company named Alector claims that the body’s immunity can counter the disease. These types of discoveries will be prominent in the year 2022. They plan to treat frontotemporal dementia through a drug. It is a severe disease that impacts a lot of people. There has been more focus on the research on psychedelic drugs for the treatment of brain-related issues. Dementia usually occurs during old age. A person starts forgetting things, and it keeps on getting worse. Imagine escaping such a type of illness. It would be considered a blessing.

  • Alzheimer’s disease
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Medical science has aimed to provide a drug for Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is named aducanumab. It is a new drug that is expected to have promising results. It focuses on the amyloid proteins that are present in the brain. Science has a strong focus on brain-related diseases for the year 2022. There are more discoveries with every passing year. People start to fear Alzheimer’s at a very young age, and the genetic nature of the disease causes uncertainty among people. They start looking for early symptoms. Their struggle to find the cure starts from a very early age. It is comprehendible to understand the sentimental value of finding a cure. Many lives have been ruined in fear of the disease. So, a cure can provide relief to many people.

  • Hemophilia:

In hemophilia, the body is unable to form blood clots. It is a dangerous illness that can cause serious blood loss. It is hard to imagine such a type of illness. Scientists are trying to replace the unavailable blood clotting factor. This disease has carried on for several years and has taken uncountable lives. The future seems a bit safer due to the vigilance of our scientists.


Medical science still doesn’t understand many diseases. However, scientists are discovering their secrets thanks to their expertise and skill. It is important to understand that there is a solution to every problem. Only a persistent nature and steadfast attitude can provide solutions to such problems. However, there is a long way to go. Only the first step is difficult, and the rest of the path is covered easily. So, it is a universal motivation to understand that 2022 is the year that will be full of discoveries against diseases.

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