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3 Excellent Qualities to Improve Patient Airways and Breathing of the New Portex Bivona Inner Cannula



Portex Bivona

Portex Bivona Inner cannula helps to maintain the hygiene of the airway. Maintaining hygiene and management of secretions can become difficult without an inner cannula as the removal and changing of the tracheostomy tube may be uncomfortable and traumatic for the patient. The inner cannula can be easily removed & cleaned in case of tube blockage avoiding the discomfort caused by a complete tube change. The grey ring pulls on the inner cannula tip enables identification and eases the insertion and removal from the tracheostomy tube.

It has the following 3 quality features.

  • It helps in Maintaining hygiene and Management of secretion.
  • It reduces the risk of a tracheostomy tube blockage.
  •  Single patient use and can be cleaned up to 400 times during its 29-day use.

Portex Bivona inner cannula advantages

The Portex Bivona inner cannula system combines the advantages of employing a silicone adult tracheostomy tube made by Bivona with an inner cannula that preserves the flexibility of the tube.

reduces the chance of improper usage by making it easy to choose the appropriate size for use by having the relevant tracheostomy tube size clearly imprinted on the shaft of the inner cannula.

If a tube blockage arises, the inner cannula may be quickly and simply removed and cleaned, saving the patient the discomfort and trauma that could result from a total tube replacement.

Change the Inner Cannula: How to Do It?

  1. Sanitise your hands.
  2. Make a clean surface ready for your supplies.
  3. The trach care kit should be opened or place your items on a spotless surface.
  4. To generate half-strength hydrogen peroxide, combine an equal volume of hydrogen peroxide with sterile water in one of the bowls.
  5. Fill the second basin with sterile water.
  6. Holding the trach tube’s neck plate firmly in one hand, remove the inner cannula.
  7. Turn the inner cannula a quarter turn to the left with your other hand. On a clock, this is the 9:00 position.
  8. Remove the inner cannula with care.
  9. Put it in the container containing the hydrogen peroxide at half strength.
  10. Insert the clean inner cannula into the trach as soon as possible.
  11. To secure it in place, rotate the clean inner cannula until the blue dots line up.
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With the hydrogen peroxide at half strength, clean the inner cannula that you removed. To get rid of secretions, use a brush or pipe cleaners. In the sterile water, rinse the inner cannula.

Take the cleaned inner cannula out of the sterile water using tongs or tweezers. Put the sterile gauze packet with the clean inner cannula inside. Tape it shut. Apply this to the following modification. Make sure the blue dots are positioned parallel to one another.

You can order Portex Bivona inner cannula from Joya Medical Supplies. You can order in as many numbers as you want.

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