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Bedpage Review: Important Features When Choosing a Dating Site



Choosing a Dating Site

Many people have joined dating sites and apps to find their soulmates. Although there are various dating sites, there is a need to Choosing a Dating Site as a right app that will efficiently serve you. 

A user has a lot of options to consider before making a choice. You must select a dating app that serves your purpose.

For instance, what is bedpage? It’s just another adult dating site among the many that are available. Well, many dating sites suit whatever one fancies. It is important that we discuss some of the features to consider when choosing a dating site.

  • An easy sign-up process- Choosing a Dating Site

The first step of having a dating site account is the sign-up process. How long you want to sign up should detect what site you choose. 

A good majority of people do not want to spend a lot of time setting up their profiles. They prefer a join-and-go site.

Some sites take up to 20 minutes of your time, asking you many questions that examine who exactly you are and what you are looking for. However, some only need basic information and a few pictures when signing up.

  • Popularity and membership numbers

The popularity and membership numbers of dating sites tell you if it is worth trying. With online sites, you have to go where people are. Popular apps will give you the best opportunity to meet many people because their membership numbers are high. 

A dating site with a few people signed up limits your chances of meeting compatible matches. However, some sites have fewer membership numbers because the signees have something in common. 

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Small dating sites spark connections among people with common grounds or interests. Small dating sites are recommended for individuals who are willing to trade the number of people over the quality of membership. The more popular a site, the higher the number of users.

  • Social media integration

Most sites have a button that can tempt you to ‘Login with Facebook’ or ‘Sign up via Email when signing up.

A social media integration is a way of verifying the identity of people. When signing up with an existing social media account, the app can automatically access an individual’s information such as their location, profile photos, and birthdays to mention a few.

Logging in with a social media account makes the whole sign-up process easy and quick. In addition to that, it increases security and trust in these sites and apps since individuals must use their real names and pictures. 

Individuals who want to keep their social life away from their dating experience can directly join by email. Read more here 

  • Safety features

Choose a dating site that prioritizes you with safety features such as photo verification and blocking members. 

Criminals may take advantage of lonely and unsuspecting singles using the anonymity of dating sites and apps. A good site should provide its users with features that allow them to block and report suspicious members. 

Another way dating companies can reduce the number of spammers and fraudsters is by verifying the identities of new members and monitoring online activities. Reporting users who are suspicious or behaving in a threatening or harmful way ensures the safety of the dating site for people who want to meet and mingle.

  • Search tools
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Some singles join these sites precisely knowing what they want. Instead of swiping over thousands of profiles, search tools help you quickly get who you want. The tools provide a more driven way to find someone who meets your standards. 

Search functions can allow a user to narrow down the profiles by gender, distance, age, religion, ethnicity, eye color, occupation, height, and any other relevant details you key. 

Pro-active individuals are advised to choose sites with search tools to hunt down their prospects instead of waiting for them to find them. Click here to read more insights.


There are very many features that you should consider other than the few listed above. Nearly all sites have premium features that add value to their experience and increase their luck of finding a suitable match. Ensure your preferred dating app has responsive customer service that will guide you along the way or in case of any technical issues. Decide on whichever side you want, depending on what features matter the most to you. 

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