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Online Teaching Tools- Classroom Applications



Online Teaching Tools

Technology is ever-evolving and has become an important part of almost all fields of our life and work. Even little children who have just started schooling or will be starting their education are now tech-savvy and understand devices and applications better than any other generation. These days, there is an app for everything, from food to sleeping to working out to shopping, you name it and there exists an app for it. The existence of all types of applications is the reason why in the year 2020 when the world came to a pause, teaching and learning continued. Schools, colleges, tuitions, coaching, private tutoring, and all other types of classes shifted to the online space and paved a way for making online teaching tools and learning successful.

Teaching online is neither easier nor more hectic compared to traditional classroom. It is only a safe way for learning to go on during a pandemic while also making the lessons more creative and valuable. It is easy to teach online these days thanks to the wide range of applications and websites that have emerged in the last two years. While there are various online tools for both students and teachers, the classroom applications and websites are the most beneficial of them all. There are different types of activities that can be conducted using the classroom applications and various advantages of these classroom websites and apps. 


In this article about online teaching tools, we will be focusing on the classroom app and websites online, their features, functions and the benefits of these apps for both students and teachers. 

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When the online classes started back in the day, it was a little tricky for teachers to teach online, as there were not many methods and tools that existed for the same. With further developments, classroom apps emerged that made it more convenient for the teachers as well as the students to attend online classes. The classroom apps and websites that are currently available, are not only useful for having a common platform where the students and teachers can interact digitally but also for sharing assignments, notes, and e-books collectively, marking the assignments and reviewing the student progress. An online classroom app can also be used for posting the class schedule, making a group of the entire batch of students along with their other subject teachers and also keeping the parents involved and informed in the necessary cases. 


Teachers can use the online classrooms for handing out test papers, grading the same and sharing results, conducting real-time quizzes and activities and also asking students to post their work and submissions on the same. There are also features like fixing a deadline and last date for submissions and assignments which can help the students in keeping a check on when their assignments are due. This type of features also allow the teachers to have a list of the defaulters and take necessary action. 


A classroom app can help the teachers in arranging all their teaching material and course content at the same place. The same goes for students as they can find their study material in one place and do not have to waste much time in finding and organising their notes. For video classes, teachers can also add recorded videos of the classes conducted that can be used in the future by both students and teachers as a reference or as revision material. 

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While there are various features of online applications for conducting classes and examinations, some online classroom apps and websites offer facilities for teachers where the grading work is done by the classroom app. This allows the teachers to devote more time to creating course content and teaching. 


There was a time when nobody could imagine a scenario where tutors would have to teach online and students would have to attend school from home. The pandemic has been a tough time but also a time of learning. Learning about new technology, applications and new methods of teaching. The classroom apps and websites have been a blessing for teachers and students making it possible for them to keep the process of education going without any halts and with better methods and techniques. 

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