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LED screens and advertising: a perfect combination



The world of advertising and marketing has always represented a fundamental vehicle for companies to be able to communicate messages, promote products or attempt to influence consumer choices. It was therefore imperative that this form of communication would undergo radical transformations over time. The introduction of LED screens was one of the main catalysts for this evolution.

In this article we will try to understand why these light devices have been able to open new frontiers in the direction of creativity and effectiveness in the world of advertising, effectively revolutionizing the very way in which the most important fashion brands in the world have chosen to interact with your audience.

LED screens represent one of the most important innovations in the technological field – especially in the fields of lighting and visualization – in terms of range, cost reduction, respect for the environment and variations in use. But why has the presence of this technology impacted so heavily on the marketing and advertising sector, as also demonstrated by the case of the main fashion houses in the world that have referred to Macropix Milan?

A technological revolution

Unlike traditional illuminated signs or static advertising panels, which have been and continue to be part of the urban settings of our cities or the entrances of small and medium-sized businesses, LED screens have had the merit of being able to capture the attention of consumers more easily. And there are several reasons for this.

First of all, their composition which is based on the presence of thousands of light-emitting diodes arranged on a grid and which can be individually controlled. Moreover, this flexibility makes it possible to create dynamic and interactive displays capable of projecting high quality text, images and video, all with the advantage of greater definition of the individual product presented on the screen and differences in illumination that are certainly less static.

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The advantage of LED screens

One of the hallmarks of LED screens is their incredible versatility. They can be used in a wide range of environments and contexts, from shopping malls to screens that signal the flow of a queue. But also conference buildings and then theaters and major sporting events such as World or European soccer championships.

But also going by road signs, where the impact of LED technology can be useful in preventing accidents or even signaling traffic jams on highways. The light output they give off, plus of course the ability to adapt to different spaces and configurations, makes them an ideal tool for any kind of advertising campaign.

But that’s not all. Through the use of touch technologies or motion sensors, users also have the ability to interact directly with the content displayed on the LED screens. And it is no coincidence that several of these screens are placed for advertising purposes in busy places such as Time Square in New York or Piccadilly Circus in London.

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