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Research reveals that about 15% of students admit to using academic writing services, but the actual number is way higher. Because of the industry’s sensitivity, most students just aren’t comfortable admitting it. 

But with students’ workload as intense as it is (especially in STEM majors), it’s often barely possible for them to get through school without professional academic assistance. If you feel like you might need it, too, you can count on Skillhub.

When It Makes Sense to Hire an Academic Writer

Hiring a professional for competent help with academic assignments is always a good idea. Students are looking for academic writers for hire for various reasons, from the lack of time to failure to understand the subject. Whatever it is, Skillhub’s writing expert can make your life way easier and improve your performance at school.

Too Many Assignments or Other Responsibilities

Some majors or specific classes are notorious for being too much to handle for most students. Sometimes, it’s not about you or your time management skills but about professors’ complete disregard for learners’ workload and work-life balance. Professional academic writers are a solution if you’re unlucky enough to have classes like these.

Lack of Subject-Specific Knowledge or Writing Experience

The first year or two is incredibly challenging for most students because they haven’t yet learned enough to feel comfortable in their subject area. If that’s the case for you, and you have no idea how to approach the physiology course project due next week, you can count on our writing team.

Academic Writing Can Be Very Overwhelming

A Reddit post by vyxc_ reveals one more common problem with academic writing. It’s all about researching and synthesizing other scholars, especially in the literature review part of the assignment. Given how much relevant research there is on any subject topic, it’s not surprising that students often feel overwhelmed trying to process it. Once again, Skillhub can help.

A Particularly Complicated Assignment

Finally, even the most diligent student with excellent subject knowledge might struggle with a particular assignment. Not all instructors know how to give understandable and easy-to-follow instructions. And some types of academic assignments are just inherently hard (for example, Capstone projects). Once again, Skillhub’s experts are there for you.

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Why Hire Skillhub’s Academic Writers?

The academic assistance market may be enormous, but not all services are as competent as they claim to be. Make sure to research first before committing to any of them. As to Skillhub, we have a few benefits that make us worth your trust:

  • Outstanding quality. We encourage you to check our writers’ samples—you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about. Whether it’s simple article writing tips or PhD-level research in macroeconomics, we’ll find an expert capable of completing it exceptionally.
  • Access to expertise. With a team as large as ours, there are experts across various subject areas and topics among our writers. This means you get access to expert knowledge about anything in the world.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality. We know that personal data protection is essential in academic assistance. You can be sure that any private information you share with us will be kept confidential.
  • Affordability. Finally, our prices are surprisingly affordable given how high-quality our writers’ work is. We do our best to keep them this way because we’d like every student to be able to afford them to have someone to help when necessary.

How to Choose the Best Writer for Your Task

The only downside of our enormous writing team is that you might struggle with choice overload. All Skillhub’s writing experts seem (and are) great at what they do. So if you find it challenging to decide which one to hire, be thorough—read reviews, request samples, and communicate with the candidates.

Read Reviews

Reviews are the best way to see if the expert is worth your trust. As the saying goes, past performance is the best predictor of future performance. So if the candidate you’re considering has completed 1500+ orders and has a client rating of 4.9, you know your assignment is in good hands.

Request Samples

Samples are also a fantastic way to determine if the writing expert you are considering hiring and your assignment are a good match. By looking at the writer’s work samples, you’ll know what to expect.


Experts in managing freelancers and independent constructors argue that one of the best strategies is communicating and investing in a human connection with the person you hire. We encourage you to text our writers to see if you’re comfortable working with one another and if they understand the assignment the same way you do.

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An Afterword

Needing academic writing help is perfectly understandable. Some classes or separate assignments are too much; students often lack writing skills, and gaining subject expertise takes time. Whatever the case, you don’t need to worry—Skillhub’s writers are always there for you.

Check the reviews, look through the writing samples, and text with the writers back and forth—and it’ll be easier to choose the right writing expert for you. And if you’re already looking for a job and need someone to improve your resume—Skillhub is also happy to help.


  • Can I be sure that the assignment I ordered won’t be plagiarized?

We know how strict academic integrity committees are about plagiarism these days. So we’ve made it one of our top priorities to ensure our clients’ papers are 100% original. We have a multi-level anti-plagiarism protection that makes even a trace of plagiarism impossible.

  • What disciplines do Skillhub academic writers specialize in?

The list is too long to include here. We have writers who specialize in almost every subject area and topic you can think of.

  • How fast will my order be completed?

Academic writing is a time-sensitive industry, and Skillhub respects that. Our writers can complete an assignment for you in just a few hours. But if you’d like the order to end up even more affordable, place it in advance.

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