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Tom Selleck Net Worth, Income Source, Career Details, Love Life, Marriage, Breakups, and more!



Tom Selleck Net Worth

Tom Selleck became the apple of the eyes of every fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when Monica embraced him even with an age gap of 30 years. That’s right! We are talking about Richard Burke. Or, you may know him as Dr. Burke. Even though in the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Monica ended with Chandler Bing, fans haven’t been able to forget the chemistry on screen between Tom Selleck and Courteney Cox. Today, we present to you a concise guide on Tom Selleck Net Worth, career, love life, and more. Spoiler Alert: He is one of the richest actors from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Let’s get started: 

Who is Tom Selleck? 

Born in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan, in the U.S.A., Tom Selleck is 77 years old Hollywood Actor and Producer with a major contribution to the cinema. His full name is Thomas William Selleck, and nowadays, he lives in California. But, taking a flashback journey into the life of Tom Selleck on the big screen, he began his career in 1980. He first appeared on Magnum P.I. television series, which ran for eight years. Mr. Selleck played the role of the protagonist named Thomas Magnum, the private investigator. And, without a doubt, his look back in the day fit the role perfectly. Surprisingly enough, he hasn’t changed his look since then!

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Selleck’s beginning in Hollywood was big. For his first-ever role on television as Thomas Magnum, he received five Emmy awards. From then and there, his journey is impeccable. In the late 1900s, he also did major hit movies, including Three Men and a Little Baby, as well as Three Men and a Little lady. Other than that, the list of his most binge-worthy movies includes titles like Killers, Quigley Down Under, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold, and CrossFire Trail. 

Currently, he is working with the “Blue Bloods” team, which is a television series that began in 2010. After 12 years, rumors about Mr. Selleck leaving the show are surrounded. Keep reading to find out the truth. 

But wait, there is more you should know about Tom Selleck, especially his net worth. It is BIG! Let’s take a glance at the top 10 unknown facts about Mr. Selleck. Are you ready? Here we go!

#1: What is Tom Selleck Net Worth? 

Born in 1945, Tom Selleck originally began his career as an actor in 1980. Earlier to that, he was struggling. So, in 1980, he was already 35 years old, but his charm grasped the eyes of millions of audience. Keeping that in mind, fans of Tom Selleck are curious how much money he has? 

According to the 2022 estimation of celebrities, actors, sportsmen’s net worth record, Tom Selleck’s Net Worth stands at $45 Million. He is somewhat rich! 

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But, for the information of FRIENDS fans, he is not the richest cast member as he only appeared in about 15 episodes. 

However, Tom Selleck has earned most of his net worth from movies, tv-series, and other sources of income. More on that later!

#2: Blue Bloods per episode salary contributes big bucks to Tom Selleck Net Worth

It is rather surprising how some of the most famous stars of Hollywood have done roles back in the days for small bucks. The career story of Tom Selleck is somewhat the opposite. Do you know? Tom Selleck’s per episode salary for Magnum Pi was more than Blue Bloods. You have heard it right! 

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According to the inside details, for every episode of Magnum Pi, Tom Selleck made 500K USD. On the contrary, the current salary of Tom Selleck for one episode of Blue Bloods is only 200K USD. At one time, he also disclosed that for the entire Magnum Pi series, Tom earned up to 5 Million Dollars. 

Tom Selleck Net Worth

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If that is not surprising enough, rumors are a single episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. made 100K Dollars salary for Mr. Selleck. Inside details also reveal that the show is now running in India, France, and China. Thus, it is still making money for the major cast members like a lifetime A.T.M. 

It has also been disclosed to the media that Tom Selleck charges 150K Dollars to sign as a cast member of any movie or show. But, the big digits do not stop the audience from loving him at all!

#3: Tom Selleck is the Kickstarter of Hawaiian Shirts

Believe it or not, once an actor as charming as Tom Selleck becomes the reason for a brand’s popularity, it never goes out of trend. In 1980, Tom Selleck Net Worth instantly increased with Magnum Pi. But, he also began to receive offers for advertisements of big brands like Coca-Cola, American Advisor Group, and Salem Cigarette. 

Apart from this, his Magnum Pi’s inspired Hawaiian shirts also gained much-much popularity in the 80s. They are still worn on trips to Hawaii!

Even though the actor never revealed how much he earns from commercial ads? But, our guess is thousands of dollars. He has a lot of fan patronage, and ad agencies are crazy to sign him.

Tom Selleck Net Worth

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Do you know? Back in the struggling days, Tom Selleck did an advertisement for Salem Cigarettes just to pay his rent. Stories like this make you realize not everyone was born rich. Some literally struggled like Mr. Selleck. Inspiring, isn’t it? 

#4: Tom Selleck Net worth 500K goes to his House

After many interviews on television with Tom Selleck, it has been clear to the world that he is a very down-to-earth person. With 45 Million Dollars as Tom Selleck net worth, he owns an average house which is worth 489 000 or 500K approximately. But, wait! Recently, Tom has put up this House for Airbnb service. Surprisingly enough, rent for this House is 489K alone. 

During one of the interviews, Tom also revealed that he does not like the raunchy lifestyle that most Hollywood actors and actresses enjoy. Because of this, he moved to California to live with his family, who indeed keep him sane and down to earth. 

Your favorite Blue Bloods star loves to live a simple lifestyle. In 2022, he moved to California. Earlier than that, he was rumored to be living in New York for the shooting of blue bloods. 

#5: Is Jesse Stone’s star married? 

The answer is yes. Jesse Stone’s Star, Tom Selleck, has been married two times up until now. In 1971, the actor married Jacqueline Ray. The marriage only lasted for 9 years. In 1987, he married the love of his life, Jillie Mack, whom you may recognize from the movies Silverfox and Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp. 

When Tom Selleck married Jacquline Ray in 1971, the couple were dating for a while. According to the inside details, Tom and Jacquline, both at the time, were struggling to get major roles in Hollywood. After nine years of marriage, Tom finally landed the role of Magnum private investigator in the Magnum Pi television series, which was apparently a big success. 

Tom Selleck Net Worth

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Inside details reveal that the year Thomas William Selleck signed for the Magnum role, the same year, the couple got divorced. The reason behind the seperation or divorce is still unclear. However, rumors at the time about Jacqueline being jealous of Tom’s success were getting around. On the other hand, rumors also revealed that Thomas had decided to move to Hawaii, which was unacceptable for Jacquiline Ray. Hence, the couple separated. 

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Tom Selleck’s second wife, Jillie Mack, is also an actress. However, after marrying Selleck, she indulged in a family lifestyle. Hence, she let go of her career in Hollywood. She has done only two movies.

Surprisingly enough, the couple met for the first time at the show’s shooting in Hawaii. At the time, Jillie was a dancer. Later in 1988, the couple tied knots in secret and revealed their marriage to the fans a lot later. It was a shock!

Today, the couple has completed 34 years of marriage. Congratulations to these love birds!

#6: Is Tom Selleck a father? 

Cannot get your mind to wrap around the fact that Tom Selleck, the handsome hunk, is 77 years old already? Well! Here is another shock for you. Tom Selleck is the father of two beautiful children named Hannah Selleck and Kevin Selleck. Thirty-three years old Hannah Selleck, daughter of Mr. Selleck, is often seen on the red carpet with her father and mother. 

Apart from this, Kevin Selleck is 56 years old. Fans do not know this, but Kevin is Tom Selleck’s adopted son. He is also an actor whom you may recognize from the movie Scream II and Magnum Pi Grandson tv series. 

According to the inside details, Tom Selleck’s son, Kevin Selleck, is also pretty rich. His net worth in 2022 is touching 18M Dollars already. He married actress and model Annabell Salleck. 

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On the other hand, Hannah Salleck also tried her career in Hollywood. However, she didn’t get as much success as her father. She is 33 years old and currently trying her luck in modeling. She has not married yet. However, her dating history speaks of Beto Guitierrez as her ex-boyfriend. Nowadays, she has often seen with Nic Roldan. 

 #7: Controversies – Tom started a hot mess on Twitter recently!

In recent years, Tom Selleck has become a big name surrounding Twitter for all the wrong reasons. According to a tweet that was circulated over the web, it allegedly concluded that Tom Selleck had supported Donald Trump during the U.S. 2016 election for 45th president. However, the tweet came out to be false. 

Tom Selleck cleared the air by speaking in his defense. He alleged that during the 2016 election, he neither found Donald Trump nor Hilary Clinton a perfect fit for the presidential position of America. Thus, he did say opposing facts about Ms. Clinton. However, it did not mean that he supported D. Trump. 

Tom Selleck Net Worth

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This is not the only controversy Tom Selleck has been part of. In recent years, Tom Selleck has also encountered negativity from the public for an A.A.G. commercial. According to the details, the commercial was about reverse mortgages based on which the elderly could take loans on the home without the tension of paying interest or repayment of the loan. It led to the misconceptions that A.A.G. is trying to scam the elderly and Tom Selleck is the front-face of this scheme. 


With that being said, do you know Tom Selleck better now? We hope it is the case! From time to time, Tom Selleck’s net worth has been in talks for good reasons as well as bad. Thus, if you are a true fan, stay in support of Mr. Selleck. For more information on controversial celebrities, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, C.E.O.s, and more, keep us in your list of bookmarks. Thank you!

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