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angelina jolie net worth

Who doesn’t know this beautiful and amazing actress! She has been everyone’s favorite since she entered the film industry. People are crazy for this self-made celebrity. They want to know every minute detail about Angelina. This brings me to today’s topic for discussion. Today, we will discuss Angelina Jolie Net Worth and much more. Let’s get started.

Do you know Angelina Jolie well?

We have been watching our favorite celebrities for years now. It feels like we know them. Moreover, this section of the article contains some interesting facts about Angelina. Let’s check how well you know your favorite celebrity. 

Teenagers, especially in America, are obsessed with Angelina and her timeless beauty. Jolie was born on 4 June 1975. She is the best example of a powerful woman for whom age is just a number. Moreover, she has won multiple awards for her work as an actress and filmmaker. Also, she was Hollywood’s highest-paid actress multiple times. Angelina belongs to a family of actresses. This is how she got her interest to join Hollywood. 

As a result, she started acting at a very young age of seven. She first appeared in an American comedy film and her father in 1982. However, his acting career started when he made a debut in 1993. Angelina started her career with a low-budget sci-fi action movie Cyborg 2. 

Afterward, she was in the lead role in 1995’s Hackers. Furthermore, his other major biographies include Gia George Wallace. People loved her performance in these two major biographies. Also, it helped her to boost her career. In 1999, she won an academy for a supporting role in Girl, Interrupted’s psychological drama. 

Moreover, Angelina was always interested in doing action movies; she did Tomb Raider in 2001. Her character as Lara Croft became very popular. They also started a game out of it. Guess what! The game became an international hit within a few months. The Lara Croft character was lucky as she became an international sensation. 

According to Angelina, many successful directors approached her after Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider was the turning point in the life of this actress.

angelina jolie net worth

Image Credits: Elle

Angelina Jolie Net worth continued…

Angelina Jolie Career:

After the success of Tomb Raider, Angelina started accepting action projects. Her other important and most successful movie was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In 2005, this movie was a sensation. Moreover, the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie duo impressed everyone. Her other action movies are Salt, The Tourist, and Wanted. These were back-to-back action hits that impressed the audience. Now, she is popular worldwide and is known for her action movies.

Furthermore, she did some drama movies too, which received good reviews from the critics. In 2008, her mystery crime drama ‘Changeling’ got nominated for an ‘Academy Award for best actress. However, she did not win it. 

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Angelina Jolie is best known for experimenting. She did several interesting roles in her career. Maleficent was a 2014 fantasy movie that was a big success. Angelina did the role of the powerful witch, which was very different from all the other roles she did. People loved her role, and the film was a superhit commercial movie.

Moreover, she is the voice of “The Tigress” character in the Kung Fu Panda series. Kung Fu Panda received several awards, including 11 Emmys and 2 academy awards for the best-animated movie.

Angelina also had a thing for direction and writing. Moreover, she was interested in writing war dramas. First, they killed my father, In the land of blood and honey, and Unbroken, etc., are some of her popular directions. 

Angelina Jolie Net worth:

Angelina Jolie is known for her distinctive roles and action movies. Once, she was the second-highest-paid actress after Sofia Vergara. Moreover, marvels paid $35.5 million for her new role in “Eternals.” As per the sources, Angelina Jolie Net worth is around $120 million.  

Furthermore, Angelina Jolie’s net worth largely comes from her movies and endorsements. According to the sources, her salary for Mr. & Mrs. Smith was $10 million. Also, after she gained popularity, her salary increased. Angelina’s salary for wanted was $15 million, for Tourist was $18 million and for sale was $20 million. 

Angelina’s biggest commercial movie was 2012’s Maleficent. Also, she got a fat paycheck too. She earned a handsome amount of $33 million for her role. According to the sources, Angelina Jolie net worth is around $120 million.

Angelina Jolie: Early life

Image Credits: Pinterest

Angelina Jolie is a summer child who was born in June 1975. Acting is in her blood as she belongs to a family of actors. Angelina is the only girl child of Jonathan Vincent Voight and Marcia Lynee “Marcheline” Bertrand. Moreover, Angelina’s older brother is James Haven, and her uncles are Barry Voight and Chip Taylor. 

Moreover, Angelina is a catholic and belongs to German and Slovak descent. When Angelina was growing up, her parents got separated in 1976. Marcheline Bertrand got custody of her children. Therefore, she quit her acting career to properly take care of her children. 

Probably, she got the inspiration to become an actress from her parents. Seeing her movies is proof that acting is a part of her soul. Moreover, Angelina’s mother moved in with Bill Day after the divorce. She started spending time on sets with him which made her compassionate about filmmaking and direction.

Also, she appeared in a film with her father when she was seven.

Along with her mother, Angelina moved with his stepfather to New york. This is where she spent the significant years of her life. After five years, when they returned to Los Angeles, Angelina decided to learn acting. Angelina always wanted to become an actress. She joined Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and trained for two years. Also, she appeared in several stages shows too. 

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Did you know Angelina Jolie was the victim of bullying during her high school years?

Can you believe that Angelina Jolie suffered from bullying during her teens? She looks so confident and bold in front of the camera. However, she was not always like that. When she joined Beverly Hills high school, she was a shy girl wearing glasses and braces. She used to study with children from elite families. However, her mother had a modest income. Due to this, she was often teased for her nerd personality and dressing. She fell into trauma and developed an inferiority complex. Therefore, she switched schools and attended Moreno High School. Her period in Moreno high school changed her from head to toe. She became a bold, confident, and tomboy kind of girl. During her teens, Angelina was a punk who was obsessed with tattoos.

Angelina Jolie rented an apartment at the age of 16. She was a disturbed child with drug problems and an eating disorder. According to Jolie, she has tried every drug, possibly by 20. 

Because of her dysfunctional relationship, Angelina attempted suicide twice. However, things got better when she adopted her first child at 26.

Image Credits: Vogue

Angelina Jolie: Personal Life and relationships:

Apart from Angelina Jolie Net worth, there is much more about her. Angeline Jolie was in a serious relationship when she was 14. Moreover, she even moved in with her boyfriend on the same roof as her mother. However, she broke up at the age of 16 and started concentrating on her acting career. 

Moreover, the separation was devastating for her, and she did not date anyone for several years. Finally, she started dating one of her fellow actors in 1995. She did a movie named ‘hackers’ where she met Jonathan Lee Miller and got married soon after one year of dating. However, the marriage lasted for a year, and soon got separated. Finally, Angelina took a divorce from Johnny in 1999 legally. 

You may not know this, but Angelina is a bisexual. She has been very open about her sexuality. Angelina was in a relationship with Jenny Shimizu in 1996 when she was with Jonny. 

Moreover, Angelina remarried to Billy Bob Thornton in 2000. The marriage took place secretly after two months of dating. People could only talk about their sudden marriage during these years. However, the marriage was unsuccessful, and they separated after three months.

We all know about Brangelina. The fans coined this title when Angelina and Brad Pitt started dating in 2005. Also, some people blame her for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s separation in 2005. It became international news back at that time. However, their dating rumors were confirmed when the couple gave the news of their first child in 2006. The couple tied the knot in 2014 in France. It was the most awaited marriage of all time. However, the couple decided to part ways after two years of their marriage. 

The couple has six children. Three of them are their biological children. 

Conclusion: Angelina Jolie Net Worth

Today, we discussed the most beautiful and most influential celebrity of all time, Angelin Jolie. We got to know Angelina Jolie’s net worth and her personal life too. I hope you find the article worth reading. Thank you and take care 

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