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Top 3 Advantages Of Incorporating Videos As Part Of Your Recruitment Process



Advantages Of Incorporating Videos

With the development of technology nowadays, your work pressure on the recruitment process becomes a little lighter. In the past, if you wanted to get new applicants, you needed to put your job’s advertisement in the newspaper. But now comes advantages of incorporating videos in action. In this blog, you will know Top 3 Advantages Of Incorporating Videos As Part Of Your Recruitment Process.

However, in the modern days like now, you can advertise it on your company’s website, job vacancies applications, or social media. These ways are helpful to get new applicants in quick time and make your company stay relevant with the current trends.

Unfortunately, many companies also apply the same way as you do. To tackle this thing, creativity is the key. That means you need to make your job’s advertisement look different from other companies but still adequate to attract many applicants. That is, of course, no small feat. 

You can try to make recruitment videos as part of your recruitment process. This way is very suitable as nowadays people go to social media platforms just to enjoy different videos. With 1 billion hours of video being watched each day on YouTube alone, it clearly shows how powerful video is to expand your reach and attract more applicants.

 Starbucks, Intel, and Google, are some big companies that have proven the power of videos for their recruitment process. This fact should motivate you to start making videos for your recruitment process. Video offers many benefits that also will be helpful for your company’s sustainability in the future. The Top 3 Advantages Of Incorporating Videos As Part Of Your Recruitment Process are-:

#1. Attract More Applicants

Do you know that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic? It should come as no surprise that many companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Incorporating videos as part of your recruitment process can also be helpful for you to attract more applicants. For achieving this goal, you need to be creative in video production. That means you should make and publish videos that are different than other companies have

Make your videos look eye-catching by using some types of animation like motion graphics or white animation, and make it with free animation apps available on the internet. If you have enough budget, you can make your videos better by hiring a professional animator or graphic designer. 

 In other ways, you can also use attractive colors to catch the emotions of your new applicants that slowly attract them to apply for the jobs. These ways are also helpful to create a fun, enjoyable, but still communicative way for your new applicants to get information about the assignments.

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If you can use this method effectively, your chance to be more recognized is getting bigger, affecting the number of m applicants that will apply for jobs in your company.

#2. Show Your Company Culture and Values

There’s no better way to show your company culture and values than through videos. If you incorporate videos for the recruitment process, you can show what kind of company and people you are. The promotion can be used as additional information to spark your target applicant’s interest in your company. 

You can start by showing them the company’s history, vision, mission, and leader briefly. Make it with a subtitle and narrator and help your target applicants understand your video messages easily.

You can also show your company culture, achievements, and other attractive sides to make your target applicants more attracted to apply for jobs on your company,

Then, you can explain the jobs that you advertise, including benefits your target applicants will get if they decide to apply for jobs in your company. Add some other information to make your target applicants understand the jobs and the requirements. 

To get more applicants in your recruitment process, being honest is a must. Trust isn’t easy, so make sure to stay natural when promoting your company. Your honesty will ensure your target applicants that your company is a trusted company that encourages them to apply for the jobs immediately.  

That said, you need to remember not to brag too much about your company. Being excessive will disturb your target applicants watching your recruitment videos, making them cancel to apply for jobs in your company. It can make the video like a high-selling advertisement. 

But, if you can handle this accurately, your recruitment videos can be your way to look more “visible.” By being visible, you make your company look different from other competitors and stay on track with the competition. 

#3. Save Your Cost And Time

Even though videos are beneficial for the company’s sustainability in the future, 37% of marketers still think that videos are too expensive to make.

They also believe that video production will take too much time. These facts are no longer valid. Instead, this method can adjust with the budget the company has.

If you want to make videos on a small budget, you can apply in many affordable ways. For example, if you don’t have the budget to buy or rent a camera, you can still record it using a phone that has a high-quality camera on it.


In another case, you can make animation videos like motion graphic videos using free animation apps on the internet. This way is also helpful to shorten your time on making videos.

Not only that, but animation videos are also helpful for shortening your applicants’ time. This method can also bring new experience to your target applicants on learning about the jobs and the company.  

Most of the time, many applicants decide not to continue applying for jobs to avoid the complexity of the process. Using recruitment videos, you can simplify all the complicated information, assuring them that your recruitment process is all effortless.

#4. Highly-Shareable

Recruitment videos are versatile and shareable. It only takes a few clicks for it to be spread all over the internet.  You can put the video on your “Career” page, social media profiles like LinkedIn, even job search sites– such as Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and more.

All those bulky paragraphs of the job description you put online might be overwhelming to read for some applicants. Recruitment videos will help them understand the process and all the things they need to prepare to apply.

So, by adding a recruitment video on those platforms, your potential applicants no longer have to spend hours reading all the bulky, text-heavy requirements. Also, they can easily share the video with a person that might also be interested in the job position you offer. In other words, it will help you reach out to more potential applicants on different platforms.


During competition with other companies, finding suitable, best-performing applicants for your company is only getting harder. That’s why you need to apply some effective strategy to attract your target applicants to apply for jobs in your company.

For this case, video is an incredible tool to attract more potential applicants. Remember that the more applicants you attract, the higher chances you have to find the best talent– which is a key to keep your company’s sustainability in the future. 

However, there are some things you should pay attention to in video production. Make sure to highlight questions, including CTA (Call-to-Action), and keep the videos short but still fun and enjoyable to watch. 

Being attentive to these details in reading advantages of incorporating videos is helpful to make better videos and get maximum results after sharing them. This action is also beneficial to prevent any mistakes on videos that can make your efforts go in vain. 

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