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Top 5 best smart fitness trackers for health in 2021



fitness trackers for health

Smart wearables are getting popular these days. Especially the fitness tracker smartwatches. In the 21st century, when people are more aware of fitness,  fitness tracker smartwatches are have started to take a core part of people’s life. Best Smart Fitness trackers for health are a kind of smartwatches that have sensors to track down every physical activity of your body. They can read your body temperatures, pulse rate, sleep time, and many other features that directly help you to keep track of your health.

Some of the best Smart Fitness trackers for health come with embedded GPS technology that can even track your jogging distances. With a complex form of calculation, can show how much calories you have burned. There are some other fitness trackers as well that even have a feature to keep track of the menstrual cycle.

With all the Fitness trackers for health, you get some standard features that need to be on your wrist. Features like telling you the time, date, days, month and alarm.

Fitness tracker are just a smart wearable that can help you track you daily fitness. But does it really have a positive impact in your life? Let find out.

How fitness trackers are beneficial?

Fitness trackers comes with a full set of tracking features that has the capability to tack down every possible body movement that can help you with your daily fitness routine.

Here are the befits that can accrue from a Smart Fitness trackers for health


Making plans to keep yourself fit is easy, but to actually have any idea to keep yourself fit is a different matter altogether. The fitness tracker comes with an inbuilt third-party application that can help you with all the activities. These applications can guide you to do different kinds of exercises for a full body work out.

  •         Daily motivation

Maintain fitness all comes down to the motivation level. The fitness tracker really helps you to motivate you with all the visible results. For instance, you can see how much calories you have burnt while jogging will really help you to motivate to do the same thing the next day.

  •         Let you know how much junk you are eating

Being active with all the exercises is not the only activity you can do to keep yourself healthy. Eating healthy is also part of being healthy. A good fitness tracker can actually tell you how many calories you have consumed. This really helps you to get the idea of hum much junk food you are eating.

  •         Tracks your sleep
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The quality of your sleep also matters when you are in a fitness routine. Today, you will find that many fitness trackers come with sleep tracking that track your sleep posture to show you how much good sleep you had the last night.

  •         Monitors hearth rate

The last thing that a fitness tracker do is to monitor your heart rate 24×7. The sensors are closer to your pulse and detect every change your pulse makes. That means it can even tell you about the blood pressure.

Top Fitness tracker in 2021

When it comes down to the fitness tracker, you might get confused by the sheer diversity this industry has to offer. The price can be as low as a couple of bucks and can go as high as thousands of dollars.

In this section, I will showcase some of the best waterproof fitness trackers that will feel like tailor made for you.

  •         Samsung gear fit 2 Pro

Following the trend of the smart wearables, tech giant Samsung also step into the smart wearable industry. Samsung was not able to bring something new to the market, but the quality of the product they have is something people like.

The gear fit 2 has an AMOLED display that look fantastic on your wrist. It is super clean and stylish that you can wear it anywhere you want. Coming to its feature, then you will not find any exclusive feature restricted to Samsung smart wearable. On the contrary, all the features will feel the same as any other fitness tracker.

  •         Mi band 4

Mi band are the original fitness trackers that have uplifted the concept of having a high-quality fitness tracker on your wrist. They were the first ones to encourage this trend. Like the most Xiaomi products, MI band 4 offer great value for the money features. And the band 4 have carried their legacy further.

It has a color display that itself is quite intriguing. You can have the features that this whole list of fitness tracker has to offer. And the best part is that you can connect this fitness tracker with any OS based smartphone.

  •         Honor band 5
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Honor band 5 falls under the mid-range category and cater to some of the premium features as well. it has several features that make this fitness tracker unique from the rest of the fitness trackers.

Honor band 5 has the ability to recognize swim strokes, and have features that track your sleep posture to tell you about your best sleep time. Apart from these notable features, you get all the standard features that you can expect from any fitness trackers in the industry.

  •         Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip might look like a smartwatch rather than a fitness tracker. However, it has its own software that caters you with all the fitness tracking features. This is reason why I decided to keep this amazing smartwatch/ fitness tracker in the list.

The design of the Amazfit is inspired by apple smartwatches. It has every possible feature that you can expect from a fitness tracker. On the plus note, you also get smartwatch features that just add cherry on the cake.

  •         Fitbit charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the best fitness trackers that you can buy in a tight budget. It is the successor of the Fitbit charge 3 and has improved its predecessor in many ways. It feels quite comfortable while you are doing your daily routine exercises.

It has improved in its screen size, now you can see a whole world in it (just kidding). The screen size has improved. Now you can see every detail related to your fitness. It will feel like you are using a mini smartphone where all the useful information is popping up on the screen.

It has now GPS that add ups new feature to the smartfitness tracker for health. The best part is that it cost less but has something extra to offer.


A smart fitness trackers has become an inseparable part of life. Every day new technologies are being integrated into the smart wearables to make it more efficient and convenient. I hope that the next time I come with smart wearable articles; I will have some news to show you.

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