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Weisman Wants to Team with Jordan Peele for Live-Action Gargoyles



Weisman Wants to Team with Jordan Peele for Live-Action Gargoyles

Gargoyles co-creator Greg Weisman had a few things to say about Jordan Peele and the potential for a live-action remake of the ’90s cartoon.

Gargoyles co-creator Greg Weisman has admitted he’d love to make a live-action movie of the ’90s cartoon, with Jordan Peele directing.

With Gargoyles now streaming on Disney+, there’s been a renewed interest in the cartoon about a clan of medieval gargoyles waking up in a futuristic version of New York City. Previous reports claimed Peele pitched a Gargoyles movie to Disney, but now, Weisman wants to get in on the action.

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In a lengthy interview with Polygon, Weisman discussed all things Gargoyles and whether he’d spoken to Peele about the idea. “I think it’s accurate that he was interested, but I can’t speak to how far those conversations went,” said Weisman. He explained that apart from a brief conversation on Twitter, the two haven’t discussed a Gargoyles movie. “My understanding — not inside information, just my understanding — is that he expressed an interest in the property. And Disney didn’t say no,” continued Weisman. “But by not saying yes, that answers the question. You know, they didn’t want to say no to Jordan Peele, but they also didn’t want to say yes to Gargoyles. So it just didn’t go anywhere.”

Weisman reiterated he’d be happy to pick the idea up again and work with Peele. “I’d like to think — I don’t know this, I want to make that clear — that he’d still be interested in doing something with it if a new opportunity arose.”

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“I can’t say for sure if that’s true, I have no idea. But I would hope so. I’m a huge fan of his. Should he read this article, I would love to work with him. But I don’t know how realistic that is.” These comments give some hope to the idea, and put the ball in Peele’s court on whether he’d want to revisit his pitch for a Gargoyles movie.

Although Gargoyles only ran for three seasons and 78 episodes, its first season and supersized second have developed a cult following over the years. The third was less popular and only included Weisman’s writing credit on the premiere. Still, Gargoyles has lived on in various comic book continuations and tie-in material, while Weisman originally had plans for a number of spinoffs to create his own expanded universe. Given the show’s popularity on Disney+, there’s been a lot of talk about more from the Gargoyles world

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This isn’t the first time a Gargoyles movie has been discussed. In 2010, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner wanted to use the success of Pirates of the Caribbean to kick-start a Gargoyles franchise. Disney’s modern slate of shows and movies includes a number of live-action adaptations, including the Disney+ exclusive Lady and the Tramp, and a recently announced live-action Atlantis. With a new generation invested in Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, and co., now could be the perfect time for Gargoyles to spread its wings all over again.

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