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Why one would prefer to wear the turquoise jewelry



the turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is considered to be one of the most stunning gemstones, as many re-owned faces wear it. People believe that they have reached the heights of success because they have a turquoise stone with them. In addition, people are crazy about its healing energies. Moreover, it is one of the oldest gemstones to be mined and is officially named as color even. So let us dig in and know more about this gemstone.

Brief of Turquoise

The opaque gemstone ranges from light to dark blue or bluish-green to the most pleasing intense blue color. It has a connection with the planet Jupiter and is the star sign for the ones born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

The rare and unique gemstone renders the impact through its definite color, providing the wisdom of both earth and sky. It brings success and prosperity when worn in the form of a ring or pendant, or bracelet on a regular basis. It is a porous gemstone with a reddish matrix on the surface, rating six on the Mohs scale. The popularity of this gemstone has spanned all over the globe. It has many healing advantages, which is a must-known fact to be learned before wearing them.

Healing properties of Turquoise

Turquoise renders its impact in making the person a better version of themself, and it enhances the activeness by offering the strength and regenerating the thoughts and behavior which gets reflected into the actions. The sterling silver turquoise jewelry is an exceptional pick, as it is a purification stone, which dispels negativity, inviting positive vibes into life.

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This gemstone enhances the immune system, stimulating tissue regeneration, alleviating the cramps, and clearing the sore throats. Moreover, it has a connection with the Throat chakra, which helps in enriching the communication skills, giving them the confidence to speak clearly from the heart.

The turquoise ring can be gifted to the ones who are born in the month of December, as it is their birthstone, providing them with some special benefits. It will show its magical energy and bless them in whatever work they will do.

Where is the turquoise stone come from?

The turquoise stone comes in more than 30 varieties, out of which the Tibetan turquoise comes from Tibet and is one of the most desirable gemstones. Other than this, the copper and oyster Turquoise are the most demanding gemstone that comes from Iran, the USA, and Brazil.

Techniques for buying the real Turquoise

You have to be careful while buying the real Turquoise, as modern technology has invented the chemical formula to create a similar-looking product like Turquoise stone. Check the saturation of the stone, it should be blue from inside and outside, and if there is another color, then it might be possible to be it a fake.

Another technique that can help you find the authenticity of the turquoise stone is to wipe the stone with some nail paint and cotton bud. If the cotton bud becomes blue and the stone color changes, turning to the lighter shade, then it is not the original turquoise stone.

Pick any stone which rates around 4 or 5 on the Mohs scale and then scratches it over the Turquoise. If it is scratched easily and damaged, it is probably a fake turquoise. Because it rates six on the Mohs scale hardness, it should not be crossed with stones that rank less than it.

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Moreover, the people can create the same appearance as the stone, but they can never put in the power and energies in the stone. So, one should feel some different points while holding it for the first time.

Caring tips for Turquoise jewelry

Take off the turquoise gemstone while doing household chores or something related to harsh chemicals, which could change the color of the gemstone. Always clean the gemstone with water and sometimes with mild soap, and remember to dry it immediately. Moreover, wear it in the last after getting ready, keeping it away from the cosmetic items, perfumes, make-up, and creams, lotions.

Where to buy it from?

Buy the wholesale Turquoise jewelry from Rananjay Exports, as it is one of the most authentic places to trust and buy gemstone jewelry online. It is a Jaipur-based company that manufacturers more than 150 different varieties of gemstones into sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold metal.

We know that it is hard to trust anyone in the time of fake and fraud, but we assure you that every product will be authentic and lab-certified. You can trust this company, as they have established their goodwill in the market since the time of its establishment. Their products reach the whole world, and even they provide free shipping for all the orders.

So, check out the website and order your selected products today.

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