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Affordable Fitness Equipment: FitStrengthCo Review




I’m a fitness freak and always ready to hit the gym, but sometimes I don’t feel like going out, so I keep my workout routine from home as much as possible. A few months back, when the idea of a home gym was still abstract to me, I came around the term home total gym fit accessories. These are the equipment best for people who don’t want to leave their homes to achieve their body goals. 

My need and search led me to an online store, “FitStrengthCo.” I searched for total gym accessories that can also be used at home. At FitStrengthCo, they have everything you need to help you reach your fitness goals. 

I have been to many online stores before, and after my experience with this store, I decided to publish a review to help others like me find affordable, portable, and premium products. I will cover everything that I have experienced in shopping at this store. So, let’s get you started! 

The Products

The first thing I do when shopping online is visit a website and then dive into the product list to check what they have for me.

At this parameter, FitStrengthCo doesn’t disappoint me in any way. They have a decent variety of total gym fit accessories. Yes, they might fall behind established home workout equipment shops, but they just started in 2020, so it’s justified. 

Here, you can find every type of workout equipment to help you target a specific body part and engage in a full-body workout. Their range of products includes products like: 

  • Total gym tricep rope,
  • Full Body Roller Trainer,
  • Pushup upper body board,
  • Boxing reflex speed punch ball,
  • Pull-up resistance bands and so forth.
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That’s not all! I found FitStrengthCo a one-stop destination for gym wearable and aftercare equipment too. My first purchase from them was the pull-up resistance bands, and their quality turned out to be the finest. So, I decided to go for another purchase, but this time I went for their massage gun, and I can’t tell you how happy I was. 

First, It was affordable, and second, its quality was on point. I’ve been using self-massage tools for years, and it is my best purchase. I have used the Mebak 3 Massage Gun before, but on it, I spent almost $99, while at the same time, I got the same features and even better quality with FitStrength’s massage gun for just $70. If needed in the future, I will go for it again. Further in the gym wearable category, they also offer compression clothes, leggings, and other gym clothing, if you like to check! 

The Prices

Here comes my favorite part, the cost. I’m an online shopper and buy things from physical stores. After so much online shopping, I discovered that high prices don’t guarantee high quality, and low price sometimes means low quality. FitStrengthCo has justified this statement for their  total gym fit accessories.

They offer competitive prices on all categories no matter where you shop. Most of their prices are under $100, equal to your one-time gym fee. By the way How much have you spent till now every month on your gym visits? Hmm!

I found it worth owning gym equipment myself rather than paying to spend just an hour on 4 walls. Now, I can do my workouts anytime from anywhere, so mostly I don’t prefer to go to the gym. 

The Quality

Quality is the priority for many users, and I’m one of them. I have never compromised it! I focus on checking on it in the first place. Unsurprisingly, I found it excellent with FitStrengthCo. The products I have used, like the massage gun, full body rope, and body trainer, are some of the finest total gym fit accessories I have ever owned. I have been using them for months, but the continuous use has shown no wear and tear to this day. 

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The Policies

When discussing a store, we must mention its policies. Strict policies don’t work with new clients, and FitStrength, our total gym accessories store, has nailed it. They have three main policies: return, refund, and information collection policy. I applaud them for having one of the most customer-friendly policies. 

Their shipping policies include 10 to 25 business days for delivery to the U.S. address, and international shipping might take a bit longer than expected. 

If you think the wait is too long, remember it’s always worth the wait for quality products. Along with the return policy, you also have the refund policy, which gives you 14 days to rerun the damaged to the defective product so you can shop confidently. 

According to the privacy policy, they will only collect the data required for the purchase of their home gym equipment, which is obvious. They will gather no extra information, so your device and you stay secure from any cyber theft!

Wrapping Up! 

FitStrengthCo has earned my enthusiastic and honest review of its total gym accessories. Overall, they offer competitive prices, prime quality, and a range of home gym equipment to try, which is worth your attention as a gym freak. I hope you have liked my review. Thanks for reading! 

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