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Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Self Catering in Scotland



Luxury Self Catering

Where you choose to stay for your holiday or trip can impact your entire experience. We believe a Luxury Self Catering holiday home can be the most ideal accommodation option especially if you are traveling in groups. 

You get to completely relax and enjoy your holiday in peace. Still, you have to create a balance between your budget and preferences. 

That said, here are some of the benefits of choosing Best Scottish Cottages for your holiday.

  • Freedom in Luxury Self Catering 

Vacations are all about relaxation and freedom. By choosing to stay in a holiday home, you get to do whatever you want at your time. 

You can travel to any destination and return to your cottage without being confined to any set time restrictions. 

Likewise, you can choose to have your breakfast early in the morning or later in the day. If you want to take a nap during the day and watch a movie all night, you can.

  • Value for money

Self-catering accommodation is also very cost-effective. The fact that you can shop and prepare your meals reduces the costs significantly. The best part is, water and electricity supply is offered at no extra cost. 

You only pay for accommodation fees and that’s it. Plus, most of these lodges have enough rooms under one roof so you don’t have to pay extra if you are traveling as a group as you would in a hotel.

  • A home from home

The best part of choosing a self-catering holiday is that you can still enjoy the fantastic experiences of a holiday without giving up your home comfort. 

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If you are used to cooking a certain meal on Mondays, you have the freedom to continue with your tradition away from home. 

Most of these rentals have Wi-Fi, TV, and other homely amenities that your family can enjoy throughout their stay. These facilities will also not affect your sleep cycle. Read more here 

  • Space

When compared to hotel rooms, these holiday homes are usually more spacious. Most cottages have separate bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, living room, and bathrooms enough to accommodate your entire family. 

Unlike hotel rooms you do not have to spend every moment with them. The parents can have one bedroom and the kids can share the rest. They also come with closets and cabinets where you can place your gears.

  • Flexibility

The facility allows you to cook, do the laundry things you cannot do in a hotel. This freedom comes with a lot of flexibility and independence. 

The fact that they are also equipped with all the necessary appliances also makes the stay very favorable. In fact, you can bake a cake in the middle of the night, warm leftovers in the microwave, or wash clothes after a hike with the washing machine.

  • Pet-friendly

Pet lovers also have something to smile about. You no longer have to leave your pet behind or hire a pet sitter since pets are allowed. 

A self-catering accommodation recognizes those in need of a therapy pet or an assistance dog. Some of them even provide beds and food bowls for your pet. The facilities also harbor plenty of playgrounds with long walks for any pet. 

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However, it is important to keep your pet off the bedrooms and furniture to ensure that no properties are damaged.


  • Privacy

If privacy is what you are after, then you should consider a Luxury Self Catering home. There are no room services or walk-ins to disrupt your moments compared to a hotel room. 

You can choose a cottage far away from the city and enjoy some of us time with your family. You can also choose one with a spacious garden so you can enjoy family barbecues undisrupted. Click here to read more.


A self-catering vacation is worth your time and money. Whether you choose to stay in a villa, apartment, or a house, you are most likely to make the most of your weekend break. The experience is closely similar to that of your home since you have the freedom to do most things including preparing your family’s favorite meals. Your pet also gets to tag along without any restrictions. If you are planning a vacation, now is your opportunity to consider a self-catering holiday arrangement.



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