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First Date Tips for Consistently Successful Rendezvous



Winning on every first date should not be a competition or something to tally. However, as you seek to make friends, and perhaps make friends with benefits or long-term partners, winning becomes important. These wins help you secure more dates moving forward while upping one’s confidence.

When first dates are becoming more common there is a need for strategies. These strategies require finesse too as not all women or men you meet will be the same. First dates can be overwhelming hence the insistence that you practice the tips herein to secure more dates.

Meeting Online: First Date

Having met someone online you are ready for the first live date. This might take place online, hence another reason to be careful. Being an online rendezvous doesn’t make it easier. A guy who recently chatted with a lady on needs to clean up before streaming. It means the first meetup should be carried out in a clean room, with an ambiance showing extra effort. All dates need to exude effort and a need to be there. While first dates online are simpler, offline dating is slightly different.

1. Impressions

Looking dapper takes little effort. Impressing a lady with your clad is something few men are good at. This is not debatable, because most meetups center on men wearing sandals, shorts, or super casual attire on dates. Their justification is they need to be comfortable. However, this is where the irony begins. Women will don the best attire and hairstyles they can afford, or have time for. Men unknowingly grab the first thing they can find.

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First impressions can land you subsequent flings with little effort. They can also land you more first dates because a crush may have seen your attire elsewhere. If a lady you are crushing on sees you multiple times, dressed well, she might be more inclined to accept the first date offer. It is also fun for the gentleman because the first rendezvous will not involve attire or practices that are new.

2. Conversations

The first meeting is on and you have butterflies in your tummy. This is common for both genders. However, conversations need to steer in one direction only. This direction should be one of subtlety, calmness, and little or no fanaticism. Focus on her likes, perhaps her goals or greatest achievements. These topics keep the atmosphere clean, with no insistence on subscribing to anything. It means first meetups go downhill incredibly quickly when religion and politics come up.

If you are a radical Muslim, that is your business. A republican with fewer good things to say about democrats should leave these talks for online ranting. Avoid talking about you. For instance, successful men should avoid revealing their achievements. Focus instead on her aspirations, dislikes, and relationships with family. Conversations can go uphill quickly if you push the right buttons. The first encounter could open doors to other dates faster if you focus on her needs.

3. Hotspots

Avoid hotspots like bars, dingy clubs, and establishments with rowdy revelers. Select a space with private rooms, or cubicles. These booths make for better intimate conversations and there is an added advantage. When it comes to maintaining eye contact these booths work wonders. The first date will undoubtedly be successful. Additionally, booths help keep riff-raff away. They can also deter exes and other men with a crush on the same lady.

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Bottom Line

Securing the first meetup may be easier with readily available internet. Online dating is also deemed less stressful. Nevertheless, first dates require finesse to ensure things don’t go downhill. First impressions matter whether you are engaged in online dating or meeting at a restaurant. Keep these in mind as you prepare for your next rendezvous. 


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