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Gates of Olympus – Unlimited Bonus Opportunities and Big Prizes



The Gates of Olympus slot has become a real hit among online casino fans. Since its introduction, it has won the hearts of players from all over the world with its gorgeous design and breathtaking gameplay. Every spin is filled with excitement and unpredictable moments. One of the main advantages of this slot machine is the chance to win big prizes. Thanks to the high payout percentage and high volatility, every spin can bring unexpected and significant wins. In addition, bonus features such as free spins and multipliers offer unique opportunities to increase your winnings many times over.

About the creator

Pragmatic Play is a leading gaming software developer that has long established itself as one of the most innovative and successful participants in the gaming entertainment industry. It offers unique and high quality simulators that have won the hearts of gamblers around the world. The company adheres to high standards and principles to provide its users with an unforgettable and flawless experience.

Gates of Olympus login is a vivid proof of the studio’s creative and professional approach. They skillfully combine exciting gameplay, stunning graphics and impressive bonus features. The team pays special attention to innovation and constantly improves their products. They are not afraid to take risks and try new ideas, which brings freshness and originality.

Pragmatic Play actively uses advanced technologies in the development of its products. One of the most important technologies is HTML5. This programming language enables the creation of high-quality and adaptive games that can be easily launched on different devices. In addition, the operator actively uses random number generator technologies, which ensures the honesty and reliability of its entertainment.

Basic rules of slot Gates of Olympus 

The basic rules of Gates of Olympus demo are extremely simple and easy to understand for any player. Even beginners can easily master the game thanks to its intuitive gameplay. The game contains various symbols, including both ordinary and special ones. Regular symbols bring small winnings, while special symbols allow you to get more cash prizes. The payout table will help you quickly navigate which symbols bring the biggest winnings depending on their combinations.

One of the interesting aspects of the Gates of Olympus is the presence of four multiplier symbols known as “Gifts of Zeus”. They come in the form of multicolored balls and can appear on all reels during both spins and free spins. Each multiplier symbol has a random value, ranging from 2x to 500x, and after completing a series of spins, their values are added together to increase the total winnings to impressive values. The game also offers an Avalanche feature that allows symbols to fall from the top after each winning combination. Winning combinations disappear to make way for new ones, which contribute to the formation of additional prizes. Participants can choose the multiplier of their bet, which allows them to influence the course of the game. These values range from 25x. Users can also buy free spins to avoid waiting for their activation in the main game.

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Symbols and their values

Symbols in the Gates of Olympus slot are represented by a variety of colorful elements, each with its own unique value and effect on winning combinations:

  • Golden Crown: 12-30 symbols – 100 coins, 10-11 – 50 coins, 8-9 – 20 coins;
  • Watch: 12-30 symbols – 50 coins, 10-11 – 20, 8-9 – 5;
  • Ring: 12-30 symbols – 30 coins, 10-11 – 10, 8-9 – 4;
  • Bowl: 12-30 characters – 24 coins, 10-11- 4, 8-9- 3;
  • Red Gem: 12-30 characters -20 coins, 10-11- 3, 8-9- 2;
  • Purple Gem: 12-30 characters – 16 coins, 10-11- 2.4, 8-9- 1.6;
  • Yellow gem: 12-30 characters – 10 coins, 10-11- 2, 8-9- 1;
  • Green gem: 12-30 symbols – 8 coins, 10-11- 1.8, 8-9- 0.8;
  • Blue gem: 12-30 symbols – 4 coins, 10-11- 1.5, 8-9- 0.5.

The slot machine offers many opportunities to make profitable combinations, which makes the game dynamic and unpredictable.


The Gates of Olympus login offers the opportunity to get Freespins. These can significantly increase your chances of winning without placing additional bets. To activate the bonus round, the player must collect four scatter symbols on the screen during the main game. Such a combination is rewarded with 15 free spins. During the bonus game, Zeus can show his generosity by sending various multipliers to the screen. These can be quite generous, starting at x2 and going up to an impressive x500. If several of these symbols appear on the screen at the same time, their coefficients are added together. In addition, the participant has an amazing opportunity to get additional freespins when additional Zeus symbols fall out.

In entertainment, users have the opportunity to get instant access to a round of 15 free spins thanks to the bonus buy-in feature. This is great for those who want to maximize their chances of a big win and try their luck in an exciting bonus round. This option allows you to avoid waiting for the scatter to fall out during normal play. Getting the spins costs 100 times the current bet. It should be noted, however, that if the Ante Bet feature is enabled, such a purchase will not be available until it is deactivated.

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Volatility and return to player

When it comes to volatility, the slot Gates of Olympus has a high rate. High volatility means that the game offers rare wins and allows participants to enjoy a combination of big prizes. The simulator pleases players with a high RTP of 96.5%. This means that for every $100 invested, a player can expect to make approximately $96.5 in the long run. The high RTP makes this slot very attractive in terms of long-term odds and an exciting gaming session.

How to start spinning in Gates of Olympus demo

To start spinning in Gates of Olympus, the player must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register with the site that provides access to this machine. There are many options and the user must choose a reliable and trustworthy gaming club.
  2. After registration, you should start the game and decide on the desired bet. The simulator allows you to choose the bet size in a wide range: from a minimum of 0.2 coins to a maximum of 125 coins.
  3. To start spinning the reels, just press the “Start” button or use the “Space” key on the keyboard.
  4. There is also a “Fast Spins” function available to speed up the game. By activating this function, the reels will spin faster and the results will be known immediately.

In addition, if the player is tired of pressing the button after each spin, you can use the “Autoplay” function. Just select the number of automatic spins and the amount to bet.

Gates of Olympus Slot presents an exciting and overwhelming gaming adventure. Its unique features, gorgeous graphics and stunning gameplay will keep players’ attention throughout the game. The ability to purchase bonus spins adds to the excitement and opens the door to exciting winnings. The machine gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient Greek gods, where the mighty Zeus presents his gifts and each spin can bring riches. This is not just a slot machine, it is a fascinating journey into the world of excitement and thrilling emotions. You should play the game to feel the power of Olympus, feel the magic of ancient symbols and immerse yourself in an endless sea of possibilities.

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