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How Can I Shop Smart and Save Money?



Discover How You Can Shop Smart and Save Cash!

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average expenditures for all consumer units in 2022 were $72,967, a 9% increase from 2021. In laymen’s terms, that means that the average consumer spent around 70 grand in 2022. That includes housing, transportation, healthcare, food, etc. While that sounds like a promising number, things may have dwindled with the rise of inflation and other economic factors. Nowadays, people are out to spend less and save more since the costs of things like food and gas are very high right now! If you’re an average consumer in today’s economy, you may wonder, “How can I shop smart and save money?” After all, you still want to buy essential items but not lose money simultaneously. So, what could you do in this predicament?

Fortunately, various tips and tricks are available to help you save money while shopping for groceries and other important items. Just ensure you find a strategy that works for you and implement it in your spending habits! Take a look at three different ways you can shop smart and save money in 2023:

Use a Budgeting App to Help You Save Money

Keeping close tabs on your earnings and essentials is essential in helping you shop smart. If you create a budget, you can manage your cash flow and save money for immediate costs, such as medical bills, rent, and other important expenditures. Thankfully, with a smartphone budgeting app, you can track your spending and plan your shopping sprees accordingly! You just have to compare and contrast the options available and choose the one that’s right for you.

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If you’re inexperienced with budgeting apps, you may wonder which ones are the best tools to help you save money. The answer depends on your preferences, but there are three popular apps that many consumers use for budgeting: You Need a Budget (YNAB), Mint, and PocketGuard. While each app has different features, they all work to help you shop smart and save money. For example, YNAB is an app that can help you plan for every dollar you earn and know where to spend your money. Not only can YNAB teach you how to set up a budget, but you can use the app to make adjustments when unexpected expenses arise. On the other hand, PocketGuard is an app that can let you connect your financial accounts and see what you have left to spend after setting your money aside for your financial goals. Additionally, you can set savings goals through PocketGuard and remove contributions to help you achieve them.

As you can see, each app has its unique way to help you shop smart and save money. However, you don’t have to stick with one app; you can choose multiple apps and use them to help you become an economical shopper. Call a financial advisor today for further guidance on budgeting apps.

Shop Smart By Buying Store-Brand Products

It’s tempting to purchase a product from a high-end brand when it looks sleek or has a reputable name. However, you may be overspending on a product that you could find at the same level of quality as the store’s version. While saving some dollars on a product may not seem like a big deal, you could save plenty of money when adding all your items. Additionally, some store-brand products are made in the same facilities as the popular brand-named items. That means you could purchase the same product with a smaller price tag if you opt for the store-brand version! 

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Wait Out on Products You Don’t Need Immediately

You can plan plenty of expenses when you know what products you will need in the future. For example, you know you’ll need new bike tires if you see the current ones are wearing out. If you’re hoping to watch a new movie, you can wait for the release day to purchase your tickets instead of buying them months beforehand. The strategy here is to save money by waiting for the right moment rather than buying impulsively. If you list future expenses and wait for the right moment, you could save plenty of money you could have otherwise lost if you spent it then and there. 

Conclusion – There are More Ways to Shop Smart and Save Money!

These are examples of the best ways to shop smart and save money. However, there are countless strategies to help you become a better shopper! If you want to study other options, search for information online or ask people for guidance on what to do. After you weigh your options, you can select the best idea to shop smart today!

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