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How Technology is Transforming the Housing Sector



Digital transformation is moving forward and changing the housing market in many ways. In this article, we’ll look at five ways that technology is changing the way people buy and sell homes.

1. Virtual Viewings

After COVID-19, it became hard to find homes for sale or rent, whether you wanted to buy or rent. With the development of virtual tours, real estate websites like Rightmove were able to meet the standards for social distance. Over 10,000 real estate agencies already use Rightmove’s online viewing feature, which is built into their property listings.

In the UK, affordable housing providers like Thames Valley Housing have started to use virtual reality. They are even making VR simulations of their future homes to market them before they are even finished being built. giving potential buyers a full view of the house from every angle

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2. Affordability Checks

Before making a decision, people want to know if they can afford to buy a house. The housing industry is working with the banking industry to make chatbots that check if a home is affordable. Thames Valley is a leader in this area. Customers can just go online and fill out a form with all of their information to find out right away if they can afford it.

Using a chatbot, customers can quickly find out if the house they’re interested in is in their price range. HR teams will save a lot of time because they won’t have to check each application individually.

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3. Repairs and Maintenance

In 2018, the level of customer satisfaction went down because of problems with housing and maintenance services. Residents can now use a simple digital gateway to ask for repairs, pay rent, and see what’s been going on with their accounts.

This was used by the company that made Workwise set a goal level of customer satisfaction. As a result, users of best real money online casinos and 65% of their customers were happy with their service.

4. Predictive Analytics

Because of these amazing technological advances, it is now easier than ever to report problems and get them fixed, but wouldn’t it be better if problems never happened? In this situation, predictive analytics is important because it uses data to find problems that might happen in the future.

Predictive analytics can tell you when something is about to break, like an elevator. To do this, it looks at maintenance records from the past that are linked to data from vendors. This method can be used to solve other common problems that renters have, and it is a useful tool for housing providers

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