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How To Help Friends Select Bachelorette Party Dresses



The bachelorette party is when the soon-to-be bride and closest friends gather for an evening or, maybe, a weekend of fun and excitement before the ceremony.

With the range of ways to celebrate, from an adventure on the beach, a night in the city, or an elegant dinner in a favorite restaurant, knowing what to wear is challenging for those attending and, in some cases, for the guest of honor. Find out what to wear to the bachelorette party at .

Regardless of the itinerary, the priority is to focus on an exciting, good time for the last few hours of being a singleton, honoring the transition from that moment to married life. As a rule, most brides will dress up for their bachelorette party to make themselves stand out as the guest of honor.

That usually means they will wear white with either a sash, crown, or another symbol designated to assign their position. What does that mean for the attendees of the soiree? Let’s look at a few hard and fast rules associated with bachelorette parties and how to avoid stepping out of line. That would include the awkward situation of wearing white to a bridal event.

What Should You Wear To A Bachelorette Party

As a rule, the maid of honor is responsible for planning the bachelorette party, with the bride typically surprised by the course of events. There’s enough revealed so everyone can shop at their favorite boutique, like The Mint Julep Boutique, to find appropriate party dresses for the planned activity.

And there are a few specific “dos and don’ts” when it comes to the attire you choose to avoid fashion mistakes on this special occasion. These include:

  1. Do understand that bachelorette parties are about fun and dressing up. That means accessorizing to emphasize your glamorous side. It’s a time to go all out.
  2. Don’t wear anything restrictive or uncomfortable. You want to be able to move freely and without your feet killing you by the middle of the evening. That means shoes you can move in and an outfit that allows breathing.
  3. Do ensure that you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you will be at the beach for the weekend, bring soft linens and cotton options that breathe, like rompers or sundresses. For a nightclub or bar, bring the sparkle with a short skirt or cocktail dress combined with high heels.
  4. Don’t come out showing too much. That appears more slutty than sexy. The objective is to flatter your positives and leave something to the imagination. Do enjoy wearing a sexy outfit, however. Allow yourself to feel gorgeous and confident.

Whether the host, as the maid of honor, or the bride, as the guest of honor, the priority is that the party be a fun-filled, exciting time among close friends with no pitfalls. Some things to consider before selecting a party dress to ensure you have a good time include the following:

·        Try the dress and shoes on to ensure optimum comfort

Boutiques offer the convenience of allowing customers to try clothing before leaving with specialists on hand who are willing to provide guidance and feedback while searching for the perfect piece. While you want an outfit that will allow you to let loose and show your sexiest side, it should also provide optimum comfort.

That will come from the ideal cut and fine material to suit your body and allows freedom with movements. If the party occurs during the day, you can opt for flowing instead of a fitted skirt or dress. If it’s summer and you will be on the beach, sandals or even flats are a good option over heels in the sand.

For a pool party, cute coverups look like dresses nowadays and can be the statement piece over a sexy bikini with wedges.

·        The priority with a bachelorette party is to maintain a decorum of class

With bachelorette parties, there are many ideas on appropriate etiquette. The priority is to keep your attire classy. That means avoiding anything that could construe as offensive. You want to avoid showing too much skin, steer clear of “too short” dresses or skirts, and don’t appear as though you’re trying too hard.

The idea is to appear stylish and select an outfit that makes you feel good in your skin, one that will let you enjoy an extended time out with good friends.

·        The guest of honor should be the only person wearing white

Not all brides-to-be wear white, but it’s relatively common that soon-to-be brides will do so throughout the different activities before the ceremony, including the bachelorette party. Sometimes, the bride will wear black to the party, and everyone else will wear a contrasting color like white.

It’s essential to ensure that you choose a vibrant color other than white (and it’s suggested that red also be a color to avoid). A good rule of thumb is to ask the host, or maid of honor, for suggestions or even perhaps go shopping together to have another opinion as you look.

The maid of honor is responsible for setting the party’s theme or tone and will be able to offer insight as to whether the outfit you choose will work with the event. The main objective is to know whether it’s a formal affair or more laid-back. Go here for details on wearing white dresses to the bachelorette party.

Final Thought

Dressing for a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be a challenge if you keep the outfit stylish and classy, whether casual or more formal. When the maid of honor reveals the details surrounding the party, matching the dress with the event’s tone is essential.

Most boutiques have specialists on hand that will provide feedback as you search for the perfect dress for the bachelorette party events if you are uncertain about what might be appropriate. You can also shop with the maid of honor to help select an ideal choice suited to the plans.

When you can move freely and comfortably, plus feel good in your skin, the party dress is most likely a winner.

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