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Log Cabin Interior Decor: 6 Must-Know Ideas



When you build a custom log cabin, the exterior look of the cabin is often the first thing that you’ll consider. Once the structure is built, however, you’ll need to put a ton of effort into perfecting your log cabin’s interior design. If you want to make your cabin stand out from the crowd, here are six must-know cabin interior decor ideas that can help you on your exciting new journey: 

1. Keep it Natural

If you want your log cabin to feel truly in line with the cabin aesthetic, then you need to keep things 100% natural (when possible). Naturally-inspired and occurring decor can help you complement the beautiful, natural, and expertly-carved wood that makes up your log cabin’s structure, after all. Whether you use plants, repurposed natural objects, or something more unique to achieve this aesthetic, your log cabin’s interior design should be centered around this natural ethos. Doing so will help you create a log cabin interior that’s stunning enough to be featured in a home improvement magazine. If you want to find a cabin that already has this look going for it, search for park model cabins for sale in your area to get a head start. 

2. Keep it Cozy

Typically, people who buy or build custom log cabins are looking for a sense of peace, and a greater connection to the natural world around them. With this in mind, emphasizing a cozy aesthetic in your interior decoration is highly recommended. Not only will this give your cabin a more authentic decor feel, but it will help you enjoy your cabin to the fullest as well. Adding soft, animal-leather couches, indoor hammocks, and other cozy additions can be incredibly useful in this regard. The more creative you get with your cozy-boosting decor additions, the better, as this will help to brand your log cabin as being truly yours

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3. Keep it Vintage

“Vintage” decor inspiration is huge in today’s log cabin interior decor circles. If you want to appear trendy and have an up-to-date, yet classic feel to your cabin, you need to pay close attention to how you execute this tip. Using appropriate antique pieces, and vintage wall colors, can be useful in achieving this aesthetic flair. Properly in throw blankets, and other decorative fabrics, can further your ability to capture a vintage aesthetic within your log cabin’s larger interior decor identity. Capturing an authentic sense of “vintage” decor is difficult, however, so many homeowners will hire professional interior designers to help them nail this task (if they can afford to, that is). 

4. Keep it Balanced

When you look at almost any log cabin’s design, you’ll notice one thing about its style instantly: a sense of balance. After all, since they are made with wood logs, log cabins almost have to be balanced to work on a structural level. Since the exterior of your cabin is balanced, you’ll want your cabin’s interior to capture a sense of balance in its aesthetics as well. When choosing the color palettes for your home’s interior design, go with beautiful, naturally-inspired neutrals, as they can help you achieve a balanced visual sensibility with ease. Then, it will be up to you to ensure all of your hanging decor keeps things nice and balanced. 

5. Keep it “Smart”

Even if you stay vintage and old-school with every other element of your log cabin home’s interior design and layout, there are certain areas that you should always stay current with. Technology, especially that which affects the inner aesthetic of your home, is one such area. Using customizable LED lights, and other smart tech can help you achieve a wholly unique-yet-rustic feel to your cabin’s interior design that would be almost impossible to achieve otherwise. If you can nail the classic-meets-current aesthetic, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an interior decor legend. 

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6. Keep it Unique

Lastly, and most importantly, it’s key that you add plenty of personal flair to the interior design of your custom log cabin. Even if you think an especially inspired choice may make you less “trendy,” you should go with it if it feels right in your gut. Doing so will help you achieve an interior design aesthetic that you can be proud of, and that you can feel comfy amongst, for decades to come. The more effort you put into your log cabin’s interior design, the more unique ideas you’ll come up with. If you’re worried about the feasibility of a particularly “out there” idea, be sure to consult with your custom log cabin’s designer for more input.

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