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Should you post your house on social media?



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Social Media has become the main platforms for the individuals to connect with others from different parts of the world. Some very many people are connected in these platforms and who have had the opportunity to keep in touch with loved ones who live on the other side of the world, similar to the closest people. It has also given many people the freedom to make money on their PCs without doing a nine-to-five job.

It has become a staple of our business lives today when we need to let them know. If you have a business, you should be on social media to be found and connect with your customers. The computerized age in which we live makes an “obvious” appreciation on social media. Regardless of whether we think it won’t work for our company, we should seek it out to be viewed as a company that tries to care for its customers.

All in all, should you post your house on social media?

The simple answer is the same as any other person posts. Family refreshments, interesting things you find, pictures of you doing interesting things, etc. As a house owner, present things that are appropriate to the general public. It shouldn’t be about posting all aspects of your house. Remember, social media is for your friends and families and any other people that can connect with them.

Here’s an interesting idea: social media is advanced customization of you and your character. When you have a home, posting it makes you represent the way of life in your house depending on what you post. Remember, everything you post is online for anyone who comes by. If I were in a room full of people, would I say this or show everyone this photo?

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Why shouldn’t you post your house?

The troublemakers use social media to find out a lot of information about individuals. It generally amazes me at the information individuals are willing to share about themselves and their family, including when they go on vacation, where they will be, and when they will return. 

So, posting your house can give a criminal all the information the person needs to break into your home and take all of your belongings. You will blame no person but because you shared sensitive information that displayed security weaknesses of your home. This is according to Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts.


Everyone seems to have the idea that someone who is a friend of a friend should be an acceptable individual that can see your posts on social media. However, this is completely off the mark, and in general, everyone knows someone who is not a great person but because you have to be pleasant, don’t avoid them on your social media page. The same goes for the constant disclosure of your house in the open feeds. Read up on your attitudes and the constant changes that happen so you only discover what others see.

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