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Teresa Giudice Net Worth in 2023: How much the RHONJ star earns?




Teresa Giudice is in the news again!! The Real Housewives of New Jersey(RHONJ) star is looking to make a comeback with the new season in August, but before that, netizens have been ‘mom-shaming’ her. In a new podcast, her daughter Milania stated that it was her mother who made her lose 50 pounds in middle school. This angered a section of the netizens, and they have been ‘shaming’ her since then, going to the extent of cross-checking the data associated with Teresa Giudicenet worth, how she had landed in jail previously for bankruptcy, and how she’s the poorest of all the contestants on her reality show. 

Rather than concentrating on what the netizens are saying, why not figure out the facts yourself? This article will shed some light on the truth behind the ‘controversial’ statements – 

What is Teresa Giudice net worth? 

The data accumulated from multiple financial sources and public domains show her overall net worth to be $500,000. Though there was some controversy about her professional net worth being somewhere around $4 million at one point in time (the figures are not accurate), however, due to her bankruptcy as well as associated legal costs, followed by her divorce – the wealth she had accumulated did diminish significantly. 

As of now, it is known that she earns from her reality show – The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and has a couple of revenue streams up her sleeve. Let’s get details about the same. 

How does she make a living? 

She is an entertainer, TV persona, and bestselling author. As you are already aware of the fact that Teresa Giudice net worth primarily accumulates from her appearances on television – in her series: The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Apart from that, she has appeared in a number of TV shows such as – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, NBC’s drama – Mercy, Celebrity Apprentice, Good Morning America, Dancing With The Stars, Teresa Checks In, and The Fashion Show to name a few. 

Apart from her appearances on television, the other sources of her income are – 

  • Brands that she has stakes in 

She nets a majority of her income from certain brands that she sells under her name. She has a wine collection – Fabellini Wines, in which she has stakes. Apart from that, she also has invested in a haircare brand with Jerel Sabella called – named after her daughter Milania. 

  • Her set of investments 

Though she had to pay a handsome amount in terms of additional taxes for fraudulence, she got to keep the money that was garnered from the sales of her 2008 mansion. Supposedly, the proceeds from the same were registered under her name, and even after the divorce – she gets to keep the money. 

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Post her relationship with Luis Ruelas; the couple has also invested in a $3.35 million property, details of which have not been shared. 

  • Books under her authorship 

She decided to convert her jail time into a memoir. This became a New York Times bestseller, along with her second memoir. Apart from that, she has written a handful of cookbooks that have added to Teresa Giudice net worth. 

For those who are uninformed, check out – Skinny Italian, Fabulicious: Fast and Fit, Standing Strong, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate, and Back Again, to name a few. 

How much does she earn from RHONJ? 

Despite the plethora of financial avenues that she cashes in the moolah from, it is her per-episode salary from The Real Housewives of New Jersey – the reality show that brought her the much-desired name and fame that she earns the maximum. 

The mother of 4, has been appearing on the show since its inaugural season in 2009. From what little birdie reports, she made $62,000 per episode during the show’s 10th season (2019-2020). This amount supposedly made up her $1.12 million fortune that she solely earned from RHONJ. 

Going back a couple of years, Teresa Giudice net worth was quite a handsome number since, at that point, minus the legal hassles, she was earning approximately $350,000 per season (roughly an amount of $31,250 per episode). However, her debts and jail time did have a massive impact on her finances, and she was reduced to having a professional worth of merely $500,000. 

How much has her net worth grown? 

This section will give you an idea about the growth of Teresa Giudice net worth in recent times – 

YEAR  NET WORTH (2019-2023)
2023 $500,000
2022 $300,000 – $400,000
2021 $250,000
2020 $200,000
2019 $150,000


How much did she lose in bankruptcy? 

Those who have been following her career graph are aware of the legal hassles that cost Giudice a fortune. For the uninformed – Giudice, along with her then-husband – Joe Giudice had filed for bankruptcy back in 2009. They were supposedly in debt of $11 million and were forced to sell off their New Jersey mansion as well as a host of their personal belongings. 

While the couple was already reeling under the crisis, Teresa Giudice net worth took a major hit when they were indicted with conspiracy charges. They were charged with conspiracies such as – bankruptcy, wire, bank, and mail fraud, along with the criminal offence of hiding their actual wealth during loan applications. 

In 2014, the Giudice couple pleaded guilty to 41 counts of fraudulence and was handed jail terms. A report in Vulture stated that Teresa’s jail term was 15 months, while Joe was to serve 41 months of jail time. Also, the couple had to pay $414,000 to New Jersey’s Treasure Department and Internal Revenue Service as a restitution amount. 

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That’s not all! Again in the 2020-21 tax years, Teresa was financially hit with a $17,000 lieu, which made her total payable amount to the Federal Government stand at a massive $1096,012.14! 

After she served her time and paid her extra taxable amount to the government, she has been busy building up her career and getting back her lost glory! 

A quick glimpse of her family life 

Though there is no significant information available about her growing-up years (she is of Italian ethnicity and has a brother Joey Gorga) or her entry into the limelight, it is a well-known fact that – she was married to Joe Giudice with whom she shares 4 kids – Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. The couple divorced in 2020. 

In August 2022, Teresa Giudice got married for the second time to her Florida-based boyfriend, Luis Ruelas, who, according to data from Exact Worth – is the co-founder of Digital Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency with a personal net worth of $2 million. 

What were her wedding expenses? 

As controversial as it may sound, a lumpsum segment of Teresa Giudice net worth was spent on her wedding (especially the artsy hairdo that cost her $9,500). The wedding was a lavish affair with 220 guests in New Jersey and was filmed for a Bravo special episode. 

When is RHONJ coming back? 

From what has been noted, the controversial reality show is coming back on August 2023, with its 14th season. According to reports by People, verbal offers have been sent out to both Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania, along with others, to join the filming (which will supposedly start in early August). 

Season 13 of the show brought in huge cash and numbers, with the viewership going up by a massive 10%. Naturally, the producers are looking in on to cash in on the rife between Giudices and the Gorgas (including Melissa’s husband – Joe Gorga). Those keeping scores, the upcoming season of RHONJ will bump up Teresa Giudice net worth. 

For those who love this family-bickering reality series – it streams on Peacock TV. 


The life story and the struggles that one gets to know while scouting for the actual figures of Teresa Giudice net worth makes one believe once again in the concept of hard work and rising above life’s challenges. Without a doubt, the lady, despite all her personal and professional setbacks, has managed to create a niche for herself and has worked her way up hard to garner fame and attention likewise. Without a doubt, she is a credible name in the entertainment business and, to date, is carving out the course that she wishes to take. 


Q1. What is Teresa Giudice net worth? 

Her supposed overall net worth is $500,000 in 2023. 

Q2.How much does she make annually? 

According to multiple websites, as of now, she annually earns $0.1 million per year. 

Q3.What is the recent controversy around her? 

Recently on her mother’s podcast, Namaste B$tches, Teresa’s teen daughter Milania stated that when she was in high school, she weighed 150 pounds. It was her mother who convinced and almost pressured her to shed some pounds. In a span of 2 months, she dropped down to 110 pounds. 

Surprised netizens, as soon as the podcast aired, were busy shaming Teresa. However, her castmate and friend – Dolores Catania, defended Teresa by saying that as a mother, she was ‘concerned’ about her daughter’s well-being and hence monitored her health. 

Q4. Who is Teresa Giudice husband? 

Teresa Giudice is currently married to Luis Ruelas (since August 2022). Initially, she was married to Joe Giudice (1999 – 2019). The couple was formally granted divorce in 2020. 

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