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Do you know Tee Grizzley net worth is $3 million? Know details here!



tee grizzley net worth

Have you ever heard a globally-reckoned rapper come up and announce that he has been earning over $200k monthly by playing a kids’ game – Grand Theft Auto? Well, add that to Tee Grizzley net worth, and the amount adds up to a humongous $2.5-3 million per annum. Surely, Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr (as he was christened in childhood) has other sources of income such as – streaming of songs, album sales, concert performances, his merchandise line, and his business ventures to talk of. 

In this article, you will get a glimpse of the sources of ‘First Day Out’ singer’s monetary income, how his net worth has grown in all these years, what has been the trajectory of his career, and a little peek into his personal life. Let’s uncover some facts here – 

What is Tee Grizzley net worth? 

From what has been compiled by the financial experts (both from public records and tax returns filed by Grizzley) – his net worth is between $2.5-3 million annually. A massive part of his income is generated from his music career (both as a rapper and songwriter) and then his role in the game series – Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty, wherein from both the games he earned a massive $200-250k approximately, on a monthly basis. 

He also has a merchandise collection – that sells sweatpants, gym wears, hoodies, and tees. Also, he has a specified cannabis line Grizzley Gas and sponsorship from his set of customized online games. For a man, who has had a tough childhood, and has been in and out of prison – achieving this fame and success, albeit with the money, is a huge thing. 

As you will scroll down, you will get an idea about – how he garnered this moolah and wherein he has invested the same. 

What are the sources of his income? 

As mentioned previously, music streaming and gaming are two of his biggest sources of income. In this section, you will get a clear idea about the actual metrics of Tee Grizzley net worth and the sources from which he accumulated this wealth – 

1. His earnings from online games – 

For the game lovers here, Grizzley has managed to get his customized Grand Theft Auto server by the name of Grizzley World RP. Through this, he made a monetary profit of roughly $50,000 per week. The money stemmed from sources such as – YouTube sponsorships, Twitch, and adverts associated with the gaming server. 

Also, his server is member-based as well and has close to 90,000 members, and they have to pay an admission fee between $100-400. In the podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game – he mentioned that this form of money streaming was not easy, and when he started out, he only used to get somewhere around $5,000 per month. 


2. His earnings from music streaming – 

His first source of income – that is, is the streaming of his music and sale of his mixtapes, albums, and concert tickets. From First Day Out to his single Second Day Out (signed by Atlantic Records and 300 Entertainment) to his mixtape – Still My Moment, Smartest, Built For Whatever, Half Tee Half Beast, Chapters of the Trenches, Bloodas, Payroll & Redlight, and From the D to the A – all of his songs, albums, and mixtapes were superhits, marking their presence on Billboards Top 100 as well as reverting massive moolah! 

His songs have earned him multiple awards nominations, such as – Soul Train Music Awards, BET Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards, to name a few. He was also named The Source’s – 10 Rappers To Watch Out For in 2018 list – all of which peaked up Tee Grizzley net worth. 

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3. His earnings from his endorsement deals – 

Tee Grizzley also earns a handsome amount from his endorsement deals, with Puma being one of the biggest brands he shoots commercials for. There is a whole line-up of brands that have made Grizzley their face and compensated him handsomely for the same. However, he has not shared specific details of the same. 

How has his net worth grown? 

Courtesy of the hits that he has given, Tee Grizzley net worth has spectacularly grown over the years. Let’s check out the progression – 

2023  $2.5 – 3 million (inflation included) 
2022 $2.3 – 2.5 million 
2021 $2 – 2.3 million 
2020 $2 million 
2019 $1.75 – 1.90 million 
2018 $1.5 – 1.75 million 


Given his current career trajectory, one may surely state that in the upcoming times, these metrics would simply pull higher. 

How did he invest his money? 

Without a doubt, the official metrics of Tee Grizzley net worth are huge, and the superstar rapper did manage to invest his money in a profitable way that accords him massive returns. Though there are multiple reports of him purchasing properties and investing in some offshore real estate – but no firm details of the same have been found. Therefore this website does not stand to confirm the same. 

However, he has invested his money in an organization headed after his name – Grizzly Gas. It is a line of cannabis with 4 typical strains named – The Orginal Grizzley Gas, East Side OG, Jet Fuel Gelato, and Marshmallow OG. 

According to a news report found in – the Detroit Times Free Press, given that medicinal consumption of cannabis was legal in certain states so Tee was looking forth to presenting a line that was the best in business. As of now, there is no further news of the same. 

He supposedly also has invested in a KFC outlet and owns a Dunkin Donuts outlet (as per an interview given by him at a local press). 

He has a fantastic car collection 

As stated above that not much information is available about his personal fortune; if there’s one area wherein his fans and admirers have ample information – that is his car collection. Grizzly has a garage packed with some of the best beasts in business. Let’s check them out – 

  • He owns a Mercedes Benz AMG G63 and a Rolls Royce Cullinan. 
  • Apart from that, he also has – a Lamborghini Aventador, Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, Bentley Bentagya, and a Jeep Grand Trackhawk. 

He is often found to flaunt his car collection. 

Does he do charity? 

Though there has been no public announcement of his charitable ventures, the rapper-songwriter-video game streamer does invest a significant amount of available Tee Grizzley net worth in philanthropic activities. There has been ample evidence of him supporting people from his community to move forth in their lives. 

He has helped poor youngsters face the hurdles of their life and move ahead into a comparatively better scenario. There have been reports of him collaborating with local non-profit organizations to sponsor multiple community events in Detroit to uplift the poor and the marginalized.  

In his interview with Forbes magazine as well, he urged people who can afford to try helping the poor. 

A quick tour of his personal life 

Before you switch to another tab to find out which of Tee Grizzley’s music you could groove to, here’s a quick look through his personal life –

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Born as Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr in Detroit, he was primarily raised by his grandmother since his parents constantly went in or out of prison. During his middle school years, he started taking an interest in music, especially in rapping, and even formed a boy band, All Stars Ballk Hard, with his friends – Lee, Po, and JR. Under the moniker of ASBH Tee, they used to upload their songs on YouTube. 

The fact that he had faced financial issues since childhood was not new. However, while attending Michigan State University, he, along with his friend used to steal from other students (a report in 2014 stated that they stole $20,000 worth of electronic goods) which resulted in his run-in with the law. After that, he fled to Kentucky, and then he and his friends were caught in an attempted robbery at a jewelry store in Kentucky (2014). He served jail time along with his friend and was released in 2016. He is married to MyEisha Agnew and has a child. 

It was only after his release from jail that he formally began his career with his super-successful track – First Day Out. From hereon, he went on to successfully create numbers like – No Effort, From the D to the A, and more – gaining the attention of the media and the fans likewise. 

Last thoughts 

Grizzley’s story is one of triumphing amongst all the odds and gaining redemption even from the worst. He has managed to transform his talents into financial success, thereby amassing the huge Tee Grizzley net worth of $3 million! Thus, on a parting shot, one may state that he is a man who has shown the world that if somebody has the grit and determination to do something in his life, come whatever the scenario, they will rise and assuredly reach the heights of success. 


Q1. What is Tee Grizzley net worth?

It is touted to be between $2.5-3 million. 

Q2. What jobs did he have? 

Before garnering fame, Grizzly had tried his hands at a number of jobs, such as – Uber driver, registered nurse, and waiter. What has been last noted is that even now, whenever he manages to get some time off from his hectic schedule, he manages to work at his local depot.

Q3. Did he leave rapping? 

There was news that he had left rapping in order to concentrate more on gaming and acting. But, he himself negated this news. 

Q4. What’s the story of his fallout with Eminem? 

He is, without a doubt, controversy’s favorite child, and there was news recently of his getting into a beef with Eminem. However, the news has turned out to be false, with Grizzley himself stating that a misunderstanding had cropped up due to Royce. However, now that things have sorted out – the rappers are in a better place professionally and are looking to coordinate with each other. 

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