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Marie Osmond Net Worth Is $20 Million In 2023! Find All About It



marie osmond net worth

The figures of Marie Osmond net worth singularly may touch $20 million in 2023, but she has recently joined the crowd of celeb parents like Warren Buffet and Daniel ‘Bond’ Craig, who would not leave an inheritance for their kids. Quite a piece of bad news for her 8 kids. But the songstress, actress, and author believe – “leaving too much for the kids” makes them “less ambitious,” and that’s not a quality she wishes to nurture in her kids. She might be crooning ‘Paper Roses’ to your ears, but her path to success was strewn with hardship. 

This article will document exactly that hardship-filled road and why she wants her kids to earn their own money – just the way she has amassed her fortune in all these years. 

Here’s taking a look at her story – 

What is Marie Osmond net worth? 

According to multiple websites detailing the net worth of celebs according to the available public data and their declared income assets, Marie Osmond is supposed to have amassed a fortune of $20 million. As a lady with multiple credibilities under her belt, she has managed to raise this amount by being ‘irreplaceable’ in terms of her career. 

As you will scroll down this article, you will get an idea about how she has garnered this fortune and the sources of her income. Additionally, you will get clarity about her stance on not leaving her kids with inheritance. 

How did she accumulate this fortune? 

Primarily she’s a songstress who’s earned her moolah by singing a host of solos and via concerts and album sales. Apart from that, she has a number of other business ventures associated with her name, which comparatively boosts her income. Let’s take a look at the same – 

  • Her salary from her music career 

marie osmond singing career

As anyone would assume, and albeit truly, a massive Marie Osmond net worth is dedicated to her earnings from her music career. For the unversed, she was part of The Osmonds, her family music group, which included her brothers – Alan, Wayne, Merill, Donny, Jimmy, and Jay. Hence, her exposure to music happened fairly early in her career.

It was her mother, who encouraged her to go solo, and since then, she has made a name for herself as a country and solo pop artist. Her rendition of ‘Paper Roses’ (originally written by Janice Torre and Fred Spielman) was a record-breaker and pushed her to the heights of success. Along with that, she has also lent her voice to – In My Little Corner Of The World, Morning Side of the Mountain, Who’s Sorry Now, Get Closer, Music Is Medicine, and This is the Way That I Feel, to name a few. 

Though specifics are unavailable, her music career has boosted her income stupendously. 

  • The earnings she has from her doll-making career

marie osmond doll making career

She has a porcelain doll lineup on QVC. It was first released in 1991, and she has launched it in retail stores. Apart from that, she owns a sewing machine and an embroidery line. 

  • She makes quite some money from authoring books 

marie osmond as author

In one of her interviews that in terms of finances, life has shown her both the best and worst, and that’s a lesson she states in her books as well. She has authored 3 books all of which have been noted on the New York Bestseller List – The Key Is Love, Might As Well Laugh About It Now, Behind The Smile: My Journey Out. 

  • The variety show that the siblings host 

marie osmond in variety show

The variety show that the Osmond siblings hosted (starting in 1976) – was named Donny & Marie, and then re-named The Osmond Family Hour (1979) and aired for 3 years. The show was a huge success, adding to Donny and Marie Osmond net worth – thereby resulting in residencies in New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Broadway. She was even nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for this show. 

  • Her stint on television and films

marie osmond on TV

She also has a couple of films and a talk show to her credibility. To name a few – Goin Coconuts, The Gift of Love, The Christmas Edition, and A Fiance For Christmas, to name a few! She has also performed successfully in Broadway musicals. 

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She also co-hosted the docu-series Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, was part of Maybe This Time, and made her debut in The Talk. 

How much does she earn from promotions? 

marie osmond advert

A chunk Marie Osmond net worth comes from her promotional gigs. Though there is no specific data on the exact amount that she charges for the brands that she endorses or promotes, one can surely state that the amount is handsome, given that most of them are high-profile brands. 

  • Osmond partnered with Kmart to sell customized fragrance and skincare products, especially targeting young fans. 
  • The Osmond siblings – Donny and Marie, jointly advertised Hawaiian punch. They also appeared in a Pepsi commercial during Super Bowl. 
  • As part of integrating their healthy lifestyle with their fans, the Osmond-Craig couple jointly is the face of Nutrisystem (a healthcare brand). 
  • During 2013-2016, she was also the face of Wise Foods – a line of food storage solutions for emergencies. 
  • In 2020, Osmond took over as the spokesperson of – Publishers Clearing House – a marketing company for TV adverts. 

A quick look into her other works 

The other set of works that have piled on Marie Osmond net worth includes – 

  • Her participation as a celeb contestant on Dancing With The Stars (5th season) – where she was placed third. 
  • Her show – at Caesar’s Atlantic City – Donny and Marie went on for 2 weeks. 

Does she have any notable investments? 

Though she has made some solid investments, both in terms of business ventures and real estate – however, the details of the same are unavailable as of now. The only solid piece of information that is available regarding this is – since 2018, Osmond has been noted to be the strategic advisor – the owner of a skincare regimen by the name of MD Complete. 

Thus, it is known though that the financial returns from the same does add a lumpsum amount to what is currently mentioned on multiple websites as the value of Marie Osmond net worth. 

How much did her net worth grow? 

2023 $20 million 
2022 Over $19 million 
2021 $17 – 18 million
2020 Touching $17 million 
2019 $15.5 – 16 million 
2018 $15 million 


What was the inheritance controversy?

marie osmond inheritance issue

The primary reason why people’s interest in Marie Osmond net worth suddenly surged was due to her announcement of not leaving her kids with an inheritance. In a recent interview with US Weekly, she stated that she has really made a host of sacrifices to get the career and the money that she has today. However, if she left the money for her kids, approximately a million each for 8 of them, it would breed ‘laziness’ amongst her children – a quality she vehemently detests. 

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The snippets from the interview go as – “Honestly, why would you enable your child to not try to be something? I don’t know anybody who becomes anything if they’re just handed money…And I just think all (an inheritance) does is breed laziness and entitlement…” 

She also went ahead to state that she has been working since childhood, had to face financial misfortunes, lost everything, and then gained it back after a lot of hard work. Though, as a parent, she would definitely pitch in if her kids require some financial help, but would rather want to enjoy her hard-earned money all by herself rather than leave her kids with the same. 

Clearly, here’s a mother who has not just cemented her position well financially but also ensured that her kids would also replicate her hard work before they get to eat the fruits of their labor (sweetly!) 

Does she partake in charity? 

marie osmond charity

Osmond is a lady who prefers to do things (especially charity) quietly. She has been actively involved in a number of charitable associations over the years, especially those associated with children’s hospitals, but has not made much news about the same. 

From what has been found out, a fraction of Marie Osmond net worth was donated to Children’s Miracle Network, which Osmond co-founded with actor John Schneider. Till 2022, the charitable institution had raised over $8 billion. 

Another of the notable activities that she has been part of is a Sunday message – a little bit of wisdom to live life in a better way with clarity via her Facebook and Instagram pages. This has become a source of inspiration for many of her fans and followers – with her sharing the lessons she learned from her life as a guide for them. There’s no money involved in registering for this group. You simply need to follow her social media page for the same. 

Quickly glimpsing through her personal life 

marie osmond family

Born to Olive May and George Osmond, she was part of the band – The Osmonds. She was initially married to Steve Craig (Stephen Lyle Craig) in 1982. The couple had a son. They divorced in 1985 over ‘major differences.’ In 1986, she was married to Brian Blosil in Utah. The couple had 7 children, 5 of them being adopted. They announced their ‘no-fault divorce’ in 2007. It was only in 2011 that she and her former husband – with whom she had been on good terms since the divorce, decided to take the plunge for the second time. They remarried – and after a couple of months, attended their first-born son’s marriage. 

Last words 

Assuming you have read this article well, there’s no way out apart from celebrating the lady and also her decision of not leaving the amassed Marie Osmond net worth for her kids, rather, asking them to make a mark by themselves. 

In a world wherein celeb kids become popular without achieving anything substantial by themselves, Osmond is a lady who knows the value of hard work and celebrating life’s fruits as they come. As she steps into another year of being a grandmother, she looks forth to enjoying her hard-earned money and fame with her husband, Steve Craig, in the fringes of her home. In the meantime, if you still haven’t, its time you log on to any music app to listen to ‘Paper Roses.’ 


  • What is Marie Osmond net worth? 

It is supposedly stacked at a massive $20 million figure. 

  • How much does she make annually? 

From what has been stated on multiple finance websites, she makes around $2 million annually. 

  • What is she doing now? 

Still performing at concerts, participating in television shows, and giving interviews professionally while she plays her role as a grandmother off camera with equal elan. 


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