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Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel Net Worth Is Shocking $8 Million! 



parker schnabel net worth

If you are a fan of Discovery+ Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail and love the feats of Parker Schnabel and team in obtaining the gold from ‘never-thought-existed-mines’, then the last season seems to have disappointed you. With a dismal performance and washed-out season, Schabel has been facing the ‘heat’ of his fans and likewise. As he plans on redeeming himself by exploring the mines of South America in the next season, as the audience, let’s satiate our curiosity by getting to know Parker Schnabel net worth, his earnings from the mining domain, and a tidbit about his personal life. 

Here’s to those who are unfamiliar – 

What is Parker Schnabel net worth? 

As a fan-favourite and primary cast member of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel has managed to garner a massive net worth of $8 million ($10 million according to certain portals, inflation included). 

His primary source of earnings is from Discovery+ show Gold Rush, and along with that, he also comes from a family of miners (with a range of personal mining expeditions in his kitty) that adds up to the total net worth that he has to his name. For those who want it served a little spicy, he is the second-richest among the miners on the show, just behind Tony Beets. 

Without further ado, its time we take a look at his sources of income and how he has managed to invest the same, creating the massive net worth that he has at just a tender age. 

What are his primary sources of income? 

Cross-verifying from multiple websites, one may categorically state that – he supposedly has 3 primary sources of income (no other source of income apart from these has been categorically mentioned anywhere or revealed by him). 

  • His Mining Career 

The primary source of what the audience today sees as Parker Schnabel net worth comes from his mining career. Reportedly, he took over the operations and management of the Big Nuggets Mine from his grandfather, John Schnabel, at the tender age of 16 years. There was also news floating that he had made a major profit of $13 million when he was merely 18 from the operations of the mine. Though it has not been confirmed by him or his representatives – if true, then that was totally added on to his net worth.

  • His Reality Television career 

Another major source of his income is – via the reality show Gold Rush, which he has been a part of for a very long time. Reports from various portals confirm his paycheck to be between $10,000 – 25,000 per episode and his annual income from the show to be $1 million yearly. 

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He has also partaken in a spinoff of the original – Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which too has garnered massive ratings on television and brought forth quite some moolah, which invariably adds to the Parker Schnabel net worth. 

  • His inherited wealth 

Given that he is the grandson of the famous miner, John Schnabel, who helmed the Big Nugget Mine – he did earn substantially from the same. Though there have been no specific details of the wealth that he inherited (he refuses to talk about the same), the amount, without a doubt, is a chunk one. 

How has his net worth grown? 

Taking the helms of mining from his grandfather at a tender age of 16 years, without a doubt – Parker Schnabel has managed to make it big in a short span of time. The table below will provide evidence of the growth of Parker Schnabel net worth in recent times – 

2023  $8 million (stretch it to $10 million – inflation included)
2022 $7.5 million
2021 $7 million 
2019 $6-6.5 million
2018 $5.5 – 6 million 

Has he made any investment? 

Though official records state that Parker Schnabel net worth is $8 million (to $10 million) – there is no confirmation in terms of the investments that she has made. Back in 2018, there were rumours about him owning a mansion and buying a fleet of big cars. However, he dismissed the rumours himself, stating that – due to the nature of his job, he mostly stays outdoors. If he at all has to go back (during lean seasons or when he’s not shooting), he prefers to stay at his family home. 

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What has been surely noted about his investment records is – he has managed to invest a lumpsum amount (a chunk of his earnings) from the show into his show’s rip-off, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Though the exact amount of investment is not specified, without a doubt, it is a sustainable amount.

A quick look into his family 

It is a well-known fact that Schnabel comes from a family of miners. His grandfather, John Schnabel, owned and managed the Big Nugget Mine. His father, Roger Schnabel, was also in the same business. His mother, Nancy Schnabel is a homemaker and more than often – Parker calls her his backbone, who constantly supports him and asks him to move forth to achieve more and more in his career. 

In terms of romantic relationships, he was previously dating Ashley Youle, his co-partner and miner at Gold Rush. His name was also linked to another co-gold miner, Taylor Mahoney, whose family as well was part of the gold mining business. Last heard, Parker was supposedly in a relationship with Brit Sheena Cowell, of the Knickerbocker Glory fame. 

Closing thoughts 

For the fans and followers of Gold Rush, Schnabel is a man of grit and determination. His dedication to mining comes from the fact that his family was involved in it, and currently, he’s the flagbearer of the mining community. 

Having said that, the metrics of $8 million, which is supposedly Parker Schnabel net worth, also show us that – it is the passion and dedication to the job that matters the most. If you are good at the job and can market yourself correctly, money will automatically follow. Thus, on a parting note, one may learn from his journey the context of fighting adversities and never giving up on one’s dreams. 

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  1. What is Parker Schnabel net worth?

His net worth currently standing in the second quarter of 2023 is $8 million (though some claim it to be $10 million as well). 

  1. What is his birthdate? 

From what multiple portals state – his birthdate is supposedly July 22, 1994. 

  1. What motto does he follow in his life? 

As mentioned before, he is a man who believes in fighting adverse situations in life and never giving up, come what may. Apart from that, he, through his show, always motivates his fans to be focussed on what they are doing currently since that, he believes, is the only way that you can make the big bucks. 


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